Friday, June 24, 2016


We were throwing our favorite spinster, este, sister, Ate Jojit a BRIDAL SHOWER and everything was going according to plan:

-- Guests arrived early!
-- The bride got to the venue on time!
-- The bride was surprised!-- Games and Prizes were complete!-- EVERYONE was having a great time!

Fast forward pic!
Now what else do we need???

Other people might say, "What's a BRIDAL SHOWER without a dancer???"

But since this is MY sister's BRIDAL SHOWER, I think the important question to ask here is "What's a BRIDAL SHOWER without food??"

The BRIDAL SHOWER was during merienda with a Tea Party theme. Though the food available at METRO CLUB was not particularly accurate with our motif, we all enjoyed the delicious bites of the scrumptious snacks!!!

4 Cheese Pizzas!

Chicken Sandwiches!

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (my favorite!).

We also got a bowlful of Creamy Potato Salad!

Besides the sandwiches, we also enjoyed these luscious and creamy cupcakes!

Everyone also enjoyed this moist Green Tea Cake!

All pastries were baked by my sister in law Karen!


Let us also not forget these cute and fudgy cake and cupcake set by CAKES N' ICINGS BY AVIE!!!

We were able to eat it at the end of the party and it had the right amount of sweetness to it! 

The Chinese Dimpol feasted on the fondant too! He he he he!

Eating and chatting!

Towards the end of the BRIDAL SHOWER merienda, it was time to open gifts!

We asked the guests to give 2 gifts: 1 nice and 1 naughty... He he he he he he he!

If I don't feature the "naughty" gift of the guest, it just means that it was too naughty to post! He he he he he h ehe!


Lacy underwear from Doc Gie!

I think this was a blouse from Doc Maricon!

She also gave Ate Jit a pair of lacy knickers! He he he he he!

From HS friend Heidi, Ate Jit got couples' mugs!

From NBI Officemate Olive, it's accessories!

And a red racy nightie!

Ate Jojit you don't have to show your excitement TOO much! Ha ha ha ha ha!

NBI Officemate Rob!!!

For the "nice" gift, she gave Ate Jit this personalized blue robe!

ANNNND a black see through thingy!!! He he he he he he he!

Dear Angie gave her some lingerie too!

While BGP Marian gave toiletries!

After the gift giving, we had another video presentation (Proudly edited by me!!!! But I forgot how to do it now.... :(  ) featuring greetings coming from those who cannot make it to the shower/wedding!

Brother in law Sonny gave a very graphic greeting.... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I also included some of my TAPE Inc. officemates!

Tita Josie and Tita Florie gave such funny and heart warming greetings that they received an invite from my sister. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

While Ate Jojit was watching the greetings video, the guests were painting tea cups using special acrylic so that they could take it home and use it afterwards. No need to bake or heat it up to set the paint!

The best teacup design will win prizes! At the same time, these are the guests take home treat for this BRIDAL SHOWER!

A greeting from HS Friend Carmina who's in the US right now!

A touching message from College Friend Reg who's in Australia!

Tita Marilyn and Tito Rolando from New Jersey!

Other messages were from our relatives Jenny Mae, Kuya Nap, and Ate Sheila!

The last came from Ate Jojit's ex...


H aha ha ha ha ha!

Uy kinilig!

Or nabitin???!


The last message of course came from fiance Anthony!!

While doing the dance that he did in the earlier video. He he he he he!

Congratulations you two lovebirds!!!!

Afterwards, we just waited for the works of art by the guests!

I would have to say that the cups are looking good!!!

My cousin Avie ( of CAKES N' ICINGS) helped me buy these boxes for the cups!

The future Bride and Groom were helping in the construction of boxes! He he he he he he!

Go girls!!! Winners will take home Spa GCs!!!

When everyone was finished, they lined up their cups on the table for judging!

I'm not kidding but don't they all look so lovely and whimsical?

It's like teacups from ALICE IN WONDERLAND!

Now it's time for judging!!!!

There were supposedly 2 SPA GCs so that the winner could bring a partner. But then it was voted to have 2 winners instead!

First winner was HS buddy Mac!!!!

Ate Jojit loved how the BRIDAL SHOWER info was on the cup!!

Second winner was Rocio's friend, pretty Margaeux!!! Ate Jojit fancied her design because she used bold and attention grabbing colors!

The winners!!!!

I think this cup had a special mention too!

As for me, I was holding the best cup of all: a cup of coffee! He he he he he he!

Did you like your shower ate Jojit???

Afterwards, ate Jojit gave her thanks to everyone who attended her BRIDAL SHOWER!

She kept on saying how she felt so loved that day because everyone who was special to her (besides her family) were there!

Well as pareng Han Solo did say, "All of it, it's true!"

Yes ate Jojit! You are soooo loved by everyone you meet. While we were growing up, everyone got you for their flower girl instead of me because you were more pretty, not bratty, and just always pleasant. And no, I was never jealous because you deserved all the love and praises from everyone. You are indeed a ray of sunshine like our lovely Mommy!!!!

And that is why everyone is just so happy for you and your future endeavor as a Mrs! I just know that you are going to be a great wife and a more awesome Mommy too!!!

Thanks to the co-organizers BGP Marian, Maid of Honor Rocio, and Karen for all the help!!!

Thanks to BGP Marian for hooking us up with METROCLUB Rockwell!

Thanks to the Chinese Dimpol and Manong Fred who served as our look-out. They also gave Anthony a mini-bachelor outing!

Hope you had a blast!

We love you Ate Jojit!!!!


While we were having the BRIDAL SHOWER, the Chinese Dimpol fetched the little lords at home since we just live nearby.

The Chinese Dimpol and I were out the whole morning and afternoon that we missed them so much!

We watched PIXELS for our Saturday Family Night!!!

The boys loved it!

We ended this exciting Saturday with dinner at our favorite Jollibee!!!!


We all had quality time with the people we loved today!!!!



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