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Friday, July 6, 2018


The Chinese Dimpol picked me up from work one night and since it was summer vacation, we thought of kidnapping bunsoy Andrei as well to join us. We called him and he gave us an eager yes. He was getting bored at home and didn't mind waiting a bit just to go to Powerplant Mall.

While we were deciding where to eat, he gave a very enthusiastic suggestion of "Japanese food!" He doesn't like anything else daw -- just Japanese!

Aba! Namili pa ang loko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sya na nga ang sabit!!!

KIDDING!!! We always ask the boys where to eat first.

When we got to Powerplant Mall, we all decided to check out the new wing and saw SUMO SAM. It was more like a chic diner and sported a vibrant look compared to before that it caught my bunsoys attention.

"Mommy, let's eat there na lang!"

Okay fine. I was totally craving for something else but we're going to SUMO SAM! That's the life of a Mom and Dad! He he he he he!

In the end though, we all had fun because we were all laughing and just enjoying the night. Syempre, eagle-eyed Andrei noticed it.

"See? Good thing we ate here! I made a right choice kasi!"

Aba, pinuri pa ang sarili ng loko. Ha ha ha ha ha!!


Anyway, just goes on to show that (even if it's a trivial comparison) Mommies and Daddies would always be behind the choices of their kids. And whatever they choose, it's always going to be an enjoyable experience because they're all together.

Yup! The life of a Mom and Dad! He he he he!

OOPS. I forgot about Mati! May anak pa pala kaming isa!



SUMO SAM in the new wing of Powerplant mall is more casual than the old one.

Tables and chairs  were like from a fast food restaurant too.

I particularly liked this sumo wrestlers in Minecraft form. He he he he.... It added fun and color to the Japanese restaurant.

Ordering up!


Me and the bunsoy Andrei!

The Chinese Dimpol!

First on the table are our plates of Salmon Sushi.

I wanted to try something new so I ordered the SUMO SAM Dynamite Roll (P288.00).

I got 4 pieces of maki topped with chopped salmon drizzled with seasoned mayonnaise. Quite good!

As for bunsoy Andrei, it's always Salmon Sushi for him. He ordered 4 pieces (P73.00 a piece) to answer his cravings.

This was SO scraped clean by my picky eater. He just loves Salmon!

Check out his triumphant smile.

Me and the boys love sushi.

The Chinese Dimpol doesn't share our love for it. Okay lang. MORE FOR US! 

Don't pity him too much because he was quite happy with him SUMO SAM Katsudon (P298.00). 

My husband enjoyed this but since we have senior appetites na, he cannot finish the whole bowl. We shared it na lang.

The baby bunsoy was also craving for Ramen that night.

He ordered the SUMO SAM Tempura Ramen Shoyu (P468.00) with everything on the side.

I wonder if he could finish this????


ERICJAZ FOODIES with baby bunsoy Andrei in SUMO SAM!

Here's my half from the Yub's Katsu don!

I also got a small serving from Andrei's ramen.


The bill!!!!

We had dessert in Krispy Kreme after because we felt like topping all of those carbs with sugar and caffeine.

Yup! That's healthy living for ya.

Good night!



Second Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 7296292 / 02 8957532




  1. hi Ms. Jaz...i missed reading your posts (coz i was on field work for two weeks huhuhu) and now i'm getting hungry again hahahaha :D i would just want to say that I so loovvve japanese food too...too much at hindi po ako nagsasawa ever :D although i did not have a good first time at sumo sam branch at ayala district imus..hehe i am still willing to give them a second chance bwahaha..

    ms jaz pls try the Uma Uma Ramen branch at the Podium (i have tried it the S'Maison Branch but I think Podium is nearer you) won't be disappointed promise hihihi it's 100% MSG free pure umami..i would be very happy reading a blog about Uma Uma Ramen from YOU po..:) <3

    Thank you po for reading my long comment today :D
    Godbless always po mwah

    1. Hi dear Tinemon!!! How are you na??? I missed you!!!!!!

      Uy wow sa field ka na?? Enjoy yan! Yun lang medyo mainit ha ha ha ha pero at least hindi boring your work. Yay! Good for you!!!

      Hay naku me too I looooove Japanese food. I could have it all day! Don't worry I get your review of Sumo Sam. It's not my favorite Japanese restaurant and I've had bad experiences din before but buti in our last dinner, okay naman siya and nagenjoy my bunsoy ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I hope you also have a better meal there next time. He he he he he!

      Ay I haven't tried that but I should!!! I've seen that resto in Podium eh ako laging si eat at our old restaurants. Takot ako minsan magtry kasi ayoko sayang ang pera ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! Sige I'll try it!!! What did you like there???

      Mas mahaba comment ko! Belat! Kidding!!!!!

      You also! Mwah mwah! God bless you and your fam!

  2. Hi again ms jaz:)

    P.S. (hihihi)

    Since i'm kuripot and nagtitipid sometimes, if you can go to the restaurant and eat at an exact time, you can book Uma Uma Podium thru (just select the party size, date and the time when you want to go to the restaurant)
    You can get as much as 50% discount on food but excluding drinks po.

    #waisnamisis tip po yan...hehehe

    1. Hi dear Tinemon!!!!!

      Ang cute ng HI HI HI! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Ay naku pareho tayo... KURIPOTS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ah yeah I've seen Eatigo! I tried it once sa Cibo and sulit na sulit nga siya.

      Great! Thanks for the tip! Will keep that in mind when we go to Uma!

      Thanks thanks again!

      MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH with feelings!


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