Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Whenever THE YAPPY BUNCH are on a trip, we make it a point to try restaurants that are unique to that place only. It doesn't have to be expensive or fine dining. It just HAD to serve the food that the place is known for.

Case in point our recent family/friends getogether in Clark, Angeles, Pampanga City. ERICJAZ FOODIES was again on the prowl on what we could have for Sunday lunch that would make a mark in our foodie list. The Chinese Dimpol then mentioned that he had a deep craving to eat in ALING LUCINGS -- the carinderia that was famous for its sisig. We were all so ready to eat there even if it was just a small eatery by the railroad because it was something the area was known for. But alas, our host dear Janet already served us platters of sisig for dinner the night before that the Chinese Adonis thought that he already reached his "sisig quota".

So with that, we tried out MATAM-IH restaurant, as recommended by our host, dear Janet. I checked google and it received strong raves online proclaiming it to cook unforgettable Filipino food.

And what a great lunch that we all had! Even if it was very hot and even if we were all trying to watch our weight, we were oh so happy with the pig out session in MATAM-IH!!! Really a great choice when you're in Clark, Angeles Pampanga!!!!!


MATAM-IH means "delicious" in the Aeta langauage!

The restaurant has an open set-up and did not have any air conditioning. You could just imagine how hot it was that afternoon.

But still, there were a lot of diners. I guess the food is really THAT good!

No fret for those allergic to heat: MATAM-IH has private air conditioned rooms.


Service was fast in MATAM-IH and they really accommodated us. They immediately informed our group that an air-conditioned room will be available in a few minutes.


While waiting, my little lord sat on his throne!

And we're HERE!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Janet, Ann, and Jonahs!

Jacob, Dani, and Jana!

Mati and Johans.

These two friends are moping because we took away their gadgets. H ah aha ha h aha!

They're not like Little Lord Andrei and Jelo who are so angelic and behaved!!


AND THEN....................



Ordering up!

MATAM-IH menu!

MATAM-IH menu 1...

MATAM-IH menu 2...

MATAM-IH menu 3...

MATAM-IH menu 4...

Like I said above, we were really planning to order the specialties of the restaurant but then we saw that MATAM-IH indeed served authentic AND exotic Kampapangan Cuisine that we were taken aback.

Sorry. I don't think we could handle fried beetles and frogs for now especially that we have a long trip home. He he he he he he!

The plates in MATAM-IH were cute!

FINALLY!!! Food is here!

First on the table was a bowl of MATAM-IH Paku Salad (P210.00)!

This was such a refreshing and delicious side dish to match our hearty food later!

The sweet and tangy vinaigrette certainly complemented the salted egg, sweet tomatoes and onions, and the paku!!! I look forward to eating THIS with rice!

Since we were with kiddies, we had 2 orders MATAM-IH Sinigang na Baboy (P290.00)!

The soup was sour and fruity! Definitely NOT from an instant powdered mix.

The pork was fatty and so tender too! EGAD! I was so tempted to dip this in patis with sili then eat it with LOADS of garlic rice!

Even if it was a hot day, we were on a hot sinigang roll!!! We also got another bowl of MATAM-IH Sinigang na Sugpo (P390.00)!

MATAM-IH Pinaputok na Tilapia (P210.00)!

I guess I was so hungry that I forgot (or didn't have the strength) to open the foil wrapping. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The broth had the same lipsmacking flavor that we loved but with a hint of the shrimp fat. 


The prawns were very fat too! We would certainly have to wash up and eat this with out hands!

My ever loving squid boy ordered the MATAM-IH Adobong Pusit (P280.00)!

Serving may appear small but believe me, the taste was so rich and intense. You would definitely see and savor the hearty squid ink with the tender meat. 

MATAM-IH Lechon Kawali (P150.00) was crunchy with just the right saltiness.

MATAM-IH Pork Sisig (P255.00)!!!

You would THINK that after having a bilao full of sisig last night that we would get tired of this Filipino favorite? But NOOOOH!!!! Everytime we're eating Filipino food we just HAVE to have some of this even if it's just a small serving.

The MATAM-IH Plain Rice were wrapped in banana leaves for that extra flavor!

As for me, it's ALWAYS garlic rice! And these were DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual, the junior members of our group would always need help eating.

Check out Andrei flipping out his eyelids to scare us. That's his favorite thing to do!!!!

When we're with kiddies, we would always attend to them first and make sure they have food on their plates. Afterwards, that's the only time we could eat OR chat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

These two boys were eating but still sulking over the lost gadgets.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, Virreys and Sangils at MATAM-IH!!!!

Part 2 of the pic!!!!!

The food was more than enough for us!

And finally we're done!!!!

Our MATAM-IH bill!!!!

Like what Han Solo said in THE FORCE AWAKENS: "Yes it's true. All of it.". The raves and praises were real!!! We really had a great lunch in MATAM-IH!!!

Would love to eat there again next time we're in Pampanga!!!



E Jacinto, Clark Freeport, 
Clark Special Economic Zone, 2023 Pampanga
(0921) 366 4889


  1. This is so interesting, I really love the Sinigang with patis at sili. For me this is the perfect combination and also the Sisig, "mapang-akit" haha. Thanks for sharing! expect a good food trip in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines :)

    1. Hi dear Pinang!!! Mismo! Hay mas mapapalakas ang kain with the perfect spicy sawsawan! Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for reading too! And yep, we really had a DEEEELICIOUS food trip in Pampanga! I think I gained a lot of pounds pero worth it naman. Ha he ha ha ha ha ! Cheers!


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