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Saturday, September 12, 2009


We got a lot of recommendations that the ribs in Boutique B and B was something worth going to Tagaytay for. So for dinner, even if we earlier had snacks of pizza and pancit canton, we marched to BOUTIQUE just to taste their ribs... The ribs were lipsmacking tender and juicy and was not sour like the usual american flavoring. We've had other better ribs, but if we suddenly find ourselves craving for meaty, juicy, and succulent ribs while we're in Tagaytay, then BOUTIQUE is the way to go :)

Boutique Bed and Breakfast Hawaiian grub!

But when we got there, somebody decided to do a number and just stood at the corner :) My baby still looked so cute though!

While my first baby proceeded to play around their open area. I don't blame him because it is very cozy and homey. He just felt that it is his territory. 

Waiting to clean up somebody :)

I tried calling Mati but his pet frog said he is still unavailable. Ha ha ha!

Food is here!

And THAT is a great piece of meat there :)


Their Barbecues were very tender and juicy!!! I loved the flavoring of the sauce with the right level of sweetness and tang :) 

These delicious barbecues come in 2 sizes: medium (P380) and large (P580).

The ribs were so good that I just got a piece and gave a big hearty bite! I did not care that the sauce smeared all over my face!

Somebody was being cranky because he wanted to play some more.

These ribs were so good that I did not care. Play all you want so I could eat this in piece.

Oh I am just kidding!

... possibly!

Mati requested to order some chili fries so I requested for some LAVA FRIES (P100). He was just a little disappointed that it was not the chili fries he was thinking of (the one with chili sauce, onions, and lots of cheese). Instead we got some flavored fries with green chilis with a gravy dip. This dish was still very good nonetheless!

While the kids are playing away, us adults will... take photos!

We haven't stayed at Boutique Bed and Breakfast. But when we do, I will make an entry about it. For the meantime, here's us at the entrance. That'll do! Ha ha ha ha!

There's a warm romantic feel to it with the lights and breeze. Just made me thankful for my mini-family even more. 

Back at the hotel, I was about to put our leftovers in the fridge when I suddenly got a great whiff of their flavorful fries and gravy...

I know this was supposed to be Mati's food, but hey, FINDER'S KEEPERS!!! 


The Boutique Bed & Breakfast
45 Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing East
Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 46) 413-1885, (+63 46) 413-1795, (+63 46) 413-1698)

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