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Sunday, August 25, 2019


When we go out of the country, looking for our hotel accommodations is very important. Before when it was just me and the Yub, we're fine wherever it was cheap. However when the little lords arrived, we became very particular with the cleanliness, security, AND safety of where we're going to stay. Of course, price was still very much a factor (HELLOOOOO we're proudly kuripots... ha ha ha ha) and it's great that we're still able to find accommodations with those qualifications. He he he he he he!

For our recent KOREA trip, we availed the services of a travel agency so we were at their mercy when it comes to our hotel. They gave us the name and upon checking their site online, it was just okay. I mean, we'd prefer somewhere else, but this was what's included in our package and I think it's near the touristy district of Korea.

Lo and behold, when we arrived in Korea, we were informed by our guide that there have been changes in our accommodations. Instead of hotel X, we will now be staying at RAMADA ENCORE by WYNDHAM. She proudly stated that it's a 4 star hotel (as opposed to Hotel X which was only 3 stars) and it recently opened. The only drawback was that it was SOOOOO far from our touristy places (think a 1 hour drive everyday) that whatever plans we made were going to change.

At first we were all peeved with the change in location. However, when we got to the hotel, we appreciated all the space and the sosy wosy interiors (compared to Hotel X). And yes, it may be far from the tourist spots but at least we get an additional hour's sleep in the bus everyday before getting to our destination (this was perfect because we always wake up early for the "call time").

Sharing with you our hotel stay in KOREA! This just goes on to prove though that in whatever obstacles (or changes) that come in your life, you should still learn to make the best of it and appreciate everything. O di ba, we were still all happy in the end.



We arrived late because being at the farthest side in Korea (tee hee) it was our last agenda for the day.

Checking in!!!!

We had a really good day as we were able to visit a lot of places. The thought of plopping ourselves onto a soft bed is what dreams are made of. He he he he he he!


The RAMADA ENCORE lounge area!

The hotel doesn't allow bringing in outside food or drinks to be consumed here. I'm sure hotel guests before who did this didn't clean up after themselves afterwards. 


Yehess!!! Our room!!!!!

The little guys stayed in the room next to us.

Our beds!!!!


Kidding! Even if we requested the Yub and I to have a Queen Bed from our agent, we were still given THIS. It's okay, the other bed will be for our things. He he he he he he!

Yup! It may not be obvious (from our size) but the Yub and I fit in 1 twin sized bed!

TV and table!

At first I was wondering what these were. Turns out, these plastic tubs were safety kits for emergencies. 


Mini-fridge and coffee....

(They refill coffee, tea, and water per day).


NO BIDET! So pack your own sosy MUJI tabo (or empty mineral water bottle).

There's the sink...

And the shower!

Toilet stuff were always replenished too!


Hala I don't have lipistik na!!! So tired kasi.

I visited the boys room and look at them all relaxed and happy. Since they're bigger now, they usually have their own room na.

At first I was hesitant to do this (in another country) but they followed my strict instructions to double lock their doors and to not open it for anyone except us. They also didn't need any sort of wake up call because they set up their alarms at the time I told them. 

YAYYYY! Time to sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day....

Here's our hotel room view!

We all got up early to take baths and have our breakfast in their restaurant downstairs.

NICE!!!! Not too shabby!

The breakfast buffet!!!!!

Cereal Station!

Juice Station!

Bread and spreads station!

Hot soup station!

Oops... This was congee. He he he he he he!

Coffee, Tea, and Water station!

Hot meals station!

Oooh... I love the look of their Scrambled Eggs! Scrambled Eggs are my favorite!!!! I cannot NOT have breakfast without Scrambled Eggs! I could have it EVERYDAY!

(Careful what you wish for Jaz....)

Fried Sweet Pork.... Meh.

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce.

Banchan Station!


Spinach in Sesame Oil (I love this too!)

Getting our grub on!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys having breakfast!!!!

A little later, Anings parents and her brother went down for breakfast. 

My first plate of food!

Syempre excited pa sa buffet.

The bunsoy Andrei had cereal while the Master Mati had no trouble filling up his plate. 

Me and the Yubhub.

Ganda ng kilay ko no? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I told the baby bunsoy to eat more because I'm not sure what time lunch would be (yesterday we were late).

We went back to the room to freshen up and get our things for our 2ND DAY IN KOREA!!!!

Then, we're ready to go!

First stop was this Korean Ginseng place where they offered us this drink that's supposed to be good for us. Sorry to pricey!

Up next we went to PETIT FRANCE!

Lunch at this Korean Barbecue Place

Then it's NAMI ISLAND!

And a bit of city touring!

Dinner was at this restaurant serving Pork in Vegetable Soup!!!!!

It was good but the kiddies were still hungry so we had our first visit to the nearby Korean convenience store.

Then it's nighty night for us!

Not without a snack of course.... Ha ha ha ha ha!

The next day....

EGAD I'm still sleepy. But we have to get up and get ready for another day of exploring KOREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I'm so proud of the little guys!

Initially I was worried that they'll have a hard time getting ready (without me barking at them) but as it turns out, they were so prompt and fast too!!!

When I called Andrei via Facebook messenger, he already finished taking a bath and was all dressed up. He was just watching youtube videos while the master Mati was getting ready.

Awwwwww... They really don't need me anymore.

Like my kilay??? Precise no???

