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Monday, July 9, 2018


The Chinese Panget and I celebrated our 15 years of married life and I guess based on what I called him, you'll see what's the excitement level is in our marriage.


Kidding! Although yeah, I got to admit that we are so comfortable with each other that we could do undesirable things (FARTING RULES!!!) while the other one (aka the hub) cannot get mad.

Tee Hee!!!!!!

Okay. If I was going to give any kind of advice to young lovers out there (siguro naman may karapatan na ako at 15 years na kami), it is VERY important to get somebody who loves you sooooooo much and is very committed. Of course it should be both ways, but you should study your partnership: if you are the temperamental type who loves excitement and movie-style romance, etc. etc.,, then make sure to marry someone who will still love you amidst all tantrums and is willing to stay on even after the 10th time that you dramatically asked him/her to leave.

Yeah... Yeah... Guilty as charged. But infer, LOVABLE din kasi ako. O ANO???

Don't forget also to pray to St. Joseph and ask for the partner who is meant for you. I cannot count how many times I beamed with pride when the Chinese Dimpol shows how he is a much better husband than this person and that (sobrang bait naman kasi niya). But then I think, maybe it's also because of our partnership and how we are both thriving with each other.

If you prayed for the right person to be your partner, then always think that God has a reason why you two are together during the times that you think you two are incompatible (trust me THAT will happen a lot too). It's normal so don't just always follow your feelings. Just follow your faith and commitment that is based on LOVE.


Anyways, for this year's anniversary, the Yub and I did not book a staycation or had a romantic dinner by our twosome. We decided that since our marriage formed a team that caused us great happiness and purpose, we thought of celebrating this momentous 15 year anniversary with our dearests Mati and Andrei!!!!

Yes because our wedding date is officially our FAMILY ANNIVERSARY as well!!!!

For that night, we were not looking for someplace swanky or sosy wosy, we just wanted somewhere that served our delicious food. With that, the little lords chose SAMBOKOJIN (our buffet favorite) because the food selection there is a win win for everyone. I made reservations to ensure good seats because Fridays could be a bit hectic.

And that night was, as expected, very unforgettable for all of us (especially our tummies... har de har har!)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US, Yub, Mati, and Andrei!!!!! I love you all soooo much!

WOHOO!!! THE YAPPY BUNCH is 15 years old!!!!!!!

That night, the Yub and the boys picked me up from work!!!

Grabe when I saw them all tall and handsome like this I can't help but reminisce how when I was younger, boys didn't give me a second glance. Nobody took notice of me that I'm usually just the 3rd wheel or the wallflower.

But now naman, WOW!!! I got all for myself these 3 super kind and super pogi men who sometimes fight for my affection and are my knights in shining armour (especially when there's ipis... agawan sila kung sino papatay... ha ha ha ha!). With that, I cannot be more thankful!!!!!!!!! 

And we're here!

SAMBOKOJIN Edsa is usually full these days especially because of their birthday promo. This summer, they introduced the graduation promo which made more families/groups book their celebration dinner here as well!

We were greeted by the friendly Managers of SAMBOKOJIN! We've been eating here so much before that we are also friends with them!


SAMBOKOJIN Sushi Station!

My favorite! Spicy Tuna and Salmon.


Master Mati cannot make up his mind. He he he he!

Same goes for the bunsoy!

SAMBOKOJIN Main Food section!

Kamameshi and Bibimbap are available upon request!!! We love their rice dishes!

Japanese Cold Noodles!


What I love about SAMBOKOJIN is that their raw meats for the grill are in a refrigerated station.

Oooh... Raw Spicy Pork! The boys' favorite.

More raw meats for the grill!


The Yub usually attacks this station first.

Yup! Because of their Tempura! SAMBOKOJIN always refill their buffet dishes so food is always freshly cooked and hot!

Various Korean Hot dishes....


Ooh spicy wings.

If you want to make Korean lettuce wraps, you fill up in this station!

SAMBOKOJIN Dessert Station!

Yehesss... Chocolate fondue is all I need!

And big scoop ice cream! YUM!

They also have a Do-It-Yourself Halo Halo Station which I'm not really a fan of.

Great thing that my "friends" seated us near the buffet. He he he he he! Now we wouldn't have to "travel" far to fill our plates!


The Yub and Master Mati!

Me and my bunsoy Andrei!


My little picky eater loves SAMBOKOJIN! He usually doesn't eat much but when we're here, he fills up on Tempura and Salmon Sashimi! Sulit!

YOHOO! It's our 15th year anniversary... WE'RE GOING TO EAT!!!!!!

My first plate of assorted sushi and sashimi!

Wohoo! A plate of seasoned raw prawns for grilling.

We would usually request some butter to add to the shrimps.

The bunsoy helped because he loved cooking.

He he he he! Go guys!!!

Master Mati was so happy with the buttered shrimps!

Up next are the meats.

What we love about SAMBOKOJIN is their sauces to dip the meats in.

Wohoo!!! Our very busy table.

We can't seem to stop ourselves from dumping our beef on the grill.

My busy Master Mati!

Another batch!

I usally make lettuce wraps with our grilled meats.

This meat tastes good...


I usually get a serving or two of their shrimp packets filled with butter and veggies. But tonight, their seafood aluminum wraps did not smell too good.

Oh well! When in doubt... 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in SAMBOKOJIN!!!!

Even if it's the cardinal rule NOT to have carbs in buffets, we always get SAMBOKOJIN'S Chicken Kamameshi!

And bulgogi!

Now it may not be as high quality as the more popular Ramen houses out there, but I love SAMBOKOJIN's Tan Tan Mien!!! Simple, comforting, and so flavorful!

I washed it all down with glasses of Mango Shake!

The battlefield. He he he he he!

The first to finish was the bunsoy. But he went right on to feast some ice cream.

As for me, I got another bowl of the Tan Tan Mien Ramen! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yup! I just love the spicy and peanuty taste of the broth with the chewy noodles.

When I was finally done, I got a cup of coffee and dessert.


It was a different Anniversary celebration for me and the Yub but for me, it's the most meaningful because we haVE with us the reasons why we are so thankful for each other.

I won't deny it, the Yub and I fight and have problems like any other couple. But when I look at how perfect my little lords are, I know that we both doing something right and how our marriage is indeed meant to be.


Of course, this is still an Anniversary post!!!

Happy Anniversary dear Yub!!!! You are indeed the most kind and loving husband there is (besides my dad, BELAT). Sorry I cannot help but compare you to the other guys in our world and I am astonished at your kindness, perseverance, patience, and love for us. And I know it's the truth because I always get the usual "Ang bait talaga ni Eric no?"

ANG POGI MO PA OH MY GASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY 15TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!



207 Epifanio de los Santos Ave,
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
(02) 726 4466




  1. belated happy 15th anniversary po :)

    1. Hi dear Tinemon!!!!

      Thank you!!!

      Greet me again on our 20th anniv ha??? He he he he he he!!!

      Thanks and God bless you always!


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