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Wednesday, August 21, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in KOREA and besides the sights, the shopping, and bonding, we were also in this K-pop dominated country for another thing...


And though we were confined to what was included in our travel group, we still enjoyed the authentic Korean grub served to us.

Check out part two of this very tasty tripping!!!!

ENJOY!!! We know we did! He he he he he!

For our 3rd day in Korea, we finally went to Everland!

After the very short visit to Everland, we set out for dinner....



Like in our other meals, we went to a restaurant that was probably "suki" to tour groups.

2 tables were allotted for our group: here's table A....

And table B!!!

The restaurant had a "get all you can" style and there was a long table for the marinated meats.

We had pork, spicy pork, chicken, spicy chicken, beef, and spicy beef!

The grill plus banchan and condiments were already waiting at the table when we arrived. 

I LOOOOOVED the banchan in this restaurant. Pwede na din ulam! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

If you want more, just get from the aluminum table by the wall.

Time to start grilling!

The boys already had a plate full of grilled meats and started eating early.

That sliced pork steak was mighty good!!!!

The meats cooked fast so we all had hot piping barbecue in a jiffy.

Our very full table. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I really enjoyed this dinner!

The other side was doing very well.

Andrei is already halfway through his rice. Yay!

I ate rice but I also ate my barbecue my favorite way -- with lettuce, kimchi, garlic, bean paste, and chili!!!!!

Nom... Nom.... 

We also grilled enoki mushrooms too and it was SOOOOOOOOOO yum!!!!!

DONE.... well almost. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Korean Barbecue y'all!!!

We actually wanted to eat more but our tour guide made us go. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

That's the thing with joining tour groups, your time is SOOOOO limited!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day, we played dressed up at this costumes place.

Then visited this Nori Making museum!

We got free samples of their Nori! Yummmm!!!!!!

The Androse also got some of this delicious white rabbit yoghurt. 

(For our very detailed day 4, check out our blogpost coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Lunch time! WOHOOO!

Place was empty! I guess we're the only ones booked here.

(Or we arrived late? I dunnow. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

Table A...

Table B....

Banchan was simple but was still very nummy.

On our way to the restaurant, we were made to choose from 2 main dishes:

Here's the Pork Bone Soup. Humongous I know. 

Veggie Bibimbap with all the trimmings!

This is what I got.

Andrei and the Yub got the pork bone soup because he didn't like veggies. He was able to eat this because the meat was tender.  My bunsoy got surprised with the size too!

He loved tearing off the tender meat from the bone.

Yayyy! He finished his rice too!

Yummmmm Bibimbap!

I'm soooo carnivorous but I really enjoyed this.

The Bibimbap was extra good with a generous drizzle of their spicy red sauce.

Since the pork bone was sooo big my bunsoy was not able to finish it. 

Syempre, I'm always there to help out my boys. He he he heh e!


What a delicioso lunch!

Everyone enjoyed it!!!!

After our enjoyable lunch, we went to Gangnam Mall!!!!!!!

There, my Master Mati struck gold and was able to see The Gundam Base!!!!

We did a bit of shopping then it's time to go to one of the places our tummy's been SO excited to go to...


Myeongdong are streets of specialty stores and food stalls.

Myeongdong street foods are a must-try in Korea. They serve a variety of grub that truly showcases their country's culture. 


Their streetfoods are not priced like our pork barbecue or isaw ha? Some are priced at about P600 each (I kid you not). But promise it's worth a try.

YUN LANG GRRRRRRRRR! Nabudolbudol ata ako sa Nori Museum because I almost drained our Korean money there!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!

Myeongdong doesn't accept credit card pa naman. Huhuhu!

First stop is this spicy chicken with rice cake stall!

It was MIGHTY good!!!! Yummers!!!!!!!

(Sorry but we weren't able to take a lot of pictures because it was raining so hard then.

Oh and the vendor looks like KEN CHAN. Ha ha ha ha!

Next stop is one of the streetfoods that I'm REALLY raring to try....

The lobster with cheese!!!!!!!!!!

First up they burn the tops of the lobster for that charred effect.

After putting a generous topping of mozzarella cheese, they put the lobster under a different kind of oven.

Then voila! It's done!

The lobster roll was SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! However, you may have to shell out South Korean Won 15,000 (P656.07). 

Yes, kinda pricey I know. For me though it was worth it for this one time try. He he he he he!!!! 

Yun lang dami ko kahati! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! After it came out of the grill the little lords got a whiff of it and had several bites!!!! They actually finished the whole thing!

