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Monday, August 6, 2018


One Friday night, ERICJAZ FOODIES met up with friends Albert (the POGI CEO as I would always call him... ha ha ha) and his equally lovely wife, Suet, in Greenhills. When deciding where to go, I left him to make the choice (at baka Jollibee mapili ko.., Ha ha!!). As expected of my OC friend, he really deliberated on it and gave me numerous "candidates" for our night-out that was so long overdue na.

In the end, we went for WILDFLOUR CAFE + BAKERY, a restaurant where we had a stormy lunch in at their Podium branch. But this time, we'll mark this mini-reunion of sorts in WILDFLOUR in Greenhills. I'm sure the POGI CEO has already forgotten our gimik before in Podium (OR maybe he's reminiscing???) but I'm sure, he and dear Suet had a deja vu moment with the same comforting delicious food and the (ahem) superkaduper fun company.


Check out ERICJAZ FOODIES enjoyable night with the POGI CEO couple in WILDFLOUR CAFE + BAKERY!

WILDFLOUR is located at the new O Square Building at the ground floor. To enter, you would have to go to their doors facing the Ortigas Avenue main streets.

WILDFLOUR is part restaurant part bakery. That's why when you enter, you'll get an appetizing whiff of their freshly baked breads.

Inside is a hushed cafe-like setting that reminded me of the ones you'll find in New York. Yup! It's so very metro!

Yay! We're here!

The POGI CEO couple are always on the dot (if not earlier by 30 minutes). I'm thankful that traffic was Quezon City was not that horrible. Medyo lang. He he he he..

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE POGI CEO couple, Albert and Suet!

Me and this ugly guy...

Har de har har!

Ordering up!

WILDFLOUR menu 1...

WILDFLOUR menu 2...


Complimentary bread was given on a wooden board with soft butter. 

I tell you, this warm and crusty baguette was so good, ito pa lang, I'm solved na!!! He he he h ehe!

Yehesss! Food is here!

Since we were running late, we told the POGI CEO couple to go ahead. They started with Tomato Soup (P250.00).

 They ordered this delicious WILDFLOUR Malagos Farm Goat Cheese and Honey served with Cranberry Walnut Bread (P440.00). 

I swear this was SOOOOOO MIND-BLOWINGLY GOOD and it was kind of dear Suet to share it with me.

If you're going to carbo load anytime this week, do it in WILDFLOUR and order THIS! The whole thing was just CRAZY GOOD!

They also got the WILDFLOUR Wild Mushroom Salad (P420.00)!

Fresh and crunchy leafy greens with sauteed mushrooms and grated cheese.

For their mains, they got the WILDFLOUR Braised Pork Belly (P420.00)!

I had a taste of this and the buttery tender chunks of pork had the sweet and comforting flavors that was matched with the fried rice.

As for me I got the WILDFLOUR Squid Ink Mafaldine (P595.00)!

Don't let the black color of the pasta discourage you. It added a slight yet palatable squid ink flavor to the dish that was complemented with the fruity contrast of the lemon.

The garlic was fresh, plump, and fried in garlic. Yummers!

As for the Yub, he had the WILDFLOUR Roast Organic Chicken (P675.00)!

One order is actually enough for 2 sexy dudes on a diet (like us he he) but I was not in the mood for chicken that night so the Yub had this by his lonesome.

I helped naman a bit. He he he he he!



My plate! My very confusing plate!


Our bill!!!!

For dessert, we had some coffee and sweets in Starbucks upstairs.

Yehesssss.... This all happily went to my hips!

In Starbucks, the POGI CEO also gave me his pasalubong from Japan -- the Michelin star Tan Tan Mien instant ramen!!!

Yehesss! You know you're hanging out with the right kind of foodie crowd when you're given instant ramen as pasalubong...


And like last time, we all had a great meal in WILDFLOUR with their delicious food and (ahem) fun plus good-looking company.

It's so unfair... The thin ones then are fat now while the "malaman" one is so fit in 2018!!!

As for Suet, she didn't change at all!!!! GRRR! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Our bunsoy Andrei joined us here for lunch. He didn't want to look because he's busy with his macaroni and cheese! He he he he he!

Here he is! Like a baby!!!!!!!

My bunsoy may be absent in our WILDFLOUR dinner at 2018 but he still made his presence known with several texts. I just found it cute that since I'm not answering, he made his own reply. 


And before you comment, the system of my phone hanged kaya I only got all of his messages in bulk when I restarted it.

O ANO?? Reklamo ka pa???

Hope to see you again soon dear Suet and POGI CEO (naks!!!)!!!! 

It wouldn't hurt if there's SUSHI CAKE on the side.


Thought that died down na no?




Ground Floor, O-Square Building, 
Greenhills Shopping Center, 
Ortigas Avenue Corner Wilson Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 7753543 / +63 9176279679




  1. Stop eating out kasi...hahaha!

    Nice pics!

    1. You eat out more than us!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRR!

      Change your profile pic na in googels. He he he he he!

  2. Maybe when I make my sushi cake after 5 years...HAHAHA!

    1. Okay lang profile pic mo naman yan! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kung san ka masaya!


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