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Saturday, September 12, 2009


(Please be advised that PENANG HILL in Shangri-la Mall is already closed :) )

Last Saturday, my husband Yub was a no show for our usual date night since he was at Lucena. So who's the next best date that a gal could have?? HER SISTER MISTER!!! Ate Jit and I are not only connected by blood but we are the bestest of friends. 

Last Saturday, we decided to celebrate our sisterly lovin by making chismisan and kainan. We decided to go for a place we haven't tried before and landed on PENANG HILL. They serve (supposedly) authentic Singaporean dishes that were made "street-hawker" style. 

After our meal, we were not disappointed since the food was "kinda good". The price was better though he he he!!! So, a dinner with endless gabbin and saving?? That would be exceptional na for us!!!

Order up at PENANG HILL!

We were the only ones in PENANG HILL at first... Later on these tables would get so crowded!

Selamat Pow!!!

My ever reliable BOTTOMLESS iced tea! I could finish 6 glassfulls of this!!

I saw this plate somewhere... I just can't remember whose account!

PENANG HILL'S Catfish Salad (P196.00)!!!

Yum!!! The sour green mango went very well with the crispy catfish and sweet vinaigrette!

I love chili powder on everything!

Yup! Dashed lots of it even on my salad!!

Me and my utol! :)

Oh stop it I know how many pounds lighter I appear in this pic! 

When I eat at a new Singaporean resto, I always make it a point to order the HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE (P190.00 - individual set). Because come on! It's like adobo... If the restaurant can't get this singaporean staple right, then how could their other food be any better??!!!

PENANG HILL'S hainanese rice was sorta dry for my taste but it was very delicious with the chicken!!!

The condiments for the Hainanese Chicken. For an over-all hainanese high experience, generously top your chicken with each condiment!!

Their hainanese chicken is a must-order! Not only was it good, it was also very cheap at less than P200!
Mmmmm... juicy!!!!

               PENANG HILL'S Hawker Style Noodles with Braised Pork (P195.00)! Sweet and meaty!           

Ate Jit piled a lot of food on her plate that night! Grrr! She never gets fat!

Let's dig in! Yummy yooo!

One proof that we're sisters is that we love to talk... See? Talking and eating!!! ha ha ha!

... she's still eating... and talking... and oblivious to my shots!

... chewing and gulping!

Tee hee!!!

Acting lady like kuno before digging into all that yummy food!

("Yeah alam ko kasi si ganito.. nagkaganoon...")

Open wiiide!!!

Yummy yummy in my tummy!

My sorta empty plate after 2 servings of that glorious food! 

We will wipe that out later!

My new favorite vegetable!

"God bless the mister, who comes between me and my sister.... he he he he!"

ALWAYS a good night with my Ate Jit because we never run out of topics to talk, argue, and laugh about. Much better of course because, being the elder lady among us 2 and the one who earns much much more than little ol me, she always treats me!!! BWA HA HA HA HA!!


Penang Hill (CLOSED)
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
6/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall, EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 910-2530

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