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Monday, January 13, 2020


GOOD BYE 2019... Huhuhu... 

Like what I said in OUR AWESOME YAPPY 2019 (Part One), what I thought to be a ho-hum and uneventful year turned out to be something special with many things to be thankful for (one reader even commented that "ang dami kong ganap" for 2019). So yeah, sometimes we take many things for granted when really, if we just take the time to appreciate the people, the food, the happenings, the amenities, the invites, the boring days, the work, the gifts, the pets, the weather, the meet-ups, etc etc etc we would be oh so overwhelmed at the wonderful year we've had.

Thus, my sadness at saying goodbye to 2019.

Yun lang all feeling of sentimentality got momentarily erased when it was time for Media Noche. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Sharing with you our tasty farewell to 2019!!! Hope you and your family also had a great one!

Hello 2-OH-TWENTY!!!!!

We were all out the night before that we woke up late. After brunch I set to work on our table.

My bunsoy is so excited. He brought firecrackers with his Daddy and cannot wait to pop them all tonight.

Hmmmm... What do you think??? 

I bought crowns plus these noisemakers in Powerplant Mall. He he he! Hope we'll be able to use them. 

Here's my table setting at another angle. The soup bowl though was added the last minute.

The Yub was in charge of pumping air and putting up our letter balloons.

Nice no? I'm sure you know where we're going to have our pictures taken later!

That night, we went to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel in Powerplant Mall for mass. 

We arrived at around 7:30pm (for the 8:00pm mass) and there were still available pews for us.

It's just the 4 of us because Kuya Jon got sick and Mommy has the business to attend to (yep there are no holidays in owning a business... he he he)

Good thing that this time, we're really inside the chapel. For Christmas mass kasi we were at the chapel extension and it was SOOOOO cold!

After mass, the little guys said HI to baby Jesus.

Our family with The Holy family! 

Andrei was initially excited for the fireworks supposedly after the mass (like during Christmas) but got disappointed upon learning that it will be at 12:00am pa. 

Buti nga... Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

Back at home, the Yub and I set up the camera for our mini-photo session.

We wanted to take pictures before we get all "lusaw" later. He he he!

Us with Mommy!

With the boys!

Us being wacky!

Just the boys!

Just the Gatdulas!

And the family!!!

If you're looking for my sister and eldest brother, they had New Years at the other side of their family naman.

Awwww... The bunsoy got tired.



Mommy is doing the Molo soup while I'm doing the veggies and the pasta!

While we were cooking the grub, the bunsoy Andrei and the Yub were lighting up firecrackers outside.

And the spread is READY!!!


Now I'm soooo hungry. Ha ha ha ha!

Check out the grub!!!

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi that I ordered from TWINHEART SEAFOOD!

Of course, don't expect the same quality as what they serve in Kimpura or Sugi. But for the price and freshness, this is so good na!

My Shrimp Pasta!

This got a bit salty though... Huhuhu...


Seafood Paella!

Moist and so flavorful!

Squid Ink Paella!!!

My favorite among the 2!

Corn and Carrots!

Mom's stuffed Chicken!!!!!!!!!

This is sooo good! She makes this exclusively for the holidays.

Now let's get this party started!!!!

But before anything else, Andrei led the prayer in giving thanks.

Yayyy... Kuya Jon felt well enough to go down. 

Mati attacked the Sashimi first.

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!


Me and my Master Mati!

Like our crowns? He he he!

Yub and Kuya Jon!

Andrei and Mommy!

Halaaaa... You covered Daddy at the back. He he he...

My first of many plates of Sashimi!

My first plate of food!


Gobble... Gobble....

Kuya Jon poured the cold bubblies and we all made a toast.

The chilled Asti really hit the spot for us.

Aba... May nalasing???

We all started cleaning up. When it was 10 minutes to 2020, we went outside to fire up our fountains and poppers!!


Lighting up sparklers outside.

I love sparklers. When I light one up I feel like a fairy. He he he he!

It's nearing 2020 na!

Andrei doing his thing.

Sooo brave!!!!


That's so beautiful Andrei!

Watching from the garahe our house.

Tekaaaaa... We should join the fun too!

Yohooo! It's 12:00am!!!!

WELCOME 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's officially JANUARY 1, 2020!!!

After all the festivities it's time to finish our clean up.

So thankful that the boys have no problem with helping me and their Lola.

They were such a big help!!!!

Finally we finished everything! But of course, it's not yet time for bed for us.

We all decided to watch WINNIE THE POOH as per Mati's request. I told him that this was one of my favorite movies as a kid. 


We woke up extra late next day and had the leftovers for our late breaky.

For our super super late lunch (like 4:00pm ha ha ha) Master Mati and I shared a pot of Korean noodles.

Even after having all that delicious food for the holiday season, THIS was still very comforting. 

And before I conclude everything, let me share my resolutions for the year.

Oh I'm sure I'll not be able to fulfill everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And just like that, another year has passed.

Besides the whole year, I'm very grateful for the night that was.

Of course, it would have been better if my brother and sister were with us but looking at the bright side, at least I'm still with my little Yappie Bunch, my brother, and my Mom! You may find it simple but I find it awesome that we had a very good dinner, popped some fireworks, and cleaned up with no (real) sweat. Yun lang Kuya Jon was a bit sick (that's why he wasn't able to cook the Salmon) but it's good na din pala because it would have been too much.

You see, there is always something to thank for.  And that is what I'm going for this 2020. For many years I may have been taken for granted my many blessings and would often get impatient with it all (hello Yub... ha ha ha ha) but this year, I WILL be more appreciative of the gifts around me and give them all the proper attention and love that they deserve.

Besides that, I hope to make the year as exciting and memorable as it should be. 

I don't really need to go anywhere or go to parties left and right. I just need to do something NEW that will benefit myself and the family. So let's see.

While we were washing dishes, my Mom said that it would be nice if we would always follow this tradition of getting together as a family during Christmas and New Years. I answered, "Of course! That's why the Yub and I didn't go to his family because we wanted to stay with them."

You see, that's how we will stress our appreciation and gratitude to my family who has continued to give us love, time, and support: to continue the tradition of giving love, time, and support to our new family as well.

Because really, they are the ones who have given us so many to be thankful for. And for this 2020 we will continue with all the love and gratitude, and if we can, give more.

 Hope you will have a wonderful year ahead my dears!!!!!!!!!








  1. Dapat may list of 2019 NY resolution and how many you were able to accomplish.

    1. He he he he.... I think I pointed that out in my FB account.

      Don't worry, number 1 laging hindi na yon. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    2. Guess I won't get to see it...hahaha

    3. Yeah right... I'm sure you stalk me using Suet's account!


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