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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Sometime last year, I got a taste of GRINGO'S juicy barbecued Chicken and Ribs when we were sent boxes of their hot meat and sides. THE YAPPY BUNCH loved the food and found ourselves licking the bones and chops after wolfing it all down in seconds. Since then, we have craved for GRINGO but we were not able to drop by the actual restaurant because it was too far from where we lived.

Luckily, GRINGO recently opened in SM Megamall and it was so timely for us because we were having Mati's birthday staycation in MARCO POLO HOTEL. I asked my dear son where he wanted to eat that Saturday night and upon learning that GRINGO was already open there, he heaved a long sigh and said "FINALLY!!!!"

So it's no question where we'll be having our weekend dinner for my dearest's birthday staycation. Possibly the foodie gods arranged it because they knew how much we wanted to eat again at GRINGO but were too lazy to make the trek. And to think that it is something that my birthday boy really, really, as in REALLLY, want to eat in!!!!!

See? Everything was meant to be!  


Chicken, Ribs, FRIENDS!!!

Like I said, the restaurant was still in their soft opening so I was not expecting everything to be smooth sailing. The food anyway is the one that's important!

The restaurant was packed but nobody was waiting in line. Me guess is that the staff is doing a fine job at efficiently serving and seating the guests!

And I was right! Because after being advised that a group just billed out, in a few minutes, we were given a table! Yey!

I liked our server too because she was helpful and happy to take our orders. 



ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Lords Andrei and Mati!

And Ygritte and John!!!

Yup I'm re-watching GAME OF THRONES now!!!!

First on the table is a bowl of GRINGO Clam Chowder (P185.00) for my birthday boy!

My dearest loves ordering soup and always gets chowder whenever it's available in the menu.

He was happy that the chowder was thick and creamy with a lot of chopped oysters. The fried bread crust adds a nice touch of crunch at every spoonful.

For my Master Mati's main meal, he ordered the GRINGO Garlic Calamari (P235.00)!

I know I said that he loved the Chicken and Ribs in GRINGO but seafood guy got under the spell of fried Calamari when our server recommended it. And to think that it's fried up with garlic?


"Don't worry," Mati said. "I'll still get from the Chicken and Ribs!"


Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

The Calamari had strong garlic taste in every bite that it's a good idea to add a refreshing spritz of lemon!

We ordered the GRINGO Original Roast Chicken Quarter with 2 side dishes (P225.00). We decided on just having garlic rice and Mexican rice because plain could be so BORING (like the way Moriarty said it).

The Mexican rice was recommended as siding and my Mati loved it!

We also got a half rack of GRINGO Ribs (P385.00) with sides of Macaroni and Corn!

My husband loved this because it didn't have other veggies. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We we're supposed to order their Nachos because my bunsoy Andrei was craving for some. When we saw that it was a complementary siding in each GRINGO plate, we cancelled it.

Good thing too because we saw that their Nacho Grande was HUUUUU-GE!!! We won't be able to finish it!!!!

We're a very sosy wozy family so it's only natural for us to extra extra tubs of their specialty sauces! Andrei loved the extra Rib glaze on his rice because it was smokey and sweet!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in GRINGO!!!!!

YEHEESSSSS! Let's eat!

Little Andrei was faster than a speeding bullet and zoinked almost all of the chicken skin!

My NT (New Teenager) was so happy with all the food. 

Since we were having his 2-week birthday celebration, I asked if we could arrange a song for him since it's what we usually do on birthdays. My boy politely said "No it's okay Mommy" and said we could just do so in the hotel.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... He's getting old and embarrassed (by me) na!


My plate! My very full GRINGO plate!!!!!

Can't talk. Eating!

We were almost going to choke from wolfing down all that delicious GRINGO food but this ice cold pitcher of Tropical Lemon Juice (P189.00) saved us!

You could say that after mouthfuls of chicken, ribs, and rice, chugging this down in one loooong drink was just pure bliss!!!!!!

In no time....

Our GRINGO bill!

Bunsoy Andrei is excited to get my brother's old drumset next weekend. Until then, he would drum on anything his could make a sound from. And after eating, that's what he did! He he he he he he eh! 

Burp!!!! That's one yummers dinner GRINGO!

But for us, it's more Chicken.... Ribs.... FAMILY!

Third Floor, Mega Atrium, 
SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

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