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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Honestly speaking, I'm not one to advocate for healthy eating. I mean, I'm not against it but it's not something that I would see myself enjoying with friends on a Friday night and flooding my social media accounts with it. Maybe one of the reasons why I'm not so much of a pro-healthy eater is because I don't care so much. I valued my taste buds more and experience has taught me how foods that are good for you could tasted so MEH. Growing up, I also felt so invincible at how I could eat all the greasy junk food that I loved without gaining a pound!

Oh the happy days! He he he he he he he!

But then everything has been slowly changing: I get tired easily, my metabolism makes me gain many pounds even after just a packet of noodles, and the Chinese Adoni's blood charts are off the roof!

Even if we look like 20 year olds, we don't FEEL like 20 year olds anymore!!!

So really, we don't have any appreciation for healthy foods until now that we needed it. And after encountering the delicious and mouth-watering dishes that are good for us in THE WHOLESOME TABLE, we are now converts! We realized that yes, we should ALWAYS go for healthy eating when we can and no, it doesn't have to be MEH.

Check out how our minds (and appetites) were instantly changed! 

A very "wholesome" group at THE WHOLESOME TABLE!!!

It was a cool and lazy Saturday that weekend that we didn't mind the walk going to THE WHOLESOME TABLE.

There are no parking areas for the restaurant in the Salcedo Village so you may have to contend with the side streets.  

Like I said, we didn't mind the walk because we felt like we were in New York. He he he he he!

Oooh! Breakfast!

Inside THE WHOLESOME TABLE, you'll feel like you're in the lair of the enchanted elves from The Lord of the Rings! Truly! 

They have wooden floors, natural earthy colors, and warm soothing lights. They even have trees!!!!

Our long wooden table with a lovely set up of leafy greens and wooden branches. So earthy and natural looking!


Breakfast Menu 1...

Breakfast Menu 2...







THE WHOLESOME TABLE owner Mareng Bianca Elizalde-Araneta was there (Yes I'm feeling close! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!) and what astounds me most about her is not just her beautiful likeness to Michelle Dockery aka Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey but also her passion in promoting healthy eating to the Filipinos.

Even with no formal training on nutritional cooking, Ms. Elizalde  works closely with THE WHOLESOME TABLE chef to blend in her healthy eating knowledge to ordinary dishes. 

Oooh la la! Now let's get eatin'!!!

We started off with a hot cup of WHOLESOME tea, Ms. Elizalde's own concoction from scratch that had the delightful hint of turmeric, mint, and ginger! So soothing in the morning especially with a dollop of honey!

We were only at our first dish and I instantly got hooked. The WHOLESOME TABLE Avocado Toast (P260.00) may be so simple but really, it's already a very satisfying starter!

Two whole wheat toast with slices of buttery Avocado, topped with free-range eggs, and a dash of seasonings!

I was already so tempted to finish off the whole plate but Mareng Bianca warned us a lot of food will come later.

Me after stuffing a whole toast in my mouth: "Owdhay!!"


THE WHOLESOME TABLE Gluten-Free Yoghurt Pancake with Strawberries (P420.00)!

Warm, moist, and fluffy! The great thing about eating healthy is that you can eat more and I'm so eyeing the 2 extra pancakes in the platter!

When you order this, do go for the Strawberry Compote! The fruity marmalade adds more depth and richness in every pancake bite. 

Also, don't shy away from giving it a generous slather of the coconut butter and dollop of the raw honey.


THE WHOLESOME TABLE Glutton Free Waffles with Strawberry (P390.00)!

A crispier option for the breakfast plates with ricotta cheese and lemon in the rich waffle!  

THE WHOLESOME TABLE Crispy Duck Adobo (P640.00)! When you're in THE WHOLESOME TABLE, you just GOTTA order this!!!

The Chinese Dimpol almost wiped out this dish all by himself! He just fell in love with the soy and garlicky flavors of the chopped duck matched with the fried garlic rice. You wouldn't think this was something gluten free, dairy free, and nut free with the adobosilog taste you'll get in your favorite pares house. 

Sarap!!!!!!!!!! I think we ordered another plate of this!!!!

WHOLESOME Benedicts with Ham and Kale (P340.00)!!!

Free-range eggs poached and served on top of whole wheat english muffins! This already filling breakfast favorite is served with a side salad. Winner!

Another option is the Mushroom Ricotta Benedict (P460.00)!

This is if you want a meat-free version of this dish, then slivers of juicy shiitake mushrooms may be the right food for you.

One of my other favorites in THE WHOLESOME TABLE is their Poke Bowl (P450.00)!

Fat raw salmon served with wakame, onion leeks, pickled gingers, and more. This beautiful bowl was deliciousness was given a generous drizzle of Japanese mayonnaise making it more glorious.

Because, really, that's what Japanese mayonnaise does on EVERYTHING.

We gave this a good mix and there was no going back. Every spoonful was just heavenly! I didn't mind eating more too because it's brown rice baby!!!!

Mareng Bianca said if the diner preferred Quinoa, they could arrange that on the Poke Bowl too!!! Because, yeah, anything is possible for those who ask for it. He he he he he he!

Pwede peeektyur? :) ha ha ha ha ha ha!

THE WHOLESOME TABLE Cordillera Salad (P350.00)!! Because when you want to go healthy, you should arm yourself with a lot of veggies and all things good for you.

