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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Friday, August 28, we were stranded at Quezon City, particularly TAPE office because of heavy rains and BAHA! Major baha talaga because it flooded INSIDE our office ha ha ha so we waited until the waters cleared up. It was still very chilly because of the rains that we decided to warm ourselves up with a bowl of hot noodles... we saw North Park and knew this was where we will slurp our shaking selves away.

Oh North Park! Will you be our savior this chilly night and stormy night?

Because if not, I will just settle with hugging this guy. Though it will not be as tasty. Ha ha ha ha!

We already knew what to order when we stepped inside the restaurant. But it's good to see what other options we could have the next time when we are here :)

For now though, we will warm ourselves with some soup. My husband cannot wait and immediately ordered bowls of their free broth. 

My husband may be Chinese but he sips his soup the Japanese way... VERY noisily! Sometimes I mistake his slurping sound with waves crashing in on the shore. The only thing worse than his slurp is his snore.

Okay... back to North Park. H aha ha ha! I love you Yub!

They have complimentary hot tea to melt away the cholesterol in your veins. I'm not really sure if that is the purpose of it. But I'd like to think so :)

Ebony and Ivory, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Champorado and tuyo.... Now we cannot have NOODLES without it's trusty side kick, the SIOPAO right? It would just be violating the natural laws of grubbin!

I love how this bowl just glistens with all its beauty and glory...

Like I said, I already know what to order... and it is my usual favorite of BEEF TENDON with LITID in FLAT NOODLES!

I love how the noodles are very long and chewy. It just gives me extra enjoyment in slurping it away in one gulp. Besides, if it was my birthday, this would have given me such a long life! 

Oh and it WAS extra long. Now if I were to eat this on my birthday, I would add about a hundred to my present age... So that would be 125? Tee hee!

Their broth was very piping hot, beefy, and oily!!! JUST the way I like it to warm me up on a very stormy night.!

I hate pictures of me eating! 

I am such a fan of MA MON LUK, and though North Park's Beef Noodles is not as good (and smelly) as what the iconic resto offers, the use of the flat noodles is somehow reminiscient of it's "master". :) 

The family that slurps together, stays together. 

One of their popular dishes is the PINSEC FRITO. I tell you, these are very addicting. It may be already a meal in itself but it is one helluva complimentary siding for my noodles! If you're face is getting all to greasy from the soup, take a bite out of this crunchy and delectable "frito" and you're good for another slurping session!

Hating magkapatid with the Siopao!

Can't talk (munch munch)... eating...

Their siopao has just the right amount of sweetness in their asado sauce and I love that the dough is firm but still chewy to the bite. Such a perfect accompaniment to our noodles!

Why the face you say? As always, my husband is done eating while I'm still at it! he he he he!

From TEAM YAP to you... LET'S EAT!!!! (Yub is finished though...)

Finished! As always, I have to have my trusty COKE ZERO with me to cap my meal.

Ha ha ha! Call us losers or what, but after every meal, my husband and I would usually discuss the food that we ate. It is a very meaningful (and tasty) discussion, believe me. 

Done! Burp!


NORTH PARK noodle house
329 P. Guevarra St. corner V. Cruz St.
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 725-9439, (+63 2) 721-2759, (+63 2) 721-3413

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