It's okay. You know the life of Mommies -- "isusubo mo na lang ibibigay mo pa sa mga anak mo." It's okay really because seeing their eager faces as they savored the lobster made it all worth it. Ang cute cute nila (especially Andrei because he rarely eats with gusto). OMIGERRRRRRRRRRD!!!!!

The Yub got himself a corndog with cheese!

While the master Mati had a small tub of Korean Rice Cakes or Tteokbokki!

It was raining hard so whenever we bought something either we eat at the actual stall or take cover in this nearby mall.

I told Yub that I will just HAVE TO GET authentic Jajameong because I read that it is SO far from the instant kind.


And yep, the instant version was NOTHING compared to this!!!! 

The sauce had that appetizing woodsy and soy flavors. Similar to our sweet spaghetti but more meaty and savory.


The Yub and I ran out of Korean won na (thanks budol budol Nori Strips... ha ha ha ha) but good thing we still had room for these fish cakes!!!!

The Androse loved Fish Cakes and opted to get the not spicy one.

I don't watch Koreanovelas but I always see this in youtube food compilations, so yeah, I wanted to try it. 

And it was indeed sooooo good! Again, the pickled ones that we often get in Korean restaurants here pales in comparison. This had a softer texture with mild and clean flavors.

Glad we were able to get this!!!!!

The Aning also let me try this potato twirl dusted with barbecue flavoring. Super good too! Kaso we don't have won na... 

There was still a slight drizzle after we finished eating. But that didn't stop us from playing. He he he he he he! (You'll see in our Day Four next blog post!!!!)

For our last dinner in our Korea trip this year we went to this restaurant serving Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup!!!!!!!!

The restaurant had many floors and it was all full! I guess this really is a popular spot here.

Table A...

Table B!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hmmm... This is my first time to see noodles. We were instructed to put it in our soup.

Our guide also instructed us to take a sip of this Korean alcohol (sorry forgot the name) before eating the chicken for that full effect!

We each got a pot of super bubbling and boiling soup with 1 whole chicken!

We put the noodles in the soup and it instantly cooked!!!!

The boys waited for their soup to cool down which, from the looks of it, is not anytime soon. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ayan.... Finally!

My pot stopped boiling but it was still super hot!

When I pierced the super tender meat of the chicken and split it open, there was rice inside.

Hmmmm.... Not my favorite among our meals in Korea but I don't hate it. He he he he he he he! Even in the Philippines I'm not very fond of Ginseng Chicken when my brother orders it. 

Done! Grabe I have a lot of leftovers. Sayang, if only I could take it home to my cat GBF (Giant Beardo Face).

After our soupy meal that warmed up our tummies, we sang an advanced Happy Birthday song to BB Aning! (Cake was from Judy, our tour guide).

Come night time, we had a mini-birthday celebration of cake and coffee for dear Aning in our hotel room. It's also our last night in Korea (for this trip) getogether.


And then it was time to go!!!! HUHUHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our last official meal in Korea was a before-flight snacks of Taco Bell in the airport. He he he he he he he!!!!

Let's just say for all the delicious Korean food that we've had in the the country, we want a change. He he he he he!

But yes, like I mentioned in the first post, we went to Korea with loads of hopes in eating all the local food that we wanted but it was all shattered when we were told how the tour group restos were lame.

So we were not really expecting a lot but we were all pleasantly surprised that we enjoyed the food that was served during our trip!

At least, when we return we know what to expect and where to go.

Next time though, we won't be needing the help of a tour group, I'm sure all restaurants serve the same food that we savored. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

I'm happy too that the little lords ate a lot in our trip to Korea. I was initially worried that my boys, especially the bunsoy, will find the food too spicy or different from what they normally eat. But they all enjoyed the experience and I'm proud to declare that my bunsoy had a full tummy everytime!

So yay! Success for all!!!! He he he he he he!

To be perfectly honest, save for the streetfoods in Myeongdong, most of the Korean food that we had tasted similar to what we have in the Philippines. But that doesn't mean that we didn't enjoy it. We noticed the big difference in the quality and freshness of the ingredients. An example of this is how Master Mati and the bunsoy Andrei really chomped on the sticky rice even if it's only from eateries. Yun pa lang, ganadong ganado na! He he he he he he he!!!!

Another proof is, sorry to add this is that usually when we eat Kimchi here in the Philippines, my tummy will grumble like crazy later and I have to dash for the nearest restroom. But in Korea, my tummy was also on vacation and just accepted anything I put into it -- EVEN THE KIMCHI. So yay!!!! 

There you go! We were successful in the foodie department for our Korean trip. To think that we were SO worried!!!!!!!! He he he he he!

Hope to be able to come back soon and have MORE of the grub that Korea has to offer!!!!





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