Monday, June 13, 2016


I must say that the Chinese Adonis and I are already getting addicted to going out with my TAPE INC friends that when Tita Florie asked if we wanted to try out MORITA, I said "GAME" without even thinking what it was.

It's a good thing she did not mean if I was interested in going out with a guy named MORITA (tee hee) but instead, she was referring to a Japanese restaurant that had DI's (Dance Instructors) and ballroom dancing.

HUWEEEEEYTAMINITKAPENG MAINIT!!!! I'm sorry but how matrona could I get now?

No it's fun!!! Tita Flory insisted. So even if I initially had concerns that I'd look like this groovy lola shaking her "pwit" while her long pearl necklace swayed along, I said yes. Besides, there's no harm in trying out something new. The big point here anyways is going out with my dear workmates whom I already consider as family on a Friday night. I'm sure wherever we go, it's still going to be fun.

And yes, with the "help" of MORITA, it certainly was a night to remember.

With matching "pwit" jiggling for the win!!!!!

He he he he he!


MORITA is the Japanese restaurant in Fisher Mall in Quezon City. 

If you're craving for sushi, go sit by the bar.

But if you want to have some food with a side of dancing, make a reservation at the first floor.

Yup! MORITA is a Japanese restaurant by day but by 9:00pm, the band starts playing awesome 60's, 70's, and 80's music that'll get you dancing. The charge is P450 per person that is consumable on all drinks and food.


Me and Tita Flory!

Tita Josie and Tita Grace!

Tito Ton and the Chinese Dimpol!

Tito Rey and Tito Ray! He he he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES out with friends for a group Fridate!

The LOLA BAES (that's what we call ourselves) let me order the food for the night.

MORITA Salmon Sashimi (P365.00) was fresh, fatty, and buttery!

MORITA Tekka Maki (P195.00) was satisfying at every chomp!

MORITA Spicy Tuna (P345.00)! I loved this! They certainly didn't scrimp on the fatty tuna, Japanese mayonnaise, and exciting chili!

MORITA California Salad (P300.00) came with a generous serving of Japanese mayo and vinaigrette dressing. 

At least we got a choice if we wanted to go for healthy or hefty! I'm sure you know what we went for! He he he he he he!

Oooh lala! Perfect combo!

The TAPE Tita's were craving for some hot soup so I ordered the MORITA Chasyu Ramen (P310.00). 

To be honest, this did not have the same quality we love at IPPUDO or RAMEN NAGI. But still, we were able to finish this to the last drop.

MORITA Shoyu Ramen (P294.00)! This arrived later than our first order of Ramen so we were a bit full already. 

Still, this had a nice light taste to it that'll certainly warm any hungry tummy. It's not the best that we've had but it was able to satisfy our soupy craving.

The MORITA Ebi Tempura (P390.00) was worth the price because we got long strips of the fried shrimp with a light breading. I loved the crunch after I took one big bite!

MORITA Chicken Karaage (P342.00)!

You could never be wrong with Karaage because the servings are usually enough, the chicken is seasoned well, and the meat is fried with the skin. You are sure to get a delightful crunch and munch everytime!

MORITA Fried Rice (P105.00) was packed with meat and veggies. This was very heavy in our "trying to reduce" tummies!



Tita Flory acting all pa-cute!

Somebody is enjoying her soup!

Yummm... Food everywhere!

Our side is about to finish it all.

My plate! My creamy-and-packed-with-all-things-beautiful plate!

Almost done!

For drinks I had some MORITA Margarita (P100.00)!

This was sweet, fruity, and had that slight kick from the tequila!

I shared it with my special TAPE friend, Tita Flory!!!!



Teee heee!

Ooh! The band is getting ready!!!! 

First song is on!!!

I energized myself with some brewed coffee (P70.00)!!

I just CANNOT have dinner without it!

Yihiii! The party is now starting!


There was actually a female DI in front and the other ladies followed to do some serious line dancing.

We joined in and squeezed ourselves at the back!


After A LOT of dancing, this MORITA Mango Shake (P95.00) certainly satisfied us in so many levels!

The Chinese Adonis and the boys were so happy with the ice cold beer!

After draining my mango shake, it's back to the dance floor for us!

Celebrate good times CMOWN!!!!!!!

Could you see all of us getting jiggy with it??

Oh the boys were having SO MUCH FUN watching their lovely wives dance!!!!!

We may be sweating but we still kept on going!!!

The dancing ended at about 12:00am! We were all panting but so happy with the groove of the night!


I knew that we'll enjoy another Fridate with my TAPE Inc family. BUT, the Chinese Adonis and I never expected to have SO MUCH FUN that we want to come back again and again..... Yup! With my family... With my other friends.... With my boys.... With my TAPE INC family AGAIN!!!!


If you're looking for another type of outing with your friends, do try out MORITA in Fisher Mall. The food is good, the music is nostalgic, the dancing is energizing, and the whole experience is just WOW. I assure you, you don't have to be an oldie to love it!!!!


Upper Basement La, Fisher Mall, 
325 Quezon Ave, Santa Cruz, Quezon City, 1104 Metro Manila
(02) 294 8140

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