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Monday, August 5, 2019


It's Day Three of our "SOOO EXCIIITEED KOREA TRIP" and I think THIS is the day that the kids looked so much forward to!!!!

We're going to EVERLAND!!!!!

But of course, we gotta go through our "usuals". He he he he he!



Just had the usual scrambled eggs and Kimchi with my rice.

We all boarded the bus and got our usual reminders from our tour guide Judy!

The boys loved our driver because he was always smiling and pogi!!

As much as we were raring to go to EVERLAND, we had to pass by the usual offers that's included in group tour packages.

First is the ever popular Charm and Charm where we'll be offered loads of skin care products I'm sure.

(Hindi naman kami bibili... ha ha ha ha)

Love hamming it up though.


Hay... If only I like Koreanovelas, this would have more meaning.

There was a demonstration of the products that we were all required to listen to. Later on, I got bored and left. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Don't get me wrong, they make a VERY convincing sales pitch but since it's priced at 5 figures (average), NO WAY!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Aning is on the dark side na... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Go Aning!

While waiting for the others, I just went down and played with the boys.

Got them sodas too!

Si Mati naman nagpapicture outside. Hay my binata talaga.

Next stop is this store called Dawon that sold vitamins good for the liver.

We were supposed to buy but once again, IT WAS SOOO PRICEY!!!

"No dice." Yub said.

And finally, we're HERE!!

Noooo... This is not the "Tuli Festival!" He he he he he!

We're in EVERLAND!

Got our tickets!


We're so happy to be here. Yun lang upon entering there was A LOT of people. Hay. Will 5 hours be enough???


We were given meal stubs for our lunch and we all decided to go for the first kid-friendly spot that we saw...

Yup. Pizza!!!!

It was quite good!!! Yun lang we lost an hour because since our pizzas came our 45 minutes after. He he he he he...

We all walked around and thought of going to the Zootopia adventure in EVERLAND.

As much as we wanted to check out the other places, we might lose time.

If we went somewhere else we wouldn't have seen this lazy gorilla having the time of his life. He he he he he...

We also saw some Tigers!

I bet the tigers were like "Egad... Pictures again? Let me strike a pose."

The Yub got a bit hungry and got a small bucket of popcorn.

We all decided to just go for something that everyone in the family would appreciate so we lined up for the LOST VALLEY.

Yun lang, the line was like good for 3 hours!!!


It's like this daw for all rides.

It's okay! I'm sure the wait will still be awesome!

The kids got entertained by the animals.

And our pictures... He he he he he he!

The sight of giraffes (even if it was fake) was still something that excited the boys.

Picture with our boys!!!!!!


It's just funny because while we were all so hyper and noisy, the animals we're like "Jeez... Here are the pathetic humans again...."

I think it's their syesta time.

Hullooo familiar face!

Yihiii! We're movin....

Aning and I played around to the embarrassment of the kids.

Yeah we're weird.

Getting closer...

I like how the ride had many interesting spots so that it won't be so boring while lining up.

Sabagay, it won't be so boring naman especially that I'm with my boys!!!

My bunsoy baby asked me to sit with him.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! I get teary eyed when he makes those requests (because he chose me even if he had friends around).

Here's our ride!


The bunsoy baby and I had a very good view!

We're so near the tour guide too.

(She spoke in Korean only so she didn't help us much. Ha ha ha ha ha)


Birds? Hmmm...

(Huli ka balbon...He he he he

I wonder who's that in front again?)

Wow! Giraffes and Zebras!

We saw one REALLY up close!

Don't be fooled, this guy has a VERY long tongue.

Cute but terrifying!

The kiddies eagerly awaited what's next.


And it's done!

Our waiting time might be hours long compared to the actual ride itself but we're all glad that we were able to experience this with the whole group. It was so fun!

We were nearing our meet-up time that Master Mati asked if he could ahead to check out the gift shop we saw at the entrance. I said I'd accompany him and left Yub with the Androse.

Egad... The walk going back was all uphill that I was panting like a sorry ass pig.


As in imagine, Homer Simpson after a marathon. That's me.

It didn't help pa that the place was so crowded. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We finally got to the entrance and I told Mati I'll sit outside while he shopped.

When he finished, we ate some hotdogs and drank ice cold drinks!


As for the Androse and Yub, HAY NAKO!!

When the Yub nodded in agreement I thought he understood that he'll look after Andrei as I went ahead with Mati. Naku, he left the bunsoy with Team Virrey and checked out something.

My poor bunsoy thought his Daddy was waiting for him because that's what I said.

Hay naku! Guys talaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neglected child ata tong asawa ko e!!!!


Wawa Andrei!

It's okay. No permanent emotional damage there. I think he enjoyed pa hanging out with Team Virrey. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

See? He's sad to go.

Time to exit!

Somebody got sentimental because it's the brand of shirt he was wearing when he first met Aning! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

For dinner, we had Korean barbecue!

When we got back to the room the bed was all made up. Haaaay... After hours upon hours of standing today, lying down on our soft fluffy beds deserved a number in my bucket list. He he he he he!

The little lords stayed in the next room but for our goodnight munchies, I told the Master Mati to eat with us so that their room won't get stinky winky.

And that was that.

The places we went to today we're not as many as the previous ones but we all went home happy.

Hopefully we'll go back to EVERLAND and get to try out more rides. But for now, we'll just be contented with the thought that as long as you're with the happy kind of people, going to whatever place and doing whatever thing (like waiting) still makes it all worthwhile.


More on come on SOO EXCIIITTEDDD KOREA day 4!!!!!




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