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Thursday, February 2, 2017


The Chinese Dimpol and I are looking at a busy Saturday and the best way for us to officially start the weekend is by getting properly energized.

The choice for that day? Healthy and Irresistibly Delicious Burgers, or H.I.D.!

Because really! Some of the best battles were won when the general started the day with cheeseburgers. (It's true! I got it out of Facebook. :P). And since we were going Trick or Treatin', then a surprise party for an office mate, then movie night with the kiddies, I figured, healthy and delicious is the way to go.

And of course, since the Chinese Dimpol and I raved about how much we loved H.I.D Burgers, the little lords are coming with us!

H.I.D. BURGERS in Mandaluyong!

There were only about 6 tables in the restaurant so we're happy that we were the only ones there that morning. The server however informed me that on school days, they really get full that they sometimes run out of burgers!


THE YAPPY BUNCH is here!!!!

While waiting for our food, Andrei did played with his yoyo!

He is actually very good at it!

As much as we wanted to watch Andrei's yoyo skills, we were staring at something more important...



Duh I'm joking of course. He he he he he he!

Or probably just hungry.

Seriously though, I could stare at these faces ALL day!



For Mati and Andrei we each got them an H.I.D. Premium Cheesebomb (P155.00)!

A gooey mixture of Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, plus more cheese sauce on a Chicken bun!


Andrei paired this with a cool glass of creamy chocolate milkshake! 

For me, I got the H.I.D. Premium Mediterranean Burger (P145.00)!

Roasted Bell Peppers with Fried Onions with loads of Garlic Mayo!

Some may complain that this burger has way too much mayo...

But guess what?


This may be so messy and so calorific to eat but I LOVED IT!

The Chinese Dimpol got the H.I.D. Premium Classic Cheese Burger (P135.00) with extra bacon (P20.00)!

You could never really tell that this is chicken. 

The boys were happily chomping on their burgers and when I informed them that it was chicken, they cannot believe it!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in H.I.D. BURGERS!

Somebody seems happy with his burger!

I tried to lessen my carb intake by just eating 1 bun with my burger! 

Since we loved the Chicken Wings last time in H.I.D. BURGERS, we ordered a basket of the fried chicken in buffalo sauce (P180.00)!

Master Mati loved it too because it tasted home made.

The H.I.D Chicken Wings are certainly one of my favorites because each wing was juicy and the crispy breading complements the tender meat. The Buffalo sauce was sweet but only had a slight kick to it. It was so perfect with the Bleu Cheese Sauce!

In no time...

Tee hee!

Since Andrei was enjoying his Milkshake so much, we ordered the Avocado!!!


Their milkshakes are made using Big Scoop Ice Cream so you just know that it is REALLY darn good!

And we're done!

Our H.I.D. BILL!

We used the free burger coupons that we received in their H.I.D City Golf Plaza branch since we were part of the first 100 customers!


Our Saturday is DEFINITELY going on a great and delicious start!



Calbayog Street, 
Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
02 5132884 +63 9062284480


  1. Wow!! looks yummy nagutom ako! Hehe! May pinapanood bang yoyo player si Andrei? Natutuwa ko sa kanya ganyan age nag start Brother in Law ko! - Erika

    1. Hiya Erika!!! You should try it when you're back from your around the world honeymoon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sarap naman!!!!!!!!!!!! Romantics!!! As for Andrei, no he doesn't. Yung hub ko kasi mahilig din kaya tinuturuan niya minsan. He he he he he he! Wow galing your brother in law. I hope they meet someday!

    2. wahahaha! I'm back na! I wish I can go there kaso sa bundok ako nakatira! Check mo sa YT, Jaued Cervas name ng BIL ko.

    3. Woah!!! Ang galing niya Erika!!! I watched his videos! Naku sana Andrei gets to meet him sometime. I'm sure he'll be soooo happy. Tuwang tuwa siya when he saw him in action in youtube. Ang dami na niya napalanunan ah!!!! :)

    4. Wiii! Kilig!! Sana mag meet sila one day! I am sure willing BIL ko turuan sya even my husband willing sya turuan. Ka age lang sya halos ni Jau nung nahilig sya mag yoyo. At his young age madami na sya award. Nakapag Tokyo kami nung 2015 because he joined Worlds Yoyo Contest. :-)

    5. Woweeee! Thanks!!!!!!! Please make that happen ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Thanks again! I hope my Andrei would be inspired to at least be half as great as your brother in law. Mmmwaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!


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