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THE YAPPY BUNCH was invited to try out the SEAFOOD SUNDAY BRUNCH AT SPECTRUM in FAIRMONT HOTEL. And was I excited!!!!!

Sure I'm supposed to be on a diet...
Sure I should be resting because we went home late the previous night....
Sure we were supposed to have lunch with my family on Sundays...

But the promise of EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN oysters, crabs, lobsters, salmons, shrimps, etc. etc etc is enough to make you do a Sandor Clegane aka The Hound in GAME OF THRONES:

F@#$ the diet!
F*@% the rest!
F@#^ the...... ahem... ahem.... Wait, I think I should stop myself there unless I want to be put on the guillotine.

So really, there was nothing to contest. The fresh seafood from SPECTRUM will DEFINITELY win in this round again and again.

And you've got every Sundays until August, 2016 to do that!

For only P2,777.00 nett for adults (50% off for children 6 to 12 years old) indulge in a looooooong spread of the fresh catch of the sea that would get you instantly drooling and craving for more.

Stop your suffering and contact SPECTRUM ASAP!!!!

But for now, check out THE YAPPY BUNCH and the Kain Tulog Gang's glorious Seafood Sunday! And believe me, everything's so good, you'll forget that you'll have to wait for 7 months before Game Of Thrones returns.

Tee Heee! 

We are all ready for A LOT of SEAFOOD this brunch time at SPECTRUM!!!!

It was a gloomy Sunday when we made a trip to FAIRMONT MAKATI HOTEL. But we did not let the dark weather dampen our spirits because we were going to have some seafood!

The boys were greeted with sand, shells, anchors, fishies, and water. No kidding but I almost felt the sea breeze coming up behind me. 

SPECTRUM in FAIRMONT MAKATI HOTEL is a very cozy venue to go to if you wish to have a delicious buffet with your family on a Sunday.

Space may not be as grand as other hotels but for me, SPECTRUM is comfortable, homey, and maintains that casual intimacy you would like to have when you're with special family members.


Of course, those "special family members" will love you enough and won't judge when you dive your face into all that seafood.

Like what I almost did! Tee hee!

The simple place setting in SPECTRUM that definitely works for me!

 No need for complicated place settings because you may have to use your hands later!

THE YAPPY BUNCH was excited for the meal ahead especially my master Mati. Instead of the kiddie favorite chicken joy or burgers, he would rather have salmon sashimi, oysters, and calamari!!!

And let's begin!

We met up with dear Margaux Hontiveros, the Marketing Communications Manager of SPECTRUM! So glad that she's joining us too for lunch!!! :)

Of course, the rule of thumb when engorging yourself with seafood is to have something in your tummy first. The fresh and crisp vegetables will just do the job from SEAFOOD SUNDAY BRUNCH's Salad Station!

The salads also came with cured meats and are perfect to have on the side with your Seafood feast!

The Shrimp Bisque with buttery bread certainly warmed up my tummy.

SEAFOOD SUNDAY BRUNCH Appetizer section!

Crab salad on mini-baguettes!

Smoked Salmon with Cheese on Bread!

Smoked section!

Egad... Which one should i get??!

Smoked salmon.... Oooh lala!

Mussels, Crabs, Mackarel, and more salmon!

These mussels in oils were plump and tender to the bite!

Those shrimps look mighty tempting too!


No matter what kind of buffet I'm in, I ALWAYS have tummy space for some of my favorite Japanese appetizers.

Everything's just so tempting.

Of course, the Salmon Sashimi would ALWAYS top my list in buffet appetizer favorites!

After getting your fill of Sushi, it's time to prepare MANY plates for the SUNDAY BRUNCH Cold Seafood Station!

Oh Arya, this is not just "Oysters, Clams, and Cockles" anymore...

Sorry. Still hung over with GAME OF THRONES!

Fierce looking crabs!

Of course, I still helped myself to A LOT of oysters!

Don't they all look so beautiful? I just had them raw with a spritz of hot sauce and lemon.

The Master Mati however, had several of 'em fired up at the grill.

Will it be such a mortal sin if I just shovel everything to my plate???


Soups loaded with seafood that you could enjoy with rice!

The Summer Seafood Stew got me so curious though...

An assortment of Calamari, Tempura, and other fried seafood that was so popular with the kiddies.

I was not really planning on having rice but this SPECTRUM Paella Negra just beckoned to me.

I got 2 heaping servings then topped off with a big dollop of aioli mayonnaise. Egad. So good.

Paella Negra will certainly be in my future from now on. 

Love oysters? Then head out here ASAP!

SPECTRUM got these Oysters Rockefeller with bacon that were so inviting!

Imagine slipping your small fork into that juicy oyster that's embedded in gooey cream cheese and topped with crispy bacon. I tell you, you might be slurpin on this so hungrily the way Tormund was wolfing on his drumstick while watching Brienne.

Just saw GAME OF THRONES season ender tonight and WOAAAAAAAAH!!!!

When you're in the SEAFOOD SUNDAY BRUNCH at Spectrum, don't forget about the grilling station where you could have lobsters, prawns, and crabs fired up to your liking. 

