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Monday, February 24, 2020


It's my Mom's birthday and even if she's not the type to have a grand party, my sister and I thought of making her celebrations MORE special....

We're going to give her a SURPRISE PARTY!

It's Mommy's (belated) birthday!!!!!!

My sister and I thought of giving Mommy a simple surprise birthday lunch with her closest family and friends. We scheduled a meet up the first day of October to plan it!

I suggested that since we had a great time during Mr. Mati's birthday dinner with our BP Group, I recommended that we go for TORCH!!!!

We chatted with their banquet supervisor and tried out the food as well.



TORCH was hip and chic but still had reasonable prices. This was perfect for us!

The servers were also very nice and accommodating too!!!

So everything's set!!!


Come her actual birthday, we gave her a mini-surprise when the boys got up for school.

Before, we used to do it at the strike of 12:00am the day of her birthday. But I know how my Mom sometimes have trouble sleeping that when she gets woken up accidentally, it would be hard for her to sleep again.

With that, we just decided to make her birthday "salubong" at her usual wake up time (at 6:00am).

Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

We took more pictures but she didn't want me to post it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My family is very simple that we don't need a grand cake to be happy.

Donut pa nga lang, pwedeng pwede na for the birthday salubong! He he he he he!

Andrei loved the donut so much that he took a bite pa after the song. Ha ha ha ha ha!

That night, the family had dinner at our birthday favorite...


(To be honest, Ate Jit and I were so busy planning Mommy's surprise birthday lunch that we almost forgot to schedule something for her actual birthday. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Muntik na din walang gift!!!! 

But of course, my Mom wasn't expecting anything.


Teppanyaki time!

Mga gutom na!

KIMPURA never fails.

Sayang Daddy's not with us. (Also Karen and Rocio who were in London for a wedding.).

The day before the party, the Yub, Mati, and I double checked the place again.

You could never be too sure of course!

That Sunday... It's time for Mommy's surprise birthday lunch!

We asked her close friends and relatives to be at Torch before 11am. Lo and behold, some were already there by 10:30am!!!

She is so loved! :) 

Nauna pa samin! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Daddy's cousins (who are so close to Mommy as well).

Mommy's close pamangkins!

(Sorry we really cannot invite everyone at limited lang budget namin!)

Yub's Mom!

The earl birds, Mommy's close friends!!!!

Mommy's cousins and Daddy's long time secretary helping out with the decors!

I asked Yub to tape something onto the ceiling.


Preparing the balloons!!!!

We bought Daddy with us. 

Syempre he cannot miss this special day!

After we have set up everything, it's time to wait.

Mommy is with Kuya Jon and Mati (our accomplices) and attended Sunday mass nearby. We'll know if they'll be on their way.

I'm glad that EVERYONE is on time!!! There's nothing worse than having your celebrant and one of the guests meet outside which would ruin the surprise!

This really goes on to show how the people HERE love Mommy because they made a lot of effort JUST TO BE HERE!

Just got the text!

Mommy is on her way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Positions everyone!!!!

Our guests hid at the corner side of TORCH. The servers then offered to turn off the lights for us.

I then asked Daddy's secretary to text me something long so that Mommy's attention will be diverted while she is going to the party area.

Yun lang it sorta backfired because when Mommy heard that Daddy's secretary had an urgent message for her, she got SOOOOO worried!! As in tataas ang blood pressure levels. Ha ha ha ha ha!


All is well in the end though. 

And my Mommy got REALLY surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!


The ate and I decided to just limit the guests to her closest relatives and friends (we're reserving the slot din for her siblings na hindi naman nakapunta lahat... tsk tsk tsk). So the ones you see here are the ones who really matter!!! :) 

Yep! We only had about 40 guests because yun lang kaya ng budget naming magkakapatid! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! (At least we're hownest!)


Mommy is really into boomerang videos now.

She's really surprised! He he he he he!

Yep! Your Gatdula family planned this for you Mommy!!

Yes, even Daddy!!!! :) 


Here's our TORCH Grub for the Day!!!!!

