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Saturday, September 12, 2009


We suddenly had a pancake craving... and even though we were ever so loyal with THE BEE, we find Mcdo's pancakes just right for our taste buds... It's not so sweet and just glides down smoothly in our throats... So perfect with coffee and good convo! :)

So off we go to the place with the golden arches!!!

... where my Chinese samurai prepares for battle... or rather, order... ha ha ha ha!

While I wait and admire their beautiful and lonely foliage... Mmmm... syrup!

As much as I love the food from THE BEE, I can't help but lean towards the light, fluffy, and scrumptious pancakes from MCDONALDS!

When we opened the container, the pancakes were still very warm that the butter melted effortlessly... I took a long whiff and remember Saturday mornings with cartoons... Heavenly!

My husband is OC  this way, unlike me, he neatly separates his pancakes, pounds a lot of butter on it, then slices it like pizzas... Weird but I get him. 

See what I mean? I forgot to tell you that he puts it right back after slicing... Hmmm....

I love MORE that they do not charge extra for the syrup. If you want more, you could get MORE by going to their counter... Yes, by that flower (he he he). You won't be charged extra compared to what that crummy bee does! Blast you! :) 

Come to think of it, maybe the syrup from the BEE costs more because he made it? Tell me if the rumors are true.

I love the pancakes from Mcdonald's because they just glide down smoothly and creamily on my throat. If you don't know what I mean, then order a breakfast set, slather on lots of butter, put on some syrup drippings and experience what heaven has to offer you. Believe me, your mouth will smile without you telling it to!

My whole face was so happy that even my nose got carried away...ha ha ha ha!

I love how my husband pervertedly offers his hashbrown to me... ha ha ha!

That's carbo loading at its finest by the way. Since the pancakes were sweet, I need something salty to counter it with. Those are the rules of "grubbity"! 

Aren't pancakes just divine with coffee? 

... and of course, it's more perfect if you have it with that someone you wake up every morning with... :)




(You could find them EVERYWHERE) 

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