Wednesday, March 9, 2016


One weekend, the YAPPY BUNCH traveled to the South to meet up with BGP Marian, Manong Fred, dear Donna, and Kuya Mike for some great food and good times.

Now this  may also be known as....


ROVILIAZ is this cozy restaurant in Betterliving Paranaque that serves delicious Filipino comfort food at very reasonable prices.

Manong Fred says that sometimes you need to make an advance order of ROVILIAZ' barbecues because they easily run out of stock come night time. 

If you plan on dining here, better come early. ROVILIAZ gets packed of hungry diners that you may have to be on the wait list!

And finally our big group gets a table!


The ugly guys -- Yub, Manong Fred (I think), and Koya Mike.

The Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Ladies -- Hottie Donna, Hottie BGP Marian, and SUPER HOTNESS TO THE OMG LEVEL, ME!

Little BGPs (Best Guy Pals) Cutie Andrei and Cutie Paopao!

And our handsome little guy, Master Mati!

Please ignore the fingers, the arms, and the annoying guy doing the fish lips.



ROVILIAZ menu 1!!

ROVILIAZ menu 2!!

ROVILIAZ also cooked up specials for the day that is not in their regular menu. You could find these dishes on the wall.

The very hungry bunch!

Manong Fred called ahead to reserve some Pork Barbecue for us (P25.00 per stick). 

With just one bite, I understood what the fuss was about. Each morsel was juicy, so tender, and very flavorful. It seemed like it was marinaded for many hours! So perfect with fluffy steamed rice! YUMMERS!

One of my favorite food is Kare Kare (P295.00) and upon seeing it in ROVILIAZ I immediately made a suggestion to order it. As much as I loved this popular Filipino dish, I cannot finish it by my lonesome. Good thing that the BGP also loved this so we would usually share it when we're double dating with the boys.

As for the Yubhub, he went for the ROVILIAZ Grilled Liempo (sharing P340.00) and attacked it once it landed on the table. I can't blame him because the chops were fatty and had the right smokey flavor to it.

And since we're in a Filipino restaurant, we cannot help but order a sizzling plate of their Pork Sisig (P165.00)!

Barbecue? Kare Kare? Liempo??? Sisig???? Pork overload you mean? We don't care! These all tasted soooooooo devilishly delicious!!!!

And if that wasn't enough, somebody still ordered a ROVILIAZ plate of Lechon Kawali!!!!

My heart! My beating fat heart!

To cut all that porkiness going on, Master Mati had his favorite Calamares (P140.00). He feasted on these crunchy goodness with an extra order of garlic rice! 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and friends in ROVILIAZ!!!!

My plate! My pork overload PLATE!

Shy but hungry guy friends!

Chew! Chew! Ngasab! Ngasab!

My hungry Master Mati!


Food in ROVILIAZ had servings that were good to share and all of the dishes that we ordered were THE BOMB! We certainly forgot all of our diets that night and ate like pigs (pun sort of intended)

Like they said, once you go Pork you'll eat like an Orc!

Tee hee! That's terrible I know!

Our ROVILIAZ bill!

As usual for every end of the meal, the little lords rushed to their daddy for a hug!

Yeah! Like I care (sniff sniff!)

The kiddies may have some ice cream for dessert. As for us ladies, we had chika and something else....

ORANGE MOCHA FRAPUCCINOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(All Hail Zoolander!)


We went to BGP Marian and Manong Fred's place for coffee, dessert, and LOTS of chika!!!

While we did THAT, the little boys played to the maximum level as well!

They even treated us to some Swiss Chocolate Cake by Becky's Kitchen (available in ROVILIAZ!)

Oooooh... So excited to eat this!

Here's hoping though that Mike hasn't drooled on it yet.

I super enjoyed coffee and chika session with BGP Marian and dear Donna because we exchanged Mommy and kiddie tips that we all learned a lot from. BGP Marian said they should be the ones taking lessons from me since my kids are older. I however felt that everyone's on equal ground here since we all love our children and we are all willing to share our learnings on mommyhood.

YUP! No contests, no "yabangans", and no comparisons galore! We are anyway very happy with how we are and want to share that with our friends!!!!



It was truly a great night of pigging out in ROVILIAZ!!!! I'm happy that if we are craving for some Filipino comfort food that is easy on the budget, we know that we have a great hub to go to if we are in the South!


177 Dona Soledad Avenue, 
Better Living Subdivision,
 Parañaque, 1711 Metro Manila
(02) 831 3193

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