We got 4 orders of TORCH'S THE ULTIMATE where you'll get their bestsellers that's good for 10 to 12pax.  At P5,800.00 each, this is a great deal!


1 order of Nachos and Salsa!

Early munchies!

1 order of Chili Cheese Crispers!

TORCH Signature Roll!

This is so fat that you'll get full ASAP!

TORCH Gambas Pizza!! 

(Sorry that the pictures look different from how I usually take them. I was busy hosting the program kasi kaya yan, relied on the pics of the guests)!

Now THIS was one extra cheesy pizza!

Another option is the Philly Cheese steak Pizza!

We also ordered some Margarita Pizza because the other food was taking so long to come out. Ha ha ha ha ha!

TORCH mega platter!

The platter included big servings of Fire Roasted Hawaiian Barbecue...


Fish and Chips...

Baby back ribs!

That's almost like a tower!

Meat was fall off the bone tender!

One of the piece de resistance for me was the Angus US medallion served on a sizzling plate.

This was already a show in itself.

Cake one...

And heeeeere's her cake two!

She loves Korenovelas kasi. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Let's EATEY!!!

Nom nom nom...

Food was SOOOO good!


And here's our simple program with me as (voluntary) host! Ha ha ha ha ha!

We then showed our video presentation where the family (namely Kuya Jay, Karen, Rocio, Mati, the Yub, and I) give our greetings to Mommy!

Watch the video here!!!

Kuya Jon preferred to give his birthday message live!

The same goes for Ate Jojit and Anthony!

Afterwards we showed her the video where our other relatives (who cannot be there and were not invited (he he he he)) gave their messages.

The last but not the least, the video were from Mommy's celebrity fans! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

We had a short trivia game also for Mommy where guests guessed her favorites.

Afterwards we had the 7.5 messages for Mommy!!!!

Mommy received loving messages  from the special people in her life.

Her best bud from Med School!

Mommy's High School bestie!

Mommy's current bestie!

Lea, Daddy's longtime secretary who's now with Mommy!

I love how Daddy's picture suddenly came into view. Hindi sadya yan!

Tita Joel! Who Mommy is so chika chika with!

Tita Beth -- Daddy's niece.

Yep! Mommy is so close even with Daddy's relatives. 

Daddy's niece!!

She's so close with Mommy that she got her as her Ninang for her wedding. 

Mommy's niece!!!

She's the representative of Mommy's siblings!

The .5 is Andrei who made a letter for his Lola but was laughing all throughout reading it. 

Aysus!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

After a short trivia game, we sang a happy birthday song to Mommy!!!

Happy birthday Mommers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She then plucked out an additional surprise from inside the cake!



Lotsa cash!!!!!

We have payment na for tonight!!!


Kuya Jay gave a Christmas wish to Mommy afterwards.

After our mini-program, Mommy gave her utmost thanks to her very special guests.

Thanks to her new kumares!

Thanks to her bestie from Med school!!!!

Thanks to her High School besties!

Thanks to Daddy's cousins!!!!

Thanks to Mama!

Thanks to our cousin and tita (the representative of the siblings)!

Thanks to Daddy's niece!!!!

Thanks to Daddy's secretary Lea (accomplice!!!) and cutie daughter!

The party table. He he he he!

Ate Jit ordered these online to give to our VIPs as givaways.

And then the party is over.

We were still so high from the excitement and we all talked about how successful our surprise was!

Mommy loved her Korean inspired cake with money inside! He he he he!

Thanks MY PAO'S KITCHEN!!! The cake was super yum too!

We would really like to thank everyone who came at short notice to join us in this special event. My Mommy is so blessed to have you all in her life. You certainly made her (and us as well) happier on her birthday.

Thank you everyalls!!! 

This party is nothing compared to what this selfless, loving, patient, happy, kind, and all things good lady has done for us. But if we could at least make her feel even just a tinge of how special she is to our family, then we're already satisfied. He he he he he!

We love you so much Mommy!!!!!




Connecticut St, San Juan, 
1502 Metro Manila
 (02) 8477 3771




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