Friday, May 12, 2017


One time, I was chatting with the "Quezon City Chapter" of our "BP Group" (he he he he) and we kept on talking about how we were craving for some of MAMA LOU'S pastas and pizzas. Finally the Filipino owned Italian restaurant set up base in the Metro (besides their Nuvali and Paranaque restaurants) and I sensed it's going to be one of our regular restaurants for gimiks! When we have confirmed a schedule on a Fridate, it was just too bad that one of my friends was not available.

But whaddaheck, this is MAMA LOU'S we're talking about. We cannot and will not cancel because we have already been drooling for days!!!

Also, at least we'll have an excuse to go back with her. He he he he he he he!

So after work, the Chinese Dimpol and I went straight to UP Town Center. Good thing there was no traffic that night that we were still early for our meeting time with dear Chel. After doing the groceries, some shopping, and more working, we have worked up an appetite to wolf down the food we have been craving for so long in MAMA LOU'S.

Me hungry then dinner at MAMA LOU'S with great people? Sounds like a perfect Fridate for me!!!


It's a Friday so it's no wonder that the popular restaurant is packed.

Well we shouldn't be surprised why MAMA LOU'S is getting flocked by hungry diners since it IS an award winning restaurant!

And since we were early, we were able to get a table! Yay!

And now we're ready!!!


Me and the Chinese Dimpol!!!

Dear Chel is here! Yohoo!!! Sayang that her hub Abel and our great buddy Aning was not able to join us tonight.

Ordering up!

HELLO double chin.

Our butts haven't settled much on our seats when MAMA LOU'S served us their complimentary bread basket with pesto and marinara spread.

So satisfying EVERY TIME!

First on the table is an order of MAMA LOU'S Pepperoni Pizza and Prosciutto Mushrooms (P425.00)!

We can't decide on what toppings to get so we got half and half.

Something tells me that we made the right choice!

Would you believe that pizzas are my least favorite food? 

QUE HORROR!!! But true. He he he he he he he!

I mean, I don't hate pizzas but if my husband orders one, I will order something more to match it. As much as they are already a complete meal in itself, pizzas would be my last choice in an Italian restaurant.

Told you I was weird! HA!

But of course, with MAMA LOU'S thin crust cheesy pizzas, I was happily munching away. It was more delicious especially with the crunchy and cheesy action going on with the nutty Arugula!


If pizzas are last on my list, pastas would always be a first! Yup! Carbs RULE!!!! 

And in MAMA LOU'S I always get the Vongole Spaghetti (P295.00) that's loaded with garlic, juicy clams, and plump tomatoes. I'm trying to cut my carbs but I think I'll be shipping this one... WITH MY TUMMEH!!!!!!!!!

As for dear Chel, she had the MAMA LOU'S Lasagna (P295.00)!

Cheesy and rich with a light sweetness in the tomato sauce!!



Sorry we already attacked the pizza. He he he he he he!

My plate!!! My messy carb filled plate!

Chel had a good idea to top her pizza with the Pesto spread from the complimentary appetizers earlier!

As for me, I'm going to do my own kind of bread complimentin'! He he he he he he!

For dessert, MAMA LOU'S served us this rich Blueberry Cheesecake!

This cheesecake was beyond rich but was more appetizing with the tart and fresh blueberries!

Of course, when there's dessert, there will always be coffee for us!

MAMA LOU'S blessed us with complimentary desserts! Yay! Thanks MAMA LOU'S!

Afterwards, the chatfest continued till waaaaay beyond closing time!

Our MAMA LOU'S bill!!!

It was a great night for Italian food and chika! We all had a great Fridate!

The only drawback was since we stayed way past beyond mall hours, we can't find a restroom to "rest" in. 

Oh noes!!! He he he he he he he he!



Ground Floor, UP Town Center, 
Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
02 2469069 ext:302

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