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Monday, April 17, 2017


I admit that when the VALENTIME'S season arrives, I'm always excited. Call me corny, cheesy, baduy, whatever, but seriously I am! There's just something about getting all lovey dovey and sweetie pacutesie during this season which really tugs the romantic in me.

Best thing too is that VALENTIME'S gives you MORE excuses to have a date and EAT!!!

For VALENTIME'S this year the Chinese Dimpol had to work both on February 14 and 15. So that meant we're not going out on our usual season of hearts date. Of course me being all human and dramatic got into my usual "tampo mode" and how "nobody loved me".

Two days after VALENTIME'S the Chinese Dimpol only texted me three simple words "Yub, want steak?"

Oh yes. My husband knows me super well already. Suddenly all is right in the world and I felt like Game Of Thrones is going to have a happy ending.

Yep! We're going to have steak this VALENTIME'S and the choice for that night was with our favorite...


The Chinese Dimpol, though he made "indyan" on Valentine's Day and the day after, fetched me at the office so confidently happy.

In short, ang yabang. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After a short drive from my office (he he he he) we arrived just in time for the Chinese Dimpol's reservations....

My Daario Naharis!

His Khaleesi!!!

Yep! I'm rewatching GAME OF THRONES again!

Look how happy we are.

Yep. Steak does that us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After ordering, MAMOU TOO immediately served us with a basket of their warm dinner rolls.

These were toasty and crusty! I know we should eat this with the main meal but we just can't help it. We finished it ASAP and asked for more.

Gobble! Gobble!

I don't normally drink but since we're having steak, I asked my Chinese Dimpol if I could have some red wine (P275.00).

When the server was asking what bottle I would like to have, I confidently said "Yung pinakamura!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Try that with a smile and you'll get away with it. I promise.

Here comes our second serving of bread! He he he he!

YAY! Our food is here!

If you love creamy pastas, you should NEVER miss ordering MAMA LOU'S Truffle Cream Pasta (P395.00)!

This dish is just BEAUTIFUL.

For one, this plate of all things heavenly has the right cheesiness and creaminess to the al dente pasta.

Add to that, the woodsy and nutty taste of the Truffle!

Such a winner EVERY TIME! Just in case you're not up for steaks in MAMOU (maybe you're sick or something), then have THIS. You'll still go home happy and stuffed!

MAMOU TOO is known for their steaks so when you're there, DO try the Angus Rib-Eye USDA Prime Grade Steak (P1,950.00 -- single)!

Just look at the peppery and salty meat crust at the top!

We requested our meat to be cooked medium because that's how we like our meats... Pinkish in the middle!

No joke if you ask to have your steak "well done" in MAMOU TOO, they won't let you.

For our choice of 2 sides, the Chinese Dimpol and I got the Brocolli with cheese!

And my husband's favorite, the steak rice!!!!

Aaaah... Me so happy!


Let's EAT!

Yup! Steak does THAT to us!

In MAMOU TOO, they don't have gravy. Their meat is already so flavorful that you only need a small dash of salt on it.

Of course, when you do so, don't forget to do it with style.... #imthefemalesaltbae

Egad! Check out the fat!!!!!!!! I am so tempted to order plain rice and just mixing all of that sparkling goodness in it!

Oh yum!!!! This is like a kneel-before-Zod type of moment!


Here's to my loving husband who I'm so thankful for everyday! I love how he makes an effort to make me feel special and beautiful!!! Happy Valentine's my dearest!




My plate!!! My MAMOU TOO plate!!!

I added some chili flakes on my Truffle Pasta to make it more exciting!

The Chinese Dimpol so happy and pa-cute!

Oooh! When we eat at MAMOU TOO, we NEVER forget the fried fat!!! That is still so perfect with rice!

Almost done!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol getting his share of fried crispy fat!

You think we're finished?

No way!

We still have bread!

Now we're really done!

I was not able to finish the Truffle Cream Pasta even if it was soooo damn delicious because I was already full. I took the rest home to my Master Mati who ate it happily the next morning before going to school!

For dessert, we had the MAMOU crepe with Nutella spread (P145.00)!

I was really undecided for dessert because the Chinese Dimpol said he was so stuffed he can't eat anything else. Lo and behold when we got the light and fudgy dessert, he almost finished everything including my share!

The MAMOU TOO bill!

Guys, when you have a booboo with your sweetie, take her to MAMOU TOO! If she's a foodie like me, all will be forgiven.

With matching hugs and hearts pa!


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  1. LOL! Loved the female salt bae moment!!

    Kat from Maryland

    1. Ha ha ha ha! It took the Yub a long time to take that picture so I have to hold that weird pose for everyone to see in the resto. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks muchos Kat! Mwaaaaah!

  2. I've read every single post on this blog. And I check it everyday for new entries. I always enjoy reading your blog. Keep writing, Jaz

    -your fan from Stockton, CA

    1. Hi there!!!! Wow really???? Yayyyyy! That just got me soooo excited!!!!! Thank you sooo much! It really means so much to me when people appreciate what I so love doing. Of course, it's not at par as the other popular blogs but this is something very personal to me as it's more like an online diary of the significant happenings of my life with my family and friends. Thank you sooo much again and I hope to hear more from you soon!!! God bless you always! Mmmwaaaaah! Cheers!


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