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Sunday, September 13, 2009


One of the reasons we love going to SM HYPERMARKET is that it closes late compared to other malls in the Metro. When most establishments are locking their doors at 9:00pm, SM HYPERMARKET is still welcoming shoppers up to 11:00pm! This is very convenient to those who have late working hours when you just HAVE to have something that cannot wait till the next day, like let's say.... toothpaste. 

Oh please. My example is not that trivial. Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, SM HYPERMARKET is very much like Walmart because it has a grocery and department store all in one. And what better way to rest your chops after hours of walking around finding that PERFECT toothpaste, by resting and energizing with LOTS of food!

And that is where we bring you, TASTE ASIA.

Dan... dan... DAAAANN.....

TASTE ASIA is actually a huge section at SM HYPERMARKET with a food court set up. 

They have a vast array of dishes under its wing and you could could choose from different types of Asian cuisines be it Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Italian (wait Asia nga pala so forget that), and Korean.

My husband, the Chinese stalker, was drooling at some ribs at the other side of the food court but we decided to try out the roast chicken.

At only P135 per whole chicken, it was quite a steal!

Next time ribs... Next time...

Because we are having this TASTE ASIA Chicken!

Oh yeah... this TASTE ASIA chicken looks good even from afar! 

For our meal that day we also decided to order some sisig in the Filipino section...

(Sorry this was before I did this silly little foodie blog so I just pointed and shot....

Come to think of it, I'm still guilty of that up to now. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Mati got ready to devour his java rice!

We had 2 orders of Sisig since we were with my family!

TASTE ASIA sisig was not as crunchy as we are used to from Dencios but it was still very tasty nonetheless!!!

This TASTE ASIA sisig was PERFECT with the java rice from Reyes Barbecue! YUM!

We also got some TASTE ASIA Miki Bihon!

Believe me this is one of the best Miki Bihon Pansit I have ever had! The whole noodle dish was just perfectly delectable and saucy! I loved how they cooked the liver that I would pick it all out for me before it was passed onto another family member.  

My baby Andrei is a very picky eater but he loves the saucy Miki Bihon of TASTE ASIA!!! He also eats the vegetables if it came from this noodle dish!


Yub's plate is still empty though... Ha ha ha ha!

But mine is already full from all the TASTE ASIA GOODIES!

And finally after feeding Andrei, I get to eat!!!

Yub takes a dirty bite at his fatty pork barbecue!

Awww... Since he was done eating, Andrei flashed his signature "cute cute" smile!

My plate! My wonderful plate!

I suddenly thought of giving my first born a tight hug but he wanted to get away from me asap....

So he could have his TASTE ASIA shaved ice with sweet sauce!

This is Andrei's favorite too!

The kids were already having dessert but I was still eating in TASTE ASIA!

It's okay. Andrei was so sweet and even offered me some of his dessert! Awwww!


Ground Floor, SM Hypermarket, 
Frontera Drive, Ugong, Pasig City

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