Thursday, June 9, 2016


One rainy Tuesday, the Chinese Dimpol and I tried out the Fried Chicken that's already making raves in the Metro...

No it's not Chicken ni Joy....
No it's not Mamamacdo....
And most certainly it's not from the Colonel.

To be clear, we are going for some Japanese Fried Chicken, or Karaage. Honestly though, I was not really familiar before that there was such a thing in Japanese cuisine because I'm always too focused on sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, teriyaki, etc etc. It's just when I married a very finicky eater who wouldn't eat the raw or weird stuff that I learned about the awesomeness of KARAAGE when he saw this lifesaving option in the menu.

And when we learned that there was a restaurant specializing in the juiciness and crispiness of KARAAGE, we just know that we have to instantly go for it!!!

Hence our arrival at CHIBI'S KARAAGE!!!!!  


We were supposed to meet some KTG friends in CHIBI'S KARAAGE but due to a misunderstanding, they were in SM North Edsa (its other branch) and we're here!!!!!

Oh well... It's much nearer to my house in Mandaluyong anyway!

And if you're going to ask, YES SA LOOB KAMI NAKATIRA.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

CHIBI'S KARAAGE in SM LIGHT is a small space with only 4 tables and a long counter. 

But for me I liked it! the place was clean, well-lit, and had that Japanese homey feel to it!

CHIBI'S KARAAGE is self service and you have to order at the cashier!




Just in case you need help in ordering....

Choices of sauces!!!!

According to the lady who took our order, CHIBI'S KARAAGE had lunch specials that are very popular with the people in the area. 

These are only P99.00 each come lunch time!!!


It may be raining hard that night, but the Chinese Dimpol was suddenly drooling over these shaved ice drinks!

We got some CHIBI'S KARAAGE Iced Tea which was strong but still very refreshing!

Excited to eat!

After about 10 to 15 minutes, our orders were ready for pick up!


I tried out the CHIBI'S KARAAGE in Takoyaki Sauce!!!

I love Takoyaki Balls and I was so excited to dig in to THIS!!!!

The CHIBI'S KARAAGE with Takoyaki Sauce is already so flavorful in its lonesome but they also offered more sauces to suit your fancy!

Oh YUM!!!

The fried chicken had a crunchy and light breading while the dark meat was so juicy!!!! The Takoyaki Sauce also had the same sweet and tangy flavors that always get me so addicted!!!

I guess the only thing to make this a more satisfying experience it get a big cup of rice.... FAST.

The Chinese Dimpol was trying to control his rice intake so he ordered a cup of Fried Potato Wedges....


Since it was a popular choice among diners, we got the CHIBI'S KARAAGE bento.

When I opened it, I cannot stop raving at this lovely sight to the Chinese Dimpol!!!!!

Isn't it just.... CUTE?????

I know that it's a weird and (probably) inappropriate word to describe a bento full of glorious food but don't you just love how the grub was arranged neatly here???

And for only P155.00 for dinner and P99.00 for lunch time, this is certainly a SUPER BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!!!

Besides the many pieces of KARAAGE with sticky rice and pickled radishes, we also got petite servings of kimchi, tamago, hotdog, and edamame!!!!

Isn't this just a complete meal already???!

The lady also recommended that order their Yakisoba!

The CHIBI'S Yakisoba was hot off the fryer and so fragrant!!! We were both drooling that we immediately dug in!

Our full table!!!!!

Even if the Chinese Dimpol and I have been married for 13 years, I still try to act lady-like and pa-cute when we're together....



While the rest, were in SM North Edsa... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

The Chinese Adonis normally pushes away food that is loaded with veggies. But with the CHIBI'S Yakisoba, it tasted like his favorite saucy noodles that he just kept on slurping and eating!

As for me, I can't stop from biting and savoring the chunks of super tender KARAAGE!!!

The Chinese Dimpol may be full already but he really saved a wee space for this Strawberry Kakigori!!!!

I tried a bit of it and found the strawberry very sour. My husband however, finished this in no time because the ice cream and the shaved ice were scrumptious and sweet that it worked well with the sour strawberry!

What a delicious Fried Chicken dinner plus MORE at CHIBI'S KARAAGE!!! I'm sure the little lords will love the food here so we can't wait to go back WITH A VENGEANCE!!!

He he he he he he he!


Ground Floor, Sm Light Mall, Madison Street, 
Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 861 0308


  1. Looks good and mura lang. Where were the kids?

    1. It's a school night kasi when we went there. He he he he he! Kaya instadate!


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