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Friday, February 28, 2020


My big guy is "sweet 16" na!!!!! GRRRR.... 

I'm sure that it's a term he'll violently veer away from (ha ha ha) but yeah, he's really a teen now.


Currently, I'm in a place where I am torn between letting him have fun and enjoy being a teen, to keeping him safe and teaching him discipline.

HAY!!! Lately he's been asking me many times to go out with his friends. I don't want to be a party pooper but I'm also worried of how he'll manage outside! I know that the Yub and I have trained him well but still, times are different these days and there are many "stranger dangers". To think that there's even this virus going around!


Oh well.... I know that I have to let him go sometime and the Yub and I promised that we will always be there. So yeah, he may go out with his friends but his Daddy and I will drive him to the place and wait for him somewhere. OR, if we're at work, our long-time driver could act as his "bodyguard". It's not that we don't trust him. It's more like we just want to be there for him until he grows up and be really ready to face the world alone.

Though I doubt if I'll ever be ready to do THAT. Ha ha ha ha ha!

But yeah, I'm sure Master Mati is on his way because from what I (and other people) see, he's growing up to be a kind and independent gentleman.

An example is his birthday celebrations: he's so used to having about 3 weeks of fun where we'll have foodtrips here and there, getogethers with friends, and staycations! But this year, he knew that my budget was tight  that when I asked him if it's okay to have a simple birthday, he was like "Of course!"

"My only wishes for my birthday is to go to Greenhills to shop, eat at Shabu shabu, and have a day with my friends."


And that's what we were able to give him.

His celebrations this year may not be as grand or super long as what we would have before but it still made my big guy so happy. I guess, even if I'm not ready to accept it, he is indeed growing up and appreciated spending time with his true friends and family more.

And, like with Andrei, even if the celebrations are simpler this 2020, it is still filled with so much love and gratitude for this super awesome guy that we proudly call our son.

We love you soooooooooo much dear Mati!!!!!!

(Belated) Happy Birthday dearest!!!!!

Just to show how we enjoy more the simpler things in life, one of the most memorable meals that Master Mati and I had leading to his birthday was spicy Korean noodles eaten straight from the pot!!! Ang saya lang!

The eve of Mati's birthday, we had dinner at his favorite, THE GRID!!!!

I had the GRID Bagoong Rice (which I finished... waaaaaaaah!!!).

Master Mati got his usual Bibimbap!

My happy guy!

While the Yub got the Chicken Teriyaki!


On the way home, we suddenly had a craving for Serenitea. The Yub and I we're not saying anything when Mati offered to treat us. 

AWWWWW........!!! As in his money!!!

Tee heee... Check out our text exchange while the Yub and I were waiting for him. (There wa no parking kaya we went somewhere else while Mati ordered).

Thanks big guy for the Serenitea treat!!!!!!

Master Mati knows how to save that's why he has a lot of money in his wallet always. He he he he!

Then, we watched ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD for movie night!!!!

Usually we would surprise the birthday celebrant with a song at 12:00am. This time we wanted to do something different so that Mati won't guess what we're doing.

Yun lang the sparkly candles took so long to light that Mati suddenly came in the kitchen to drink his milk. 


Still, he appreciated our mini-surprise and loud song. Ha ha ha ha!

(Belated) Happy Birthday big guy!!!!

(Medyo napagalitan ko si Andrei before this pic was taken because he was sneakily clapping loudly to blow off the candlelights! Tsk tsk!)

Afterwards we were laughing about it. Buti nga kasi!

My pogi teener!

Even if Daddy sings horrible (na parang inaantok... tsk tsk...) We will ALWAYS do this tradition for you my dearest!

The next day, somebody was excited.

Syempre I trolled him for it. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yes, I show my love by bullying. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The next day, Mati woke up to our gifts for him.

The unwrapped Gundam toy is from me. We bought it in Japan in the first week of December and he agreed to open it on his birthday.

I had work that day so it's just the Yub who took out Master Mati (he applied for leave for Mati's bday).

My big guy's wish is to have breakfast in Mcdonalds (seriously!) and have a shopping morning in Greenhills.

He's happy pa that there's no traffic. 

Awwww.... We raised the boys kasi to treat everything as blessings and to appreciate the simple things. I'm happy that Mati was thankful for the little things that he posted pa about it.

He bought another Gundam toy and a shirt.

Yep! He really loves Gundam!

When they got home, THIS was waiting for him. Awwww....

He he he... Notice anything about the B and D Mati?

Mati's birthday lunch!!!

My family is actually there but they didn't want to have their pictures taken because they're just wearing houseclothes daw.

(Or baka di pa naliligo... kidding!)



My Mom would always have a live chicken killed at home for this. Sorta like, pamalit buhay.


Pancit Bihon for long life!

The piece de resistance was the Angus Steak!!!!!

Yehessss... The Yub said that this was SO good.

After eating, he spent the afternoon building his new Gundam model.

Come night time, the family went to Powerplant Mall to hear mass.

(I had to follow from work).

Then, it's Mati's birthday dinner at his favorite -- Healthy Shabu Shabu!

