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Monday, February 17, 2020


One Sunday, our little guys were rejoicing because they didn't have classes the next day. With that, the Yub and I invited them to go out (since we don't have date nights with the boys as much as we wanted to) to go to our favorite Powerplant Mall.

Master Mati bowed out because he'd stay with his Lola since my brother is going to Greenhills. (I'm sure my big guy also plans on using the computer as well). Traitor!!!!

So it's just me, the Yub, and our baby bunsoy who'll go out. When deciding where to go though, we all made pompyang to help us choose. I won our little hand game but I realized that we should just go for wherever Andrei wanted to have dinner. Even if I'd rather go here or there, I know that what would make my night is making the bunso happy. I'm sure if you're a parent you'd agree that your child's happiness is your happiness na din.

So with that, we ended up in CIBO. Normally I would rejoice but I just had Italian food the day before. Kaya, ick!

It's okay! Seeing my baby bunsoy's excited face made the repetition of cuisine worth it. Great thing too that CIBO never fails to cook up delicious dishes that I STILL had a wonderful dinner in the end.

Yooo to the HOO!!!!! 


It's a Sunday so it's expected that Powerplant Mall will be jampacked!

Great thing that CIBO is one of the restaurants in the mall that for some reason, ALWAYS had available seats.


Me and my baby bunsoy!

Look how happy he is.

The ugly Yub!

First up is Andrei's favorite and one of CIBO's best-sellers -- Their Spinach Artichoke Dip (P315.00)!

The dip had a nice richness to it that's never cloying that's why it's a great starter to munch on while waiting for the food.


Andrei always gets this and would wipe it all out in out in a jiff!

The Yub got an order of CIBO Pizza Margerita (P449.00)!

Simple yet very satisfying. The flat bread had the right crusty chewiness at every bite.

He couldn't finish this so he would usually share with us.

The bunsoy baby got the CIBO kiddie Carbonara (P212.00)!

Andrei can't finish one whole order and would always get their kiddie serving. 

I don't share Andrei's love for CIBO's Carbonara (I liked their truffle pasta better) but this is what he'll always get everytime we're in the restaurant. 

As long as he is happy and finishes the whole dish, we're fine!

Usually I would get CIBO's Truffle Pasta whenever I'm here. But this time, I wanted to try out something different and went for the Seafood Pasta with Stewed Tomatoes (P385.00).

This was supposed to be Spaghettini though but I requested for Linguine. I'm not really fond of the ultra thin pastas.  He he he he he.

This dish was simple but still very delicious! I'm glad I tried this out for a change.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little Andrei in CIBO!

The Yub doesn't eat vegetables (tsk tsk... not trained at home!) so he picked out all of the basil leaves and dumped it on my pasta.

It's okay. I love more Basil leaves on my pasta because it provides that bite of freshness that makes each slurp more appetizing.



Le bill!!!!!

Afterwards it's Powerstation for us!

Syempre whenever they're in an arcade they would never miss playing....

BASKETBALL!!! He he he he!

Go Andrei!

Going home, we passed by MO to get a cookie for my midnight snack.

The cookies were good but the service, NOT. The guy at the counter looked soooo uninterested and lazy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I think he got peeved more when the Yub gave him a thousand and said that we don't have smaller bills. Nangasar pa!!!!!


Gimik nights with my boys are ALWAYS the best!!!

I wouldn't have it any other way.



Third Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 88952426




  1. Hi Ms. Jaz :)

    Forever winner talaga ang Cibo. For me and my seven-year-old, family serving ng Spaghettini Tartufata... tas may konting take home :)

    Mej naawkward lang talaga ako kasi nasa gitna ng mall usually ang Cibo, and I feel like there's always some mallgoeer staring at us diners and our food collectively. HAHAHAHA. Pero di ko pa na-try yung may actual pwesto, like sa Gateway Mall.

    1. Heloooooooo dear Yanna!!! Sorry for late reply at medyo nagloloko my PC... Sorry sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Correct!! CIBO never fails! Their pasta and other food are high quality but at a very good price. Sulit na sulit!!! Ang bango pa lagi when we pass by. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      I get you. Ha ha ha ha ha! Lalo na if passers by stares at you while eating. Tee hee!!! Me naman it's okay for people watching. At least, something else to do while waiting for the other eaters to finish.


      thanks dearest! Take care!


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