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Wednesday, February 5, 2020


One Friday, our kiddies were left at home as the Yub and I had a couples night with good friends Aning and Jonahs.

Aning and I have been good Best Buddies (or BBs) since college and we're happy that now, even our boys are close buddies too. Yun lang everytime we plan a meet-up, hindi pwedeng wala sila (mga asungots... kidding!)

But one night, we had no choice but leave them at home as it was so traffic and the Yub came from Pampanga pa before picking me up at QC. So even if we would have loved for them to join us, the Yub and I had an instant couples night with Team Virrey.

And you know what? We missed "this"! Of course, it would be more fun with the boys around but this was a nice change. And we felt like we were back in college again.

So yay! The Fabulous Fridays' Freaks lives on!

Yup that's what we called ourselves back then. Baduy no?


We're at CONTI'S!!!!

It was so full so our dinner was al fresco.

We had this area all to ourselves!!!


Pareng Jonas and BB (Best Bud) Aning!!!

Meeeeeeeeh and the Yubhub!!!!

Don't you just love the effect of the lamps???

We tested out Jonah's new Iphone 11 and it was so clear na parang nagmukha akong sungki. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

I think I'll go for the cheaper ones muna so as to not capture my fine lines and (minimal) imperfections. 

Ordering ups!

Got an order of CONTI'S Mango Royale Salad (P155.00)!

I love all things creamy and this appetizer always satisfies.

Pwede nga minsan sa rice!!!! He he he he he!

CONTI'S Baked Prawns (P415.00)!

My usual order in CONTI'S! The cream cheese with garlic goes so well with the chopped prawns

Aning got this too!!!

The Yub just felt like having the basics and got the CONTI'S Chicken Barbecue (P285.00)!

The Chicken was just too charred a bit for his taste. He he he he! Pero ubos pa din. 

The CONTI'S prawns were good but bitin!!! That's why Ann got pa the CONTI'S sotanghon.

I'm not too fond of sotanghon but this tasted good!

Pareng Jonahs ordered this and it looked soooo yummmm too....

Meat? Good.

Gravy? Good?

Garlic Rice? YEHESSS!

CONTI'S Sago and Gulaman (P85.00)!

The Yub's favorite drink.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Virrey in CONTI'S!!!!!!!!!


The Baked Prawns were supposed to be served with Japanese rice but they only had Java that night. Oh wells.

Masarap pa din. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Le bill!

For our dessert, it was a toss up between Coffee Bean and Starbucks.

We went to Coffee Bean after a long walk and discovered it was closing a few minutes.

Syempre the boys started getting grumpy na. As for Aning and me, we were still hyper as High School girls attending their first school interaction. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We then ended up in Starbucks where I got my favorite Toffee Nut Latte and cookie!

The Chocolate Chip Overload is my new favorite in Starbucks and I always get it whenever I can because it's only available for the Christmas season.

Great times!

We were all so hyper and noisy that night!

Always an awesome time with Team Virrey!!! Kitakits again!

With or without the asungots.





 Robinson's Magnolia, 717 Aurora Blvd, New Manila, 
Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila
 (02) 8961 0926



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