Going down for brekky!!!!

Awwww... Look at my bunsoy dressed up like a Hawaiian boy.

Food was all the same except that some were replaced with these...

Vermicelli Noodles fried and wrapped in Nori.

Kimchi Raddish!

This clear soup with loads of mustard leaves.

Let's EATY!

My plate!!!!

I thought there was meat in the Fried Nori there but there ISN'T. He he he he! My breakfast loving self just had to contend with some Scrambled Eggs and Banchan with my rice.

I felt a bit "bitin" and had another plate of toast with eggs.

Time to gozers!

First stop was the famous Charm and Charm store where tourists are offered these beauty products.

Next up was this other store for tourists where we were offered vitamins for the liver.

Nada! We didn't buy!!!!!!!!!

Then it's EVERLAND YAY!! We only had about 5 hours stay there which was still not enough because rides would normally have a one hour wait (in our case, 2 hours!!!!).

In EVERYLAND we headed straight to our late lunch (it was already about 2pm... Yep. Our hotel is so far kasi). 

For dinner, we had some mighty delishes Korean Barbecue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got back to our hotel about 9:00pm na!

We didn't go out that night and just decided to stay in.

Master Mati bought some noodles and drinks though before heading up. I told him to eat in our room.

When he left, kami naman ang magdedessert...


Kidding. We really just had dessert... of POKI (the Japanese pretzels ah).

The next day.....

We were down early for our usual breakky!!!

However, we were made to go to this function room for breakfast. I really don't know why.

It's all good kaso almost the same food was served ha ha ha ha ha!

Again, they replaced some of the dishes like with this Corn Salad.

Well the Fried Pork is back again!


I was getting tired of the usual Egg and Rice meal that I just planned to have Toast with my coffee.

However, when I asked for their toaster, they pointed to this microwave oven. This was the only one they have that morning and it was not even plugged!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

So it's back to Eggs and Fried Rice for me....

I'm starting to get tired of Scrambled Eggs.

The bus was already waiting for us at the side of the road.

First stop was this vitamins store again for our blood vessels. 

(Yep. They're really doing a LOT of selling.)

And an Amethyst store!

Then the Nori museum!!!!

We then tried out some Korean costumes. 

Lunch was this big ass Pork bone soup and Bibimbap!

Then went to Gang Nam!!!!!!

We didn't really want to go to the Duty Free shop (because we'd rather do some sight seeing) but our guide said we HAVE to go because it's part of the itinerary. If we don't follow our schedule, the establishments will reprimand our guide.

It's all good yun lang we saw our guide buying while we just waited. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

FINALLY our favorite part... Myeongdong for some street foods!

Yun lang it rained grrrr!!!!

For our last night in Korea 2019, we had some Ginseng Chicken!!!!

You'd think we were all tired from that super full day but NOT REALLY. Check out Andrei doing some push-ups pa!!!!!

We spent our last night in Korea 2019 having cake and coffee with Team Virrey!

Even if we've been together for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time, we always have something to chat about!

Same for the boys!!!

Thankful that they're all good buddies too!

When the Yub and I returned to our room, I had my favorite snacks again before going to sleep. 

Something tells me that even dear Hampy was making muni muni... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The next day, we got up extra early to fix our things because we will be checking out in an hour.

When we got down for brekky, we were surprised that there were a LOT of people eating with us at this time. Normally it's just us.

My last breakfast in Korea 2019.

Egad, I would NEVER thought that the day will come where I will get tired of scrambled eggs.

Good thing that I loved the Kimchi!

We went back up for our traditional photo session! He he he!

Come on little guys!!! They were sad to leave their room. 

Bye RAMADA room 824!!!!

Same goes for us!

Good bye room 825!!! Thanks for giving us a super comfy stay!

Syempre we won't leave without doing our favorite drunk shot first!

Hall shot!!!!

Time is limited so we only had unti pictures.

Come on bags!!!!!

Bye rooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlike in Manila (where you could collect it), RAMADA is very strict with the surrendering of key cards.

While we were on our way to the airport, the hotel called our guide to inform her that room XXX did not surrender their keycards. That made us all nervous. Good thing that after she checked room XXX belongs to another group. 

Grabe. If we were the ones who forgot to surrender our keycards, not only would we pay a penalty but we would really have to go back to do so. Ngiiii!

The boys waited outside because our bus was late. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Time to go... Huhuhu...

BYE RAMADA ENCORE!!! Even if you're far from civilization, we enjoyed our stay there!!!!!

Do I recommend RAMADA ENCORE?

If you don't mind the 1 hour travel going to the usual tourist areas, then YEAH! The hotel had low rates (probably because of the distance) yet it had good and clean facilities. Breakfast may get tiring but at least it's edible naman (plus you could buy at the convenience store about 2 streets away). The hotel is located in a place where there's not a lot of buildings (and people) that you would always feel relaxed. If we were not tired from the day's tour then we would most likely go for long walks. 

Yep! Even with the minor setbacks, we still enjoyed our our stay in RAMADA ENCORE! It was indeed a super relaxing and comfy place to sleep in after a looooong day of going around Korea. 

Would you guys believe there's also RAMADA ENCORE in Manila?? Didn't know that! He he he he!!!!



169 Arayuk-ro, Gochon-eup, Gimpo-si, 
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Phone: +82 2-582-0700



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