I got a taste of these lobsters from the Chinese Dimpol and it was nicely firm with that delightful charred taste that is so appetizing with rice!

And don't forget to scoop out that mushy fat for your rice!

Besides the lobsters, pack on some grilled shrimp....

... and crabs too! 

Throw out your forks because you would have to dive in with your hands here. Because that's how seafood is meant to be eaten: getting the juicy flesh while your hands are all messy, and oily!

Of course, what's a buffet without a carving station?

Stewed Fish!

And another one!

Salmon Coulibiac!

I know you're here for the seafood but as a concerned friend, or foodie buddy, do try out the Rib Eye. Wow!!! It was just so tender, very flavorful, and perfectly fatty!!! I think I had 2 servings of this!

SEAFOOD SUNDAY BRUNCH dessert station!

Don't just pass by those brightly colored macarons. For the love of all things glorious, get 2 or 3 or 10 and sink your teeth into the creamy goodness with that light crust!

These orange macarons are made with crab fat. Yup. You read that right. And it would still work for you for dessert. Slightly salty but had that hint of aligue flavors. You might find it unbelievable but yes, crab fat could be made for dessert!

I also tried out this custard which had that yin and yang effect made with marshmallow cream and gelatinous squid ink. It may look and taste weird at first, but I can't stop getting teaspoonfuls of it. If you plan to indulge, be weary of getting black smudges on your teeth and lips. That certainly happened to me. He he he he he he he!

If getting black teeth is not your thing, then dip your spoon into this orange hued alternative. 

Chocolate ganache in shell form!

Luscious cakes!

Another eye-catching macaron that we should try.

After checking out the selection, we finally settled into our seats for this epic seafood meal!

I was so happy to see dear Yedy of YEDYLICIOUS!!! It's been a long time since I saw her last!!! 

Note the excitement in my wrinkly face????

Mareng Joan, wife of THE FOOD ALPHABET joined us!

YEAH! Who run the world? GIRLS.

Okay... Okay... The boys were so good lookin' too!

Now fussing over looks may have to wait because the boys were already hungry!

And guess what? For an additional P1,000 nett, you'll enjoy your savory seafood with endless servings of wines and sangria! It will certainly make your brunch more exciting!

I'm not sure if the dimple would go with it though. He he he he he he!


Now let's EAT!

Mati attacked the buffet and started off with some sushi and fried seafood!

He then requested for some grilled oysters!

As for Andrei, he's the little salmon boy and filled up his plate with his favorite food in the world!

Yup! For a little finicky eater, he packed on a lot of sushi!

As for me and the Chinese Dimpol....

His first plate...

And his other plate!

The Chinese Dimpol is eating vegetables now.

Yup. Hell just froze over. 


My first of MANY plates!

Yup! Believe me.

My Shrimp Bisque!

My first serving of Oysters...

My husband suddenly made a naughty smile when he saw me piling up on oysters...

"What does aphrodisiac mean again??"

Yup the Chinese Dimpol. The ultimate manyakis of them all!!!

I also got from this plate of Oysters with barbecue sauce!

My second plate of Oysters!

My fifth plate consisted of main entrees!

My 6th plate!!!!!!!

If you're worried that your kiddies might get bored while you're enjoying your 10 plates of food, don't worry, SPECTRUM got it all thought out for you. They have this corner for children where they showed a family friendly movie. And keeping up the Seafood Brunch theme, they showed FINDING NEMO!!!

The boys certainly did not complain that we were taking A LOT of time. 

For dessert, the Chinese Dimpol really enjoyed the buko sherbet and had 3 full bowls of it!

As for me, what blew my tastebuds away was this Macaron with Uni Cream. Don't be grossed out by it. I swear to you it's soooo friggin good that you would just immediately get 10 more after sinking your teeth in one. The uni added a certain richness to the cream that you would ask for another one in a New York minute.

Chef Nikki Misa is a genius!!! How do you keep on coming up with these crazy and unique desserts??!!!!

As usual, after a LOT of eating, we also did a LOT of chatting!!! Certainly had fun exchanging tales with the ladies!!!!

Had another great time with my favorite foodie group THE KTG while feasting on the treasures of the ocean in the SEAFOOD SUNDAY BRUNCH at SPECTRUM!

Thank you so much dear Margaux for having us! Like you said, I have ALSO found another kindred spirit!!! Naks!!! Looking forward to meeting up with you again! I had loads of fun making chika with you!

You'll definitely have a great time with THE SEAFOOD SUNDAY BRUNCH at SPECTRUM, FAIRMONT MAKATI HOTEL! There is something indeed for everyone that would get you raving, craving, and just utterly happy with your family over the delicious food!



Spectrum’s Sunday Brunch at the Ranch is at Php 2,777 nett per person.
Children from 6 to 12 years old get 50% off on the buffet price. 
For endless wines and sangria, get an upgrade at PHP 1,000 nett. 

For inquiries and more information, please call Raffles and Fairmont Makati’s Restaurant Reservations at 795 1840 or email dining.makati@raffles.com.

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue,
 Makati 632 795 1888 | 632 555 9888

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