Seriously though, the mixture of Kale, Romaine lettuce, Baked Onions, Carrots, Candied Chayote, Benget Gooseberry Tomatoes, Benget Pole Beans, Sagada Oranges, and Boiled Duck Egg was just waaaaay too good. Add to that the citrusy generous drizzle of the Cordillera
Vinaigrette and you got yourself a winner of a dinner!!!! You won't mind that it's a salad!!!!

And the piece de resistance, THE WHOLESOME TABLE Mushroom Paella (P1,230.00 to share)!

You might find it hard to believe that there's an absence of meat in this Vegan dish especially with how they cooked up the Walnut chorizo. Yup! You'd never 
know especially with the richness of each spoonful of their very flavorful Saffron Arborio!

You're drooling right? I might have guessed.

For dessert, we indulged in THE WHOLESOME TABLE Acai Amazon Bowl (P490.00) that is naturally sweetened by a date-acai smoothie and mixed with homemade granola, Mt. Atok strawberries, banana, and topped with desiccated coconut!

Happy me!

Wholesome Yub... not!

He really needs to go healthy now especially that he's feeling the effects of not having veggies growing up. Yup! The diet gets its revenge!!!

My plate! My full WHOLESOME-TABLE-stuff-but-it's-all-good-for-me PLATE!

For our drinks, we got THE WHOLESOME TABLE shakes in Watermelon (P180.00), Mango (P200.00) and Buko (P120.00)! No artificial sweeteners here. We could the true flavors of the sweet fruit! 


I looked down and saw that Baby Beans want some!


If you've got a sweet tooth, THE WHOLESOME TABLE has got you covered. 

THE WHOLESOME TABLE also got these freshly baked pastries that will also suit your dietary needs whether you go for Gluten Free, Vegan or Nut Free!!!

Scrumptious cookies galore!

A plate of fruity and fudgy muffins!


Thanks WHOLESOME TABLE for our take home pastries!!! 

It was a very relaxing Saturday with THE KTG even if we're stuffing ourselves with all that delicious but healthy food!

Sabagay, eating soothes us! He he he he he he!

Thanks dear Spanky for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! Uuuuy! You're so happy to sit beside me!!!!

And thank you THE WHOLESOME TABLE and Mareng Bianca (he he he he) for having ERICJAZ FOODIES! I know it may sound like a cliche, but really, you opened our eyes that delicious food don't need to be laden with grease, msg, salt, fat, etc. The dishes you offered in THE WHOLESOME TABLE was like something we would enjoy at our other favorite restaurants. We will surely be back for MORE!!!!!

Thank you too for the picture!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Wish come true!

And since we're talking about wishes coming true, here's the Chinese Dimpol's...


Our friend Manong Fred did this for him!


Ground Floor of Infinity Tower
H. V. Dela Costa corner Leviste Street
Salcedo Village, Makati
848-7777 / 0917-885-7520 


  1. Everything's sooooo pretty Ms. Jaz! <3 Parang ayokong kainin or guluhin yung food. Haha. I've always had second thoughts dining here kasi it looks intimidating (shala and mahalia). But the prices seem reasonable naman ata. On a side note, I've been stalking Bianca like crazy on IG. Hahaha

    1. Hiya dear Yanna! Ay I so agree!!! Sometimes when the food is plated sooo beautifully, it's a bit hard to attack it. Take note I said BIT... ha ha ha ha ha! Pag gutom kasi talagang GROOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWL!!!!!!!!!!!! For me it was a bit pricey but if you have dietary concerns, go for it!!! The Yub wants to return kasi he needs to do the healthy route na. Natuwa sya kasi even if he's soooo finicky, nasarapan siya sa Crispy Duck!! Hopefully we could bring the kids here soon!

      Ay super pretty Bianca! And she's so nice!!! Katawa nga si Eric he was like joking that magpapapicture daw siya with Bianca and tell her that he loved her in her DOVE commercials but when she approached us, nahiya!!! I was sooooo making fun of him after. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Thanks again! Mmmmmmmwahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hahaha yung budget ko pang-Best Friends lang :) But it would be nice siguro to go if may special occasion naman. Yaaaas, mag-gugulay na si Sir Eric. Hahaha! I hope Andrei gets to like it din when you come back... kaso paano kaya si Kuya Mati, walang seafood? Hahaha feeling part din ako ng family :) Hahaha!

      Haha ang kyot ni Sir Eric :) At least natupad yung pa-photo op :)

    3. Good morning dear Yanna!!! Ang sarap kaya ng Best Friends!!!! Favorite namin! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Hay naku I'm trying talaga to get him to eat veggies, he's still having a hard time! Pero soon! Sana mainspire siya kay mareng Bianca. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      I think Andrei will like the Crispy Adobo and for Mati, perfect sa kaniya yung paella! He loves paella!!!! Naku no! You're reading my blog kaya love kita, part of the family na din! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Yes natupad yung photo op tapos our best friend removed me pa! Grrrr! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha!

      Thanks dear Yanna! MMmmmmwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Kailangan ata isingit yung veggies inside the meat :) Parang bata lang hahaha :)

    Awwww, thank you Ms. Jaz. I hope I don't sound intruding.

    1. Never Yanna don't worry!!! I love all suggestions. Hay nako! Sana talaga magwork. Ha ha ha ha ha! Although yung veggie lumpia he eats na. Thanks again! Mmmwaaaaaaaaah!


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