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Sometime last week, ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out the newest "it" restaurant in the Fort area....

Pic by dear Spanky! Wait... Where was I???


It was a rainy Wednesday but everyone still braved the harsh weather to get a taste of the delicious food that diners were raving about!

Well I know I did! Dangnabbit come rain or come shine, I will be having a big bite of their pizzas... AND MORE!

SALVATORE CUOMO AND BAR was brought to the Philippines by the same group that has blessed us with CHILI'S. But if you're expecting the same bright lights and colorful interiors that you loved about the family restaurant, you might be surprised (and delighted) with the cool vibe of the place.

That is, if you're going more for something fancy shmancy!

The lighting of SALVATORE CUOMO AND BAR was dim and they had leather couches going around the restaurant. You may see pipes at the ceiling but it's just a hint of the industrialist look that still had the overall classy feel to it.

I love the effect of the dropping light bulbs!

But who had ever thought of having an open kitchen at a fancy restaurant?


From there, you could see the griller...

Steaks!!! YOWZA!

And also the pasta being cooked up!

Hot food was immediately out the counter and served to the hungry diner!

I've heard so much praises about the SALVATORE CUOMO AND BAR pizza that it got my big forehead tingling. I'm sure the reason why the much revered pie gets all that love is because of the special oven that they're using to cook it!

And mind you, SALVATORE CUOMO AND BAR pizza crusts are made from scratch. So if you feel like going to their open kitchen, you'll see their chefs flipping and tossing the gooey dough!




There should be more but the Chinese Dimpol got so hungry that he forgot about it. He he he he he he!

A message from the dear Salvatore himself!

Yup! Even I was surprised that the restaurant was a franchise from Japan!

"Now, are you all sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin."



All meals in SALVATORE CUOMO start with a basket of these complimentary warm rolls of fried Italian bread. So yum! Crispy and so flavorful on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside.

VERY addicting I promise you.

SALVATORE CUOMO AND BAR Caprese Con Mozzarella di Buffla (P750.00)!

The plump cherry tomatoes were juicy and had a nice sweet flavor to it. This refreshing starter also boasts of a creamy mozzarella and basil leaves that complemented the zing of the tomatoes.

Next on the table is a board of Tagliere di affettati (P960.00)!!

You'll get an assortment of fresh Parma Ham, Neapolitan salami, and Mortadella Ham!

Salty and meaty. So perfect with the bread pieces that go with it and a goblet of chilled wine!

Pop in a piece of the preserved olives to complete this delicious antipasti experience!

One of my instant favorites in SALVATORE CUOMO AND BAR....

The Quattro Formaggi Pizza (P750.00)!!!

Egad! Don't you DARE forget to order this when you eat at SALVATORE CUOMO!!! Just look at the attention plus the oohs and aahs that this pizza was getting from us!

And who would have thought that honey on pizza is something that will be edible? Yep! In SALVATORE CUOMO AND BAR, that is true AND more!!! 

The combination may seem weird but the saltiness of the cheese married so good with the slight sweetness of the honey. Believe me, you'll forget that there was such a thing as the "BATTLE F THE BASTARDS" after you get a full bite of this!

Another pizza to take note of in SALVATORE CUOMO is the D.O.C which stood for Denominazione Origine di Controllata...

Just call iT DOC for short. He he he he e he !

The pizza was truly cheesy but also got the tanginess from every bite of the cherry tomatoes! Yum!

And promise, when I reheated this 2 days after our dinner, IT WAS STILL SO FRIGGIN GOOD!

All caps mean it's true.


From pizzas, we switch over to pastas, and Tagliolini Gamberi e Spinaci (P580.00) is something worth a try!

You get a bed of fettucinne with a hefty serving of lemon cream sauce and topped with shrimp and spinach.

I know right? Words cannot describe it.

I am just SO drooling right now like those hounds of Ramsey!!!

Sorry, STILL can't get over GAME OF THRONES! He he he he he he he!

Up next is the Chinese Dimpol's favorite, the Spaghetti Alla Spuma di Carbonara (P480.00)!!!

The Chinese Dimpol, the very finicky eater that he is, suddenly has a pasta favorite??? I know right? And I don't blame him. The pasta was al dente in a creamy savory sauce with chunks of crispy pancetta strips.

Oh such a lot of love in a plate of pasta!!!! Do get this if you just scream for cream!!!!!!

You did hear me say that SALVATORE CUOMO AND BAR was a Japanese franchise right? So it's no wonder that they sneaked in a few Japanese favorites in the menu, namely this assortment of Yakitori (P400.00 for 6 pieces).

What you see here are the Chicken meatloaf with egg, Chicken Leg, and Chicken Breast Yakitoris!

And of course, besides the most hailed about pizzas, the star of the night was this eye-opening serving of Tagliata di Manzo (PP1,500.00)!!

You get a fatty chop of rib-eye! Yes! Rib-eye! In all it's pink and marbled glory!!!!

I'm sure they let this rest for awhile because check out all that meat juice streaming away....

This slab of beauty is served with a simple arugula salad and basil sauce with parmesan cheese.

But seriously, you won't notice any of THAT after taking one bite of this meaty goodness!

The Rib-Eye was definitely juicy and tender and every slow chew will just get your mouth bursting with the grilled and barbecued flavors.

To put it rather delicately,


Like, Tormund drooling over Brienne good!!!


This was the platter of Rib-Eye that my Chinese Dimpol saved for me and dear Spanky had heat up. 

Doesn't all that "love" just make you want to cry?

After one bite of THIS, I was definitely close to doing so. It takes true love to leave some of this gloriousness behind. I'm sure that I just can't do it if I we're in the Yub's position.


We washed down all that delicious food with goblets of this Exotic Lover Fresh Fruit Shake (P250.00)!!

However, dear Nines of NINES VS. FOOD was feeling a bit adventurous and ordered a spiked orange frozen drink (P450.00)!


This is for one person??? I wonder how many straws will that one person need?

Ang HABA HABA booooolllllllllllllllllllllpen ah!

See? It's taller than me and my mareng Joan's heads combined!

Of course, we were sitting down and the drink was on a table. But I'm sure you know what I mean.

Somebody also ordered the Lava Flow, Frozen Tropical Drink (P380.00).

That bright red color is so inviting that I wish I was able to steal a sip!!!!

As for me, I had my Rib-Eye with some red wine.

One of the desserts served was this luscious Tiramisu with Pistachio Gelato!

So perfect with coffee!


I arrived late as I came from Katipunan, Quezon City, and was so thankful for the happy smiles that we're still there to welcome me.

Happy and not so hungry anymore smiles that is!

After we got our tummies full did we realize that me, dear Spanky, and mareng Joan were sporting the colors of the Italian flag!

Buonasera at it's finest!!!!!

Another great evening of delicious food and the happy people of the KTG! And yes, I understand the raves that SALVATORE CUOMO AND BAR is getting because the restaurant truly deserved it! The food may be a bit pricey (for me) but everything was such a winner that you will have amnesia on the cost and just be a glutton for the duration of your meal.

Thank you so much to dear Spanky for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES! It's always fun with our own godfather around!

And thank you to the lovely CHILI'S Senior Marketing Manager, Laine Vallar for having us!

Take note of the hours. Don't forget to make reservations as it could get pretty crowded come dinner time.

I just remembered. I don't have a picture with the Chinese Dimpol???


Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, 
9th Avenue Corner 38th Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 9463072 / 02 9463073

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