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Friday, August 17, 2018


Last summer, we experienced many long weekends due to Friday or Monday holidays which caused maximum enjoyment for THE YAPPY BUNCH.

However, one particular "Monday-cation" was not just for our own little fun: we will also be fulfilling our duties as Filipino citizens by we will be going out and vote. Still, before you raise your hats to us or make parades in our honor, I got to be honest... 

We were sort of lazy! (Take note of the "sort of" naman... he he he he). I mean, I'm all for voting and doing our civic duty but the bed successfully convinced me to bond with it past my "waking up" time that I don't want to hurt its feelings!

He he he he he he!

ANYWHOOOO.... Fine. We'll get up and get ready. HOWEVER, we cannot just go forth and do this "battle" without energizing our selves first right? So in order to get our spirits going (yes, OA kami), my Mom invited us to have lunch in our restaurant of choice. And since we want to have a happy tummy which will give us a clear and straight mind, we went for our usual Chinese comfort food in Powerplant Mall...


Wohoo! We're enjoying our usual favorites in MONGKOK!

It was not so crowded in MONGKOK that lunch time.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!

Me, the bunsoy Andrei, and Master Mati!

Master Mati and I were not talking during that time (LQ!!!!) that's why Andrei's seated between us.

Mommy, Kuya Jon, and the Chinese Panget.

The dimsums arrived so Master Mati made a prayer to thank God for our blessings.



MONGKOK Hakaw (P120.00)! The little lords favorite!

MONGKOK Pork Siomai (P105.00)! Everyone's favorite! He he he he he he!

We felt like warming up our tummies before the real food so we ordered some Porkball Congee (P180.00) to share.

And since we had congee, I got some Century Egg to eat it with (P50.00).

Yehesss! I swear there's some congee at the bottom.

Like I mentioned, Master Mati and I are LQ during that time (I forgot why). That's why I became mean and told him that I wasn't going to give him some of my Century Egg (his favorite too).

I even mocked him and purposely made inggit. Ha! I was enjoying every moment of his silent agony.

OHOW yes!! That's me! I'm a very weird and mean Mom!!! Sorry na lang sila the stork delivered them to ME!!!

(I think I was pms-ing then. I don't know)

Suddenly, Andrei got fed up of my heckling of his Kuya that he suddenly zoinked about 2 or 3 pieces of the Century Egg from my plate and gave it to Master Mati!


Afterwards he gave me a victorious "So there! Now Kuya has Century Egg na! You're so mean kasi!"

I swear I was really VERY surprised with what Andrei did. After I got over the initial shock (because I DID lose some Century Egg.... ha ha ha ha ha) I faked my anger and gave him my best rolling of eyes that it almost went to the back of my skull.

Aba! Kukunin pa yung nasa kutsara ko!

But really, inside, I was rejoicing and very touched! At least di ba, there's my assurance that no matter how much fighting or bickering they do with each other, in the end, they'll also have their brother's backs. I know it may be mababaw but it's very reassuring to see your son sticking up for each other. With that, I felt a certain sense of relief that the two will be alright by themselves growing up -- kasi they have each other.

Of course, I didn't make that feeling obvious (otherwise they would go back to fighting) so I just muttered a losing "Bahala kayo! I hate you both na. Hmp".

Yup. Mother of the Year I tells you.

Ha ha ha ha haa!


MONGKOK Seafood Fried Noodles (P310.00)!

The little lords' favorite! Yummmm...

MONGKOK Beef with Brocolli (P280.00)!

Crunch vegetables, tender meat, and savory sauce.... Yummmmmmmmm....

MONGKOK Sweet and Sour Pork (P270.00)!

I made a mistake of ordering pork because we usually had fish! He he he he he!

My Dad (RIP) always requested to have the sauce on the side so as to maintain the crispiness of the meat. I guess that quirk of his also rubbed out on us. 

Our table of Chinese food!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family in MONGKOK!

Andrei sneezed when the server took our picture. Ha ha ha ha!

Done! Except Andrei.

See? We're not big heavy eaters talaga.

The bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After our dinner, we rushed to our assigned precincts to vote. At first, we didn't know what room we're assigned in. So Kuya Jon went pa outside to check.

When he got back, we ran to the classroom, registered, and wrote in our ballots.

THAT's when we heard the alarm went off signifying that voting period is OVER.

Wow! Tamang tama lang kami!!!! We were really meant to vote!!! He he he he he!

I hope it was counted though.

Wohoo! Proud Filipino Citizens!

Do you sense something wrong in this pic???

My clean finger.

Tee hee...

We may have made complaints about getting up early and going to the precinct (because of the usual long lines) but really, whenever it's voting day, you could count on us to VOTE. Afterwards, I don't know. It's not really like cleaning up the whole Pasig River or passing a heroic bill. But after we finished voting, we all felt a certain sense of pride and accomplishment in exercising our right as a Filipino. Naks!

Yun lang. We were energized with Chinese food. He he he he he!!!!



 P1, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive Cor Strella St,
Makati, 1210 Metro Manila
 (02) 756 5112



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