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Friday, January 31, 2020


One Saturday night, Kuya Jay invited the family out for a simple getogether in the Valle Verde country club sport's room.


For that night, it was also a mini-despedida dinner for Karen and Rocio (who will be going to Italy in a few days to attend the wedding of Kristine, Karen's sister). 

Kristine arrives!

Yay! Now it's time to eat.

Pero syempre, ROLL CALL muna!

Bunsoy Andrei, Big guy Mati, and Miguel!

Rose, Cat, and Sonny!

Rocio. Here she is showing the gown for the wedding.

Kuya Jon and Kuya Jay!

My Mommy! Karen, Kristine, and Tita Alice (their Mom - RIP :( ).

Anthony and Ate Jit!

Tee hee... Serves you right for being late AND not reading my blog!

Me and the ugly Yub!

Le set up!

Time to eat!

Yay! Good thing because we're SO hungry. And we loved the food in VALLE VERDE Country Club!

Rice and Noodles!

Their miki bihon is actually very flavorful. Sarap!

Calamares and Carbonara!

Normally the carbonara is "deconstructed". Andrei would always get this. He he he he!

Fried Calamares!

Salpicao and Buttered Chicken!

The salpicao was also mighty good!

Buttered chicken was also very popular among the diners.

Sauce pa lang ulam na.

Chef's Salad!

Simple but still complementary to the other dishes served.

Crispy Lechon Belly!

Mommy brought this to the dinner. He he he he...


Getting our grub on.

Kuya Jay also ordered some extra appetizers to be served on the table. 

My plate!!!! 

OMG... The food was SOOO good! I got another serving of the same things after this!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my Gatdula family and Salle family.

UBOS!!! BURP!!!!

For dessert, we had this dulce de leche cake paired with coffee.

Afterwards, for fun, we had this little talent presentation from the kiddies.

Catalina sang "LET IT GO" from Frozen!

Andrei did this rock song which I forgot.

All we remember is para siyang lasing!!!!! Ang kulit!

Master Mati made this mini-joke time (which were all corny but we all laughed from the corniness... ha ha ha ha). Sayang lang I wasn't able to take a picture.

Congratulations again Kristine and have a safe and happy trip to Rocio and Karen!

Thanks Kuya Jay and Karen for the treat!



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Pasig, Metro Manila
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