Wednesday, June 1, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH were invited for a weekend in Clark, Pampanga with Team Virrey, Team Castelo, and Team Navarro and we were all psyched!!!!

And for that fantabulous weekend, we will be staying at MIMOSA VILLAS!!!!!

The plan was to start the fun on Friday up to Sunday. As much as we wanted to, we have work. So we just told Team Castelo and Team Navarro that we don't have a choice but to follow after office hours.

The little lords and the Chinese Dimpol picked me up from TAPE office!

It was late but it was still TRAFFIC!!!!

The view hours earlier was a far contrast from the clear roads in Clark, Pampanga!

When we arrived at MIMOSA VILLAS, we got a very unforgettable greeting from the kids of Team Campo, Team Navarro, and Team Sangil. We told mareng Gail that we were lost and the kiddies immediately thought of setting up a "welcome party" so that we could easily identify our villa. When we got to the street, lo and behold, dear Fritz, Georgina, Sasha, Sky, Jacob, and her sister were screaming and holding up flashlights.

It was such a beautiful and heart warming sight!!! To think that it was already past 12:00am  and they were still all excited and happy to see us. This has got to be so far the best welcome for us this year!!!!

Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of it! The Chinese Adonis kasi was using his phone. :(

Thanks muchos for the awesome help kiddies!!! Great job!

My girls Gem, Gail, and Janet (our host) was there!!!! 

Dear Janet treated our families for 2 nights in the MIMOSA VILLAS. Wohooo!!!! We can never thank you enough Janet!!! You made this epic vacation possible!

Dear Janet got 2 villas for us: THE YAPPY BUNCH will be sharing will Team Navarro while Team Campo and Janet's group will be in the other villa.

Team Navarro will only be staying overnight. Team Virrey will be taking their place the next day.

Here's a quick tour of our MIMOSA VILLA!!!!!!

The guestroom with twin beds!

Our big bathroom with 2 sinks!

(Chinese Dimpol was not able to shoot the whole room).

Our shower!

The master bedroom!

It has its own television set!

The restroom!

Toilet and shower area!

The spacious den!

(If we had extra beds, many could sleep here! He he he he he he!)

It was so big that the kids went around using their hoverboards!

Somebody posted this though because he wanted to play board games instead. He he he he he!

The kitchen!

There was a maid's bedroom that the Chinese Dimpol was not able to take a picture of.

Everybody was still awake because I requested for some coffee and dessert for our arrival!!!! He he he he he!

The girls....

The boys...

The kiddies!!!!!


Kwentuhan galore!

The kiddies played some more of the hoverboard AND game boards!!!!

Dear Janet ordered this delicious cake from a famous bakeshop in Pampanga. THIS WAS SO AWESOME!!! Inside the fruits and light icing was a light merengue with custard.


This was SERIOUSLY delicious. BELIEVE ME.

She also baked some chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow icing.

Yup she BAKED all of this.

You certainly are a dream come true Janet! These were so moist and fudgy! So perfect with coffee!!!!

While having coffee and dessert, it was also agreed that the boys will take the KOREAN SPICY NOODLE CHALLENGE!!!

Mati joined in!!!!

The guys were tough and were able to finish it!!!!!

It was already about 2:00am when we finished with our nightcap with chika. Now it's light's out for us!!!

The next day I woke up very early. For some reason I don't get comfortable sleeping in other houses that no matter how nice it is, I don't get too much shut eye.

It's what you call "Namamahay" in Filipino.

We needed to get up early anyway so even if little Andrei looked like a sleeping angel, I woke him up. I did so with LOTS of kisses!!!!

Since we were going to a water park, the kiddies were so excited!!!!


Good morning from the little lords!

While waiting for the Chinese Dimpol, the kids played outside.

We were scheduled to go to Fontana Park that Saturday. But we needed to get some breakfast first!

We brought all of the kids to get a headstart!

Our car is the PARTY RIDE!!!!!