Sayang Kuya Jon and Karen (and family) were not able to join us because they were feeling sick.


The Yub and bunsoy Andrei (who almost ate all of the Ebi Fry)!

Ate Jit and Anthony!

Eewww... Ha ha ha ha ha!

Master Mati and his favorite Lola!

Mati and his favorite Mommy..... NOT. Ha ha ha ha!

The birthday boy with his cash gifts! Wohoo!

We had orders of meat and seafood (syempre I forgot to take pictures na... he he he).

Veggie plate!

Started our dinner with a loving prayer led by Ate Jojit.

Chef Andrei took care of his hotpot.

He stood up pa! 

Ewwwww... Ha ha ha ha!

Birthday dinner at HEALTHY SHABU SHABU!

We've eating here for more than a decade na basta birthdays. Ha ha ha ha! That's how much the boys love this resto.

We then took out the cake!

Singing to our big guy!

Ay naku I don't care where we are basta if there's somebody celebrating a birthday in the family, we'll sing to him/her!

Check out my very emotional face. Ha ha ha ha!

Ay naku somebody is crabby and didn't want to sing to his Kuya.

In the end he joined in na din.

We had coffee afterwards at Starbucks  (ate Jojit treated). She asked permission if we could eat our Red Ribbon cake and they agreed. Syempre we just cleaned up after.

The ever kulit boys!

Fun nightcap to end the day.

When we got home, Master Mati asked if he could play PS4 with Andrei all night loooong.

Sige hanggang 12am. He he he.

The next day, we had a chinese dimsum dinner (as per Mati's wish) in our favorite CAUSEWAY!

We then transferred somewhere for dessert.

Aba... ang saya saya! CHE!


The ice cream was super yum!!!!!

The Yub and I were both so full from all the dimsum we ate that's why we just shared an order of their Chocolate Banana Split.

I HATE Chocolate Chips on my ice cream! Nakakataba na nga ice cream,may pandagdag pa???

He he he he!

That was such an awesome Friday!

The next day, Mati invited 3 of his closest friends from school! I asked him if he wanted to invite more (because I'm now hearing new names from his kwentos) but said that he just preferred his "regulars." I'm sure you'll see them in the past posts -- Johans, Josh, and Lance!!!

Yup! Mati's been friends with Josh and Lance since grade 2. 

And yup again, Johans is studying the same school as Mati now.

The Yub and I wanted to join them but they insisted, na sila na lang daw.


He treated his friends to lunch in his favorite, Pepper Lunch!

Played in the arcade...

Then coffee at Starbucks.

(BTW, I told Mati if he doesn't take pictures, I'll go to Powerplant Mall and take it for them. He he he he!)

When they got home in the afternoon, they just wanted to play gadgets and PS4!

Even if their faces are buried on their own cellphones, they're actually playing Mobile Legends together.

Haaaay fine! It's Mati's birthday naman.

Andrei, the saling pusa! He he he he!

Come night time, Johans was the "last man standing" and Team Virrey went to the house to pick him up.

Of course, they didn't go agad, we had coffee and chika too. 

This meant the boys could play their Mobile Legends more.

The little Jelo (whom I forgot to invite... SORRRRRRYYYYY!!!) got to play with Andrei.

Even if it was time to go (because it was already about 12:00am ha ha ha) he didn't want to go yet.

Love you Team Virrey! Thanks for letting Johans come!

That night, Master Mati's wish is to officially end his birthday celebrations with dinner in COCO ICHIBANYA.

My very considerate big guy!

He agreed that his number of celebration days be the same with Andrei. He said no need anymore for the extra long celebrations that we had before because he's already so happy to accomplish everything that he wished for his birthday this year.

Before eating, he shopped his heart out again in Greenhills!


Master Mati got his favorite with extra spinach!

Me and the Yub shared one order of the Chicken with Egg.

Afterwards, I treated them for dessert in pareng Tims!

My super pogi guys.

If you're looking for Andrei, he stayed with his Lola. :) 

Our Tim Horton's staples!

And that's it!!!!

We officially ended Master Mati's birthday week with movie night. We saw the classic "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and my big guy loved it.


My dearest, in every day that goes by, I am more astounded with how you're growing up to be one super fine lad. Mommy and Daddy can't help but miss the times when you were this chubby cheeked rosey lipped naughty boy who's always giggling. If there's one consolation to losing the "baby" you, it's that we're getting a handsome gentleman that we have prayed for.

Thank you for being you. 
Thank you that you're so fun to bully too.
Thank you for not putting us in the home for the aged.


Love you my dearest!






  1. Jas! OMG ang tagal ko na pala reader? Binata na si Mati I kennat!!!



      Walang iwanan Erika ah????!!!

      He he he he!

      I KNOW! Ang bilis talaga ng panahon! I actually still have clear memories of him as a baby. Grabe. Sobrang bilis talaga. Ang laki na ng damuhong to. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Eto na nga puro girls nasa isip. I kenat also. SOBRA. Huhuhu!!!!!!!

      Mwah mwah!

  2. Happy Birthday Master Mati!!!

    1. Thank you soooooooooooo much Mrs. Cabbage! God bless you and your family always.


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