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Friday, July 20, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH had a family staycation in HOLIDAY INN AND SUITES MAKATI  courtesy of Yub's Mom in celebration of her birthday. Of course, my little family is not choosy and is always game for anything especially if it means more bonding time between the four of us. Like we always say, we don't care if a place is dingy or classy -- we're happy as long as we're together.

And with our weekend in HOLIDAY INN AND SUITES MAKATI, we were able to relax, pig-out, swim, snore, get drunk, watch TV, be very lazy, go online, snuggle, chill,  take pictures, fart, LOL to the maximum,...  TOGETHER!


THE YAPPY BUNCH arrived in HOLIDAY INN AND SUITES after treating my Mom for lunch in FLOSSOM KITCHEN + CAFE.

I have a soft spot for hotel dogs and am very interested with their work. In HOLIDAY INN, they have this very friendly doggie who was so eager to play with guests.

Time to check in!!!!

The Front Desk officer in HOLIDAY INN AND SUITES was very friendly and nice. Let's just say that when I made certain requests, she was very considerate and helpful. 

The Yub and family had an easy breezy check in too!!!!!

While Yub was checking in for us, my little lords proceeded to play with their cousin Isha.

Whenever cousin Isha is around, she and Andrei are inseparable. 

Yayyyy!!! Going up!

HOLIDAY INN hallway...

Yup! We're in room 1417!

Yohoo! We're here!!!

Not too shabby!

We will certainly fit on these comfy Queen beds!

Will I go on the left or on the right?

HOLIDAY INN Snack Station...

HOLIDAY INN Work station...


HOLIDAY INN Wash Area....

HOLIDAY INN toiletries!

Uuuuuy! Somebody is making muni muni!

It's going to be another awesome weekend with THE YAPPY BUNCH!!!!

And like what happens everytime we have a staycation....


The HOLIDAY INN pool area was spacious enough for the kiddies!

Good thing that most of the hotel guests are relaxing in their rooms that the kiddies almost have the pool to themselves!!!!!!!

The place was full but this nice gentleman let us occupy the space in front of him.

Me and Yub -- the forever bantays of our swimming kiddies! Ha ha ha ha! We don't mind since we love watching them have fun naman. And, as much as we love our family and friends, I don't think we'll trust other people with our kids if swimming is involved especially if we're in the premises.

The happy cousins!

While we were chilling in our lounge chairs, a server passed by and offered some tequila. It was their 5 year anniversary that's why it's only P5!!! WOAH!

I'm not really a drinker but for a P5 deal, I'd say "LET'S GET WASTED!!!" Ha ha ha ha!


I think we had 2 rounds! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Like I said, I don't drink alcohol. But I could take a few shots of Tequila sporadically plus a glass of wine (especially with my meal).

Later on, the kiddies took a break to have a little snack.


French Fries with loads of Catsup and Mayo!

Plus my favorite Mango Shake!


(The Yub put this on his Mom's bill... Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!)

After the kiddies washed up, little Isha hung out with Andrei to play.

I told them no gadgets allowed so they played some Jenga. He he he he he!

Since Yub's family shopped pa, we just hung out in the room and relaxed.

The little lords watched this show in Nickelodeon that hooked me and the Yub too!

For dinner we went to my recommendation: Kimpura!!!

When we got home, we changed into our jammies but we're not yet going to bed.

We all had a nightcap with the family and enjoyed some chips, coffee, and wine!

We also had my Mom's gift of Chocolate Cake to Eric's Mama! (Ang galing ko no di ko pinicturan).

When we got back to the room, it was just the 3 of us because Andrei asked to sleep in his cousin Isha's room

I doubt if he'll still be able to do so when he's older so I said yes. 

Even if I already had some wine, chips, and coffee, I still had a goodnight snack of my favorite.

I had the bed all to myself!!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol was just supposed to rest besides Master Mati but he fell asleep. I didn't wake him up anymore. Ang sarap na din ng pwesto ko on my side. At least NOBODY'S SNORING! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The next day....

Check out my view!

Syempre I called agad the bunsoy and Isha to wake them up for breakfast.

Huy come over here na!

Breakfast was included in our HOLIDAY INN AND SUITES room package!

We're happy that unlike other hotels, kiddies eat for free! No 50% payment or what... They eat free! Yayyyy!!

Check out our great breakfast BY CLICKING THIS LINK!

After a heavy breafkast, guess what we all did again???

Yep! More swimming!

Yub's brother Syoti and his daughters joined us too!

When we have a staycation, we make the most out of it by eating, sleeping, and SWIMMING!

My happy little lords!

Uy! They're not fighting ah!

We love it when Syoti's girls join us.

I become an instant Mommy of 2 girls too!!

Little Isha enjoys her time with her cousins as well.

We all swam for hours and we had the pool to ourselves!

The kiddies and daddies even raced!

We stopped swimming when the boys said so. It's okay but we still have more time if they wanted to. He he he he he!

When we got back to the room, we just chilled and got all lazy!

Yup! We relaxed to the fullest!

When it was time pack, our little Hampie was sad. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And now it's time for our usual pictures around the room tradition!

Bed shot!

Drunk Shot!

For some weird reason, this is always our favorite...

Wacky shot!

Under the covers shot!

Godfather shot!

3 Men and a Window Shot!

Cabinet shot!

Room number Shot!

Hallway Shot!

Does this remind you of something????

"Hello Danny! Come play with us?" shot.

It's our first time in HOLIDAY INN AND SUITES and after this experience, I'm sure it won't be our last. We really enjoyed our stay and recharged our busy selves to the fullest to face once more another challenging workweek. The great thing too is that we were able to have another memorable bonding experience with the boys and Yub's family. 

WOO HOOness!



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Makati, 1224 Metro Manila
(02) 909 0888




  1. Yung Mango shake, looks yummy. May mango sa top talaga!

    1. Huloooo Erika!!! Yes!! Sulit sya compared to the other mango shakes I've tried! AND di pa siya masyadong mahal! The price is jussssst right! More perfect because the Mother in Law paid for it. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      kIDDING! Mwah!


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