Our early breakfast at Jollibee!!!!

Our morning got off to a great start with Team Navarro!

Team Virrey arrived! YOHOOOO!!!!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH had a great Saturday at FONTANA WATER PARK with Team Campo, Team Navarro, Team Virrey, and Team Sangil!!!

Blog post soon to follow!!!!!

Time to go back to our MIMOSA VILLA!

Come night time, we went to Mareng Gail and Dear Janet's villa for dinner!

The ladies as usual chatted up a notch!

Like the adults, the kiddies chatted up as well!

They also played with small lego toys!

Before eating though, mareng Gail thought of giving pareng Jun a small surprise since his birthday was coming!

He was resting in his room and when he came out, we were all singing him a Happy Birthday!

Yihiii! Happy Birthday Jun!

For tonight, Janet treated us with a catered dinner via FILKORJA!!!!!

Our delicious feast for the night.


Authentic Pampanga Sisig!

Even if this was not served on a sizzling plate, every bite was just so mind blowing!!! SUPER SARAP!

The extra chilis added more excitement to the dish!!!!

Mapapa-extra rice ka talaga!

Fried Buttered Prawns with Garlic!

We dropped our spoon and forks to eat THIS with our hands!!!!!!

Korean Fried Chicken!

These were crunchy and juicy with a sticky sweet glaze!!! The kiddies went gaga over it!!!!

There was also a full platter of Tokwa't Baboy!

The catered dinner also had Japchae!

To be honest, it did not look palatable to me at first that I planned to stay away from it. But since Mati was raving about the Japchae, I decided to try a forkful. And it WAS soooooo yum! I think I got 2 servings of it!

Let's dig in!!!!!

Go on kiddies!

My boy was a man with a plan!

The oldies!

The kiddies!

The Chinese Dimpol helping himself to A LOT of sisig!

We regretted this later on. H aha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My plate!!!!

I also had A LOT of sisig but it was from another plate. He he he he he!

Our messy table!!!

For dessert, we cut up Jun's cake of made up of Ube and Pandan Chiffon!

Later on Jane's husband, Councilor Jay Sangil passed by to say hi. He arranged everything for us because he wanted his wife to have a fun time with friends this weekend.

AWWWW! So sweet! Thank you Councilor Jay!

While the oldies were chatting and eating up a storm in Gail and Janet's villa, the kiddies were in our place doing boardgames!!!


I'm really so happy that EVERYONE has fun when our families merge up!

When it was time to sleep the little lords and the Virrey boys camped at the living room.

The next morning, the boys greeted the day with early games outside the Villa!

The Chinese Dimpol and Mati went out to buy breakfast. While waiting, the kiddies played Uno and Monopoly.

At this point I was packing up our TONS of luggage. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Having Mcdonald's pancakes and chika for breakfast!!!!

MCDONALD'S??? Excuse me! For a fast food breakfast, we ALWAYS get Jollibee!!! He he he he!

Later on, it was time to go!!!!

We really had fun in our MIMOSA VILLA!

Team Virrey!

Team Kiddies!

Team Kiddies doing the wacky! He he he he he! So cuute!

Team Yap!

Of course, we'll ALWAYS do the wacky when we can!

We had lunch later on at MATAM-IH...

It was really an awesome weekend of family, friends, fun, AND food in MIMOSA VILLAS in Clark Pampanga!

Thank you so much to our very generous host, dear Janet!!!! We are in awe of how much you and your husband really wanted to make sure we all had a good time! And most definitely, WE DID!!!!!! It was really an unforgettable weekend for all of us!!!! SOBRANG SAYA!!!! I think this is one of the highlights of our summer vacation, 2016!!!

Hopefully we could hang out again when you're here in Manila!!! I'm sure it will be a BLAST!!!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Looking at the pics naisip ko how much fun we really had!!!!! Balik tyo!!!

    1. Super!!! It was an epic weekend. WE SHOULD!!! Planuhin na yan!


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