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Monday, March 27, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Chinatown Binondo to celebrate the Chinese New year. And of course, what we are always looking ward to at the end of our trip is what we're going to have for lunch!!!!

And for the The Year of the Rooster, we're going for LING NAM!!!!

LING NAM was suggested by our kumpareng THE FOOD ALPHABET when we asked where we should go for lunch.

 At first, I was not really keen on LING NAM because we also have that in Greenhills, and it was just okay. I mean, I loved it many years ago but I think they changed chefs so now it's MEH for me. 

THE FOOD ALPHABET said we should try this old time noodle house because the food tastes better than the one they serve at their Greenhills franchise.

It's been a long time since we ate in LING NAM Greenhills but seeing their staff making the noodles and siomai just added to the old Filipino charm of the place.

We were told to go to the second floor where it was still packed with hungry diners. Good thing that we were able to sit immediately by sharing tables with this couple. After about 30 minutes, loads of people arrived and they were made to wait.

Service in LING NAM was fast. My hats off to their staff especially this guy who made sure all tables were getting their orders promptly.

As soon as we settled in our seats, Mr. Fast Waiter immediately gave us house tea for four!

He may look gruff but promise, he's very nice. 

LING NAM menu 1!!!

LING NAM menu 2!!!


My cutie pie Andrei and the CHINESE PANGET.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

THE BINIBINING PILIPINAS UNIVERSE (without kilay) and my handsome New Teenager!

And our order is here!


Sorry I got so excited that I wasn't able to check if my picture was focused.

Master Mati's order was a bowl of LING NAM Wanton Noodle Soup (P160.00)!

He loved that the fat steamed pork Wontons were peaking from the side of the bowl. The noodles were long and firm and A LOT. You would definitely have to be hungry to be able to finish one bowl!

And yes, Mati was FAMISHED!

For bunsoy Andrei, it was the LING NAM Beef and Wanton Noodle Soup (P185.00)!

But for my little Padawan, it's just noodles and soup. My husband will get the meat! He he he he he he!

As for me, I followed THE FOOD ALPHABET'S tip and requested for the soup of my Beef Wanton noodles to be served on the side.

He said in this way, you'll be able to enjoy the beefy flavors of the chopped meat into your noodles because the reduced sauce will not be diluted by the soup.

What you'll get is a saucy bowl of braised noodles. YUM!

Yep! Like so!

For our sides, we got a LING NAM Pork Siomai (P70.00)!

This is your typical Filipino siomai that has a bit of extenders along with their pork and shrimps!

Of course, with noodles there has to be Asado Siopao (P65.00)!!!!!

I remember that in my younger years (ASUUUUUUS!!!) I could totally finish 1 whole of this with 1 big bowl of noodles!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in LING NAM!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry I know that it's bad manners to eat with a cap on but don't judge me too harshly. I have the WORST case of "hat hair" that if I remove it, I swear you'll block me. Think, flattened top and bangs (that would ironically expose my big noo) and mega flyaway shoulder length hair. Tapos my big noo (for some kainis reason) was shining. No effect even if I put face powder. Of all days it chose to be a bitwing walang ningning bigla. SO IRRITATING. YAK panget talaga.

I swear my hair was so ugly that I went straight to the parlor after our Binondo trip. SERIOUSLY. ANG PANGET.

My bunsoy is loving his noodles!


The noodles in LING NAM was a LOT! I gave half of mine to the Chinese PANGET.

They don't have chili garlic oil in the restaurant (something you should take note of) so I just added their chili sauce.

And a LOT of Green Onions!!!!!

Best slurp of noodles... EVER!

In between slurps, I savored half of the Asado Siopao!

I just got a bit angry with the Chinese PANGET because after I had 2 or 3 bites of my siopao, he finished it after I put it back on the plate. He didn't even ask me if I wanted it pa. Grrr! As if I'll just shove the whole thing in my mouth. Of course, I'll have "breaks" because I'm eating it with my noodles.


Master Mati was loving the noodles. It may not be his favorite Ramen but he enjoyed the meaty Chinese broth and the chunks of beef....WHICH he got from my bowl. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Andrei was eating a lot too!!!!!!


Later on....

We were all finished but this little one was, as usual, last again.

We told him he can't buy his 2 chicks if he doesn't finish his food! He he he he he eh he!

Our LING NAM bill!!!!

I'm glad we heeded THE FOOD ALPHABET'S tip and had our Chinese New Year lunch at LING NAM. Because of the other more popular noodle houses out there, I have almost forgotten the one that I always went to in Greenhills as a child. It's great that this time, I was able to finally enjoy a meal in the non-commercialized branch of LING NAM and with my crazy family as well!!

Yooo to the Hoo!!!!!

Ling Nam Wanton Parlor
616 T. Alonzo St. Binondo, Manila  


  1. Ms. Jaz,

    Thanks for this post! Hinihintay ko to hehehe! Sarap ng noodles and yung siopao mukhang panalo. Nathan would love the noodles makanoodles kasi yun and my husband loves siopao.

    1. Hi dear Christine!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes it was soooo good and ang dami ah! At first you'll think, ay ang liit ng bowl but promise, the noodles were so packed kaya busog na busog afterwards. Pareho kami ni Nathan! I loooove noodles so much too! Yun ata nakapagpataba sa akin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Thanks! Mmmwaaaah!


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