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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are with THE BP GROUP for our staycation at BELMONT HOTEL, and since we cannot get separated just yet, we thought of having a late lunch together.

"Where to go?" was the question of the day.

And in searching for delicious food, that is affordable AND will be loved by both kiddies and adults alike, there was only one choice...



It's true! I don't know why. You would think that with our group we'd go for something more fashionable and chic, but really, all of just love havin' good ol' comfort Filipino food in GERRY'S!!!

It's where we ate in another staycation that we had! Check that meal HERE!

Now this is starting to be our group's official "after staycation" place!!!!

This was a late lunch so we almost had the place all to ourselves!

You would think that an empty restaurant would mean easy seating for us. But NOOOOH!!!! We all had our specifications on who will sit together and where. When everything's setled na, AY MALAMIG kaya lipatan again. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!

Team Campo with Andrei!

Grrr! Andrei deserted us for Sasha and Sky!

Team Navarro!

The boys Jelo, Johans, and my guy Mati!

Pareng Jonahs and BB Aning!

Team Quitoriano!

BFF's Dani and Tiana!


Now brace yourselves... FOOD IS HERE!

GERRY'S GRILL Calamares (P199.00)! Crunchy but still had that soft and juicy meat!

GERRY'S Laing With Tinapa (P185.00)!!! Spicy with that flavorful coconut milk and smoked fish. Perfect with hot steamed white rice!

GERRY'S GRILL Lechon Kawali (P275.00)!

Skin is crunchy. Enough said!

GERRY'S Snails with Coconut Milk (P195.00)!

One of the reasons we went here is because GERRY'S is the only restaurant we know that serves this Yappy favorite in the Metro!! We can't get enough of the gummy seafood with the rich and spicy sauce. Yummers to the maximum level of universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GERRY'S Grilled Squid (P355.00)!

This fresh catch of the day had that appetizing grilled taste that'll make you reach for more rice! Mati was able to finish all of this because the meat was tender and juicy.

Oh we likey!!!!!!!!

GERRY'S Pork Sisig (P205.00)!

I swear this is my favorite Filipino dish now. I cannot NOT have