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Monday, February 6, 2017


After our family lunch in MAX'S to officially end our All Soul's Weekend in Lucena City, we drove out early so that we'll not be stuck in carmageddon! But of course, as it has always been our practice, we made a stopover at my Best Gal Pal Marian and Manong Fred's house to chika, eat, have coffee, AND MORE!

For that night however, Manong Fred declared that because we were not able to attend their birthday dinner for Pao Pao's birthday, they would be treating us for dinner. And since this has been our favorite Filipino comfort food whenever we're in Paranaque, Manong Fred chose ROVILIAZ!!!!!


Good food! Great times!

We were just in time for the dinner rush because even if there were a lot of available tables when we arrived, the diners kept coming afterwards. Good thing we were able to get a long table for our group!


Pao Pao! Andrei! Mati!

The bros who have the same celphone -- Manong Fred and Eric!

The pretty BGPs -- MEH and Marian!!!



We tried out the ROVILIAZ combo meals because it was the sulit and delicious option for hungry diners like us. Here's the 2-pcs barbecue (P102.00) which comes with iced tea.

You might wonder why orders in ROVILIAZ take a bit of time to be served. Well that's because they'll only grill the barbecues upon order!

Yummm! This is my BGP's favorite!

Some of us also got the ROVILIAZ Chicken Barbecue Value Meal (P180.00)!

 Andrei loved this because chicken was juicy with meat so full of sweet barbecue flavors.

Even if I had been eating Filipino food for the whole weekend in Lucena already, I still ordered my favorite Pork Sisig because it's my default meal in our local cuisine. 

This time however, I paired it up with Salmon Sinigang sa Miso and Garlic Rice with their sulit value meal (P249.00)!!!

Manong Fred kept on raving how the ROVILIAZ Sizzling Beef Salpicao (P195.00) was a winner. So he ordered one for all of us to share.

Even if I didn't want to strongly agree with him (because Manong Fred irritated me so :P), this beef salpicao was quite good! The beef cubes were uber tender and rich in garlic oil, seasoning, and butter flavors. This would be so perfect with garlic rice and a tall glass of iced cold beer or coke. Wouldn't mind getting meat sweats after this!

Manong Fred was craving also for some ROVILIAZ Sisig (P170.00) but didn't want to get from my value meal so he ordered one for himself. 

The ROVILIAZ Sisig was how a sisig should taste like complete with crunchy chopped pork skin. So sinful but I wouldn't mind the extra cholesterol if this was the case.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Team Mina in ROVILIAZ!!!!


My ROVILIAZ plate!

Master Mati asked for some of my Sinigang Soup!

And we're done!!!

When it's time to pay the bill...

Yub: (No eye contact...)

Me: "Uy the ceiling paint is nice!!!"

(Cricket... cricket... cricket...)


Thanks Manong Fred and BGP Marian for the treat!!!!!

One of the great things about ROVILIAZ is that they sold Becky's Kitchen  goodies. So we bought one whole of the Chocolate cake to take home.

Besides loving the fudgy and crunchy caramel center of that magical cake, we bought it so that we could sing to Pao Pao a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Afterwards, we ravaged the cake like it was a defenseless unicorn. HA!

While we were having coffee, Manong Fred's SUPER nice and SUPER cool cousins dropped by to join us in the dessert and chika!

I forgot what we were talking about basta we were laughing A LOT.


Things so much for the ROVILIAZ treat Team Mina!

Belated Happy Birthday Pao Pao!



175-C Doña Soledad Avenue, 
Near Paranaque Doctors Hospital, 
Don Bosco, Parañaque City
02 8313193


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