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Thursday, July 26, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH are having a HOLIDAY INN AND SUITES staycation and we are enjoying every minute with the boys!

Of course, part of that "enjoying every minute" is eating. That's why even if we were all soooooooo snug and comfy in our soft beds, we all got up and got down for breakfast! 

Let's go! I'm hungry!

Yup! Even if it's breakfast, we always change into something decent and presentable. It may be trivial to some but we believe in giving respect to the food and to others by not being sloppy bedheads.


And here we are at FLAVORS RESTAURANT!

As expected, FLAVORS was full with other hotel guests enjoying their breakfast food.

We decided to get a table at this side for more peace and privacy. He he he he he!

My Master Mati is very listo. You don't need to urge him to go out and feed himself because he'll find his OWN way! Ha ha ha ha ha! While taking pictures, I saw that he already lined up!

That's my guy!!!!

FLAVORS Salad Station!

I think I'm one of the few who enjoys salad with their breakfast. He he he he he!

There's also a Yoghurt Station if you want something light for brekky.

FLAVORS Continental Breakfast Station!

Coffee and Tea Station!

Cereal Station!

FLAVORS Bread Station!

Yummmm... Freshly baked and ready for a generous slather of butter, jam, or cream cheese, for my tummy!!!!!

FLAVORS Pancakes and Waffles Station!

My bunsoy will definitely go for this!

FLAVORS Japanese Station!

There are no raw options here because they offer the special sushi and sashimi for brunch.

The little lords were initially disappointed but they moved on with the other delicious options from the buffet.

FLAVORS Hot Station!

Hungarian Sausage!

Chicken Adobo!


Crispy Danggit!

Yayyyy!!!!! This is my super favorite when it comes to buffets!

Since he's a growing boy (he he he he) my handsome teenager immediately filled up his plate with brekky food!

Lugaw with toppings!

Hmmmm... I'll think about it.

More hot breakfast grub!

Scrambled Eggs!

Crispy Bacon!

Assemble your own noodle soup!

Don't forget the toppings.

There's also taho!

Yayyy!!!! The bunsoy will definitely be happy with this!

FLAVORS Drink Station!

Chilled fresh juices for that fruity gulps with our hot breakfast!

FLAVORS Fruit Station!

Perfect! My pogi husband loves fruits!

After filling up our plates, it's back to the table for us to enjoy our food.


Master Mati, Bunsoy Andrei, and their cutie cousins Isha and Hiley!

Syoti and Hennie!

Ivy, Allan, and photobomber Andrei! He he he he!

Mama and Aaren!

Mary and Matthew Crawley!


Now let's eat!

My delicious first of many plates in FLAVORS RESTAURANT!!!!

The YAPPY BUNCH really enjoyed our breakfast in FLAVORS RESTAURANT! Not only was the food so delicious but service was top notch! While I was looking at the buffet and asked (or merely inquired) if they will be serving Tocino, the chef cooked me up a plate and delivered it to our table piping hot!!!!! We also appreciate how much the restaurant was very kid-friendly and didn't charge diners 12 years below (as opposed to other hotels who would bill you for half rate).

So sulit!!! This is one of our most favorite hotel breakfasts to date!!! Looking forward to gobbling up more of their delicious food soon on our future staycations!



Lobby Level, Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, 
Glorietta 1, Palm Drive, Ayala Center, 
Glorietta Complex, 
Makati City 1224
02 9090888



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