Thursday, June 30, 2016


I didn't really plan on making a blog post of our weekend at FLAIR TOWERS but I felt that I should still put it on record how much fun my family had at my friend's generosity.

My friend, let's hide her under the name, Mrs. Wong, asked me if I wanted to take the boys swimming and have a mini-staycation at her condo unit in FLAIR TOWERS. At first I was hesitant because I didn't want to be an inconvenience to her and use her place. But she insisted that nobody stays in her unit anyway and that my boys would really enjoy using the 3 big pools that the building had. With that, I gratefully accepted thinking that it would spell another bonding weekend for us. And at least, we didn't have to go miles away for my boys to go swimming -- something they loved to do from morning till night.

But besides the use of her place and having instant access to 3 awesome pools, I was so overwhelmed by the power of generosity. Mrs. Wong's kindness, without asking for anything in return, really got me thinking about the importance of sharing your happiness and blessings to people. We don't really have to have much. We just have that pure intent of wanting to give joy to others. Now sometimes I admit, I would extend help but get frustrated when I receive indifference from some people. I realize you just have to keep on giving, keep on helping, and keep on doing what you can for others. Never expect anything from them. The real joy ( no matter how cheesy it is) is in the giving, the helping, and the doing what you can. And sometimes, when you're lucky, you'll be blessed to encounter people who will be the ones to shower you with generosity. Then you know that you are indeed doing something right.

Such are my feelings for the kindness of dear Mrs. Wong. Thank you so much for being OUR family's continuous blessing and "happy returns". You really take sharing, helping, AND inspiring to another level!!!!

Mwah! Mwah! Tsup! Tsup!

Now let the FLAIR TOWER'S staycation begin!!!!!


It was a clear Saturday afternoon when we drove to FLAIR TOWERS!

When we got to FLAIR TOWERS, the first thing we noticed was how delicious it smelled! I'm not kidding! The aroma once we opened the car windows in the basement parking was hot chocolate pancakes. It was so good it instantly made my mouth water.

Mrs. Wong said the reason behind this was that there was a donut and cocoa powder factory somewhere. Woah!!!!!

This will CERTAINLY give tenants a whiff of a good morning!

My little lords were so excited!!!!


The living room!

Cutie display by Mrs. Wong!

The kitchen!

The master bedroom (where the little lords stayed).

The guest bedroom for me and the Chinese Adonis.

We let the boys have the room with the TV for their maximum enjoyment! He he he he he he!

Now let's get this "staycation" started!!!!

We immediately went to the ground floor to raid FLAIR TOWER'S pools!

FLAIR TOWERS had 3 pools! There's one for lap swimming....

This was deep so the kiddies swam with extra caution and inflatables!

Little Andrei stayed mostly in the kiddie pool!

He loved it here because it was big and he almost had it to himself!

For our first day of swimming, we stayed at the regular pool!

This pool was around 5 feet!

Andrei hugged us most of the time!

Now let's swim the whole day!!!!!

After washing up, we went out for dinner. We were supposed to go somewhere special but then little Andrei clamored for Jollibee!!!

When my finicky eater makes a request, we usually follow because it's rare for him to crave for something. And for that night, he was raring for some Jollibee Spaghetti and Cheese Fries!!!!!

As for Master Mati, he was fine with Jollibee, but he requested to pass by UNCLE MOES so he could take out his favorite....

Shawarma Rice with loads of Garlic sauce!

Yey! Andrei ate a lot that night!

After dinner, we went back and were so happy with how our day/night turned out. We felt like we were on top of the world!

The little lords were so eager to go to bed because Mrs. Wong has downloaded hundreds of movies and most of them were their favorites!!!!!

It was no wonder that I had a hard time waking them up the next day because they stayed up late watching movies!

We had breakfast of Jollibee (Yup! Again! As requested by the little lords!!!!) and headed downstairs to swim the morning away!

Andrei chose to go to the kiddie pool again!

As for the bigger boys they focused more on the lap pool!

From time to time, Andrei joined them only when he's wearing his inflatables.

Other times, we would be the ones to keep Andrei company in the kiddie pool!

Even if it was only 3 feet deep, we still had a lot of fun.

Yep! We used our imaginations!

It's always give or take with THE YAPPY BUNCH!

After lunch (at home) we went back to FLAIR TOWERS to try out the play ground.

I wonder if that see saw could carry me.

It may be hot but that slide seems to be so tempting for the boys.

They just chose to go on the swing together.

Hmmm.... The shade suddenly seems inviting!!!!

Of course, even if the covered shed seem to be the sane choice this afternoon, we cannot miss watching a future NBA player practicing!

Go Andrei!

Shoot on those friggin hoops!!!!!

After packing up and resting a bit, it's time for us to go!

We certainly had a lot of fun at FLAIR TOWERS!!!!!

We ended the wonderful weekend with dinner at our favorite GENKI SUSHI!!!!

It may be a simple weekend for some since we just went somewhere that's near our house and we ate in a local fast food resto for most of our meals. But for THE YAPPY BUNCH, it was still an extra ordinary staycation. 

What's there to forget?

We were swimming our hearts out.
The room at FLAIR TOWERS were cozy and so cool with the strong air conditioning.
We did not need to spend an arm and a leg for this weekend "staycation".
Andrei ate a lot of food and asked for more!
Every day smelled like hot chocolate pancakes!
We were on top of the world (or Manila).
We were all together.

AND most of all....

We were here thru the generosity and love of the very kind, Mrs. Wong.

Now some may question why I have to always post my appreciation to someone who gifted me with a staycation. For them, I could always boast that I paid for this stay and that we were living a luxurious life.

Well personally, I believe more in celebrating the strength of friendship and kindness. I don't care if people will know that I did not have to spend a dime here. I'm more proud anyways that I am surrounded by people who are helpful, generous, big-hearted, and loving to me.

Now THAT for me is luxury!!!!

And that's you dear Mrs. Wong!!!!

Oh and let us not forget also MR. Wong!!!!! He prepared nga pala everything the day before!!!!!!!!

Thank you again!!!! We love you both!!!!!


PS. Sorry the code name is needed since she didn't want to be mentioned in the blog. But you've seen her here MANY times already. He he he he he he he he he he!

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