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Monday, July 16, 2018


TGIFRIDAYS has been becoming one of our default restaurants when we have a getogether and celebrating something special.

For tonight, we're here again to celebrate the birthday of my pretty inaanak Sasha! And once again, TGIFRIDAYS gave us a delicious and fun night!

When you're here, it always feel like FRIDAYS!

TGIFRIDAYS in Robinsons Galleria!

The place always have available tables and while waiting, the grown-ups could do some shopping.

The restaurant was also located at a spacious area where the kiddies could run around.


ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!

Pareng Jonahs and BB Aning!

Abel and Chel!

Tiana and Dani!

Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun!

Baby Soleil and dear Sasha!

Team Navarro!

The little lords with Team Virrey!

Mary and Matthew Crawley!!!!

YUP! I'm still watching it!

Time to order!

The server looks mean but she's actually very nice!

While waiting, we were given complimentary baskets of tortilla chips with salsa to munch on.

YOHOOO! Our food is here!!!!

As usual, Master Mati had his favorite TGIFRIDAYS Fried Calamari (P395.00). 

This is so good that he'll always eat it with garlic rice.

TGIFRIDAYS Chicken Fingers (P395.00)!!!! One of our usual orders here. We always eat it with rice and ask for extra honey mustard dressing.


As for me, I got the TGIFRIDAYS Sizzling Combo Fajitas (P750.00)! It was my "flavor of the month" that time that i always had it when we eat out.

Yummmm... My Fajita wrap!

As for the others they got..........

TGIFRIDAYS Ballpark Nachos (P695.00)!

FRIDAYS Pork Adobo (P595.00)!

Jack Daniels Pork Chop 2 pcs but split to 2 plates (695.00)!

I'm not a fan of their sweet sauce but Team Virrey always gets it.

Jack Daniels Chicken (P495.00)!

He he he he! Pareng Jonahs' favorite is the corn!

FRIDAYS Madison Flatbread Pizza (P425.00)!

TGIFRIDAYS Cheeseburger Sliders (P595.00)!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our Bawal Panget Group (he he he he he) in TGIFRIDAYS!

Ahem... Bawal Panget ANG UGALI!!!!


The boys' kiddie table.

Later on, we sang to Sasha a Happy Birthday!

I forgot what happened but stern server forgot something from my order that she really apologized. I wasn't expecting anything but she gave me a free dessert to make up for it. Yayyy!!!! 

"Making up" is so sweet! Pun intended!


Our bill!

While the grown ups talked, the kiddies played some more.

Of course, the older boys chatted up na lang near us.

While the younger ones either ran around or took turns playing with somebody's gadget.

Sige. Akin na muna itong baby bully!!!!

Andrei was so thrilled later on to carry Soleil. It was his first time to really carry a baby all by himself.

Awwww.... My very loving Kuya!


Afterwards it's picture taking time! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The ladies....

The lads!

Our BP Group!

Happy Birthday dear Sasha! Ninang loves you! God bless you always you pretty little lady!

See you guys again soon BAWAL PANGET (ang ugali he he he he) GROUP!!!!



Level 2, Robinsons Galleria, 
Ortigas, Quezon City
02 6374802


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