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Wednesday, August 1, 2018


It was Mother's Day and though my super beautiful (and also smart, kind, generous, epitome of a lady, mahinhin, mabango, sees the good in everybody (but is fierce when wronged), devoted wife, dedicated mother, dependable daughter, THE BEST grandmother, loving friend, a real "ilaw ng tahanan", puts family FIRST over ANYTHING/ANYONE, truthful, has table manners of a royal, practical, simple, queen of inner beauty, etc etc.) Mommy didn't ask for anything (and even offered to pay), the Yub and I insisted on treating her out and the family for Sunday lunch (to spare her from cooking as well). When deciding where to go, she mentioned our usual restaurants in Powerplant Mall (where we'll hear mass). But we thought that it'd be nice to go somewhere new for the family to try out where it's not too crowded and the food delicious.

With that we remembered ALTA BY RELIK because the Yub and I really loved the dishes when we recently ate there with friends. It was located Santolan Mall Plaza and since it was a fairly new mall, it wouldn't be too crowded compared to the other more popular establishments out there.

So for our MOTHER'S DAY lunch, we will be at ALTA BY RELIK! Hopefully my beautiful Mommy will love the food as much as we did.  Of course, it's not as pricey, shoshal, or glamorous like the other restaurants out there. But the food was delicious and, like what my simple Mom always believes, it's the "inside" that matters.



ALTA BY RELIK had more people today than the last time we ate here but it was still fine for us. Good thing too that I called ahead for reservations.


Mommy and Kuya Jon!

Me, my bunsoy Andrei, and THE PIMPLES.

Master Mati, the Chinese Dimpol, and the tissue paper.

Ordering up!

I asked my Mom what she wanted and she said to get what I had the last time. She trusted my taste daw.


When the food arrived, Andrei led the prayer of thanks. He also asked God to bless his Lola because he loved her.


First dish on the table is a plate of ALTA Caesar Salad (P208.00). Like me, my Mom loved veggies and I got this because I remembered how much FRANNYWANNY enjoyed this.

It was a delish starter because the greens were crisp and the dressing was light to the taste. 

I also got the ALTA Salmon Belly Sisig (P275.00) because I remembered how my mind was blown at how great it was the last time I had it. I said to myself though that when I returned for it, I'll order TWO and eat it with garlic rice. He he he he he!

It's nice to have goals noh???

The Salmon Belly Sisig was as awesome as I remembered and each hot plate was polished off in a jiffy. It was indeed perfect with the fried tortilla chips.

Master Mati was in the mood for pasta and requested for the Chili Garlic Shrimp (P258.00). Good thing that he wanted this because it also got me curious too.

From the dishes that we ordered this was the most MEH for us: the pasta was not al dente, it was dry, and it just lacked flavor. I don't think we'll get this again.

When I asked my Mommy what to order, she said she's good with anything but she requested for some chicken. The server recommended the ALTA Oven Baked Barbecue Chicken (P475.00) and it was a good choice!

Sorry that the chicken is already a wreck (he he he he). I let them go ahead since I know they're hungry na. He he he he he!

Basta masarap siya. Take my word for it.

Same goes with the pizza... SORRY! Ha ha ha ha!

My bunsoy was already very hungry and kept on wishing for the ALTA Three Cheese Pizza (P325.00). When it arrived, he devoured it like there was no tomorrow. He he he he he!

Of course, when in ALTA, though shall not forget to order their Crispy Kare Kare Bagnet (P475.00)! Don't forget to ask for extra sauce because it's soooo good with the bagoong rice that comes with!

This platter of Filipino favorites all in one plate could satisfy 2 hungry diners (provided that you order extra rice... he he he he he). Sulit na sulit siya!

OMG my fat tummy is gonna explode. MUST. EAT. NA.

When we were in ALTA BY RELIK the last time, I was able to try this Slow Roast Beef Belly (P425.00) and oh my goshness, ang sarap niya!

The meat was tender, the gravy so malinamnan, and the mashed potatoes so buttery and creamy (it's so good you'll eat it with your extra rice... ha ha ha ha).

Winner of a platter! I'll get this AGAIN the next time we're here!

Yun na!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with Mommy and the family in ALTA BY RELIK!

I asked ALTA if they have something special for MOTHER'S DAY and they gave us 2 dishes of their Ube Cake with Cheese Ice Cream!



Ay ako pala. Har de har har.

(Everybody forgot about me na e)


Our bill!!!!!

My Mommy said the food was delicious and already planned to bring my Aunties from the US here when they visit. Yayyy! I'm happy!!!! 

I'm glad that the special lady in my life loved the MOTHER'S DAY lunch that we planned for her. I know it's not enough compared to what she does for us but I'm still thankful that she enjoyed our ALTA BY RELIK treat.

Come to think of it, it's expected that she'll like ALTA BY RELIK because she always appreciates our treats and plans for her. No grand gestures needed. As long as we're there having a great time, she'll mark it as a memorable experience. THAT'S why everybody loves my Mom: like Mary Poppins, she's just practically perfect in every way! 

I'm so proud that she's my Mommy.




Santolan Town Plaza, 
Col. Bonny Serrano Avenue, 
Little Baguio, San Juan City
+63 9173172582




  1. Hi Jaz!
    Nice post as always. I really enjoy reading your shows how much you love your whole family...and food :) Pareho tayo :)
    Btw, you look so young and cute in the last family pic.

    1. Hello dear Cel!!!!

      Thanks soooo much!!! Me naman, I enjoy making it! Since I love recording everything, my blog is really like a diary na. Kaya sometimes even if I wrote something that may be so useless to some, I still include it kasi memories. He he he he he! Ayan, haba haba tuloy.

      Family and food rocks!!! Di ba?? I'm sure your family would also make mannny excuses just to eat out. Ang saya lang kasi. Me I love shopping but i would always pick eating out with the family over it if I have to spend on something. Mas investment talaga ang memories. He he he he he he!

      Uy thank you ah? Angle angle yan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mwah mwah! Hope to hear from you more soon!

      Take care :)


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