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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Marianne, the daughter of my TAPE INC., friend Tita Flory, was recently in the country for a mini-vacation from India. You might remember her from the wedding we attended in Tagaytay Highlands, and the Tita's of Tape Inc (myself included) love her as our grown-up daughter as well.

So it's no question that during her stay, I invited to treat her out to a restaurant of her choice.

Me: "So what are you craving for Marianne?" (Hoping for it to be Italian, Japanese, or even American).

Marianne: "Filipino sana Tita".

Me (HALA -- I just ate Filipino food non-stop from our Undas vacation in Lucena) : "Are you sure? Aren't you sawa na from Filipino food from your house? We could go for something else if you want."

Marianne: "No Tita. Filipino sana because whenever I'm out with my friends/family they always treated me to Italian, American, Japanese cuisine, that I haven't had a real chance to eat Filipino."

Me (Oops! And I was planning to do the same thing): "Ha ha ha ha! Okay! So Filipino it is, then!"

And based on reviews on which restaurant serves delicious Filipino food in UP Town Center, we ended up in PINAC!


PINAC is popular in serving heirloom Capamcapanga cuisine and we all know how Capampangans love cooking because it shows in their delicious food!

There were a good number of diners in PINAC that night. Good thing that we made reservations for dinner.

We were supposed to be seated at that corner table but it was so cold so we settled by the couch instead.

Love the fresh colors of PINAC that is bordering on native but still looked chic!


Tita Grace and Tita Florie!

(Too bad Tita Josie cannot join us :( ) 

Carol and that Lion Guy.

(SERIOUSLY. What gives THE WALKING DEAD??? Your season sucks!)

And the special guests that night, the cuties Marianne and Alyanna!

Ordering up!

Besides their ala carte dishes, PINAC had a simple buffet that was only for P350.00 per person.

I'd say this is a pretty good deal if you want to taste most of their specialties!

Tita Florie and Tita Grace were thinking of the same thing.

PINAC Tortang Balasenas!

Tita Grace loved this and got seconds!

PINAC Chicken Pastel!

I always see this in Filipino fiestas. He he he he he he!

PINAC Kare Kare!

This looked awesome especially with the thick peanut based gravy and blanched vegetables.

PINAC Crispy Pata!

Of course, when there's Kare Kare, there would always be Crispy Pata!

PINAC Callos!

PINAC Chicken Skin!

And for dessert, TURON!

Tita Flory liked the food selection in the buffet and said she ate more than she should've that night.



PINAC Sisig (P155.00)!

The PINAC sisig was very meaty and the fried fat added a certain creaminess to the whole dish. The raw onions and chili gave bites of delightful crunch and texture to each spoonful!

Dear Alyanna had the Angus Beef Salpicao (P359.00)!

The cubes of Angus beef were tender and the mushroom gravy was simmered in seasoning and loads of garlic.

So yum with a cup of piping hot white rice or buttered noodles!

As for me and the Yubhub, we were not really planning to eat a lot because it's a weekday so we just ordered the PINAC combo meals.

The Chinese Dimpol had the PINAC Chicken Barbecue Meal (P199.00) with soup, plain rice, and iced tea!

If you ask me, PINAC combo meals are very sulit! Look at the size of that barbecue!

As for me, I still had my usual Sisig (P199.00)! I told you it's my favorite!

I loved that there's fried egg on top of my garlic rice. Because gooey fried egg makes everything better!

To make my Pork Sisig more exciting, I added chopped chilis at every bite. Sarap!!!!

I don't think I need to tell you how I nearly wiped out my order.

"Nearly" because I was seriously trying to diet! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Tita Flory, Tita Grace, Alyanna, and Marianne!


For dessert, the kiddies ordered PINAC Flat Top Smores (255.00)!

At first we thought nothing of it because why would we want to stuff ourselves with baked marshmallows?

Then the magic happened...

Underneath all that gooey and creamy marshmallows were rich melted fudge chocolate!


Sweet dreams are made of these indeed!

Our PINAC bill!!!!

It was lovely seeing you and chatting with you again dear Marianne! Don't let your Mom and the Titas of Tape miss you too much.... Please come back real soon!!!

2/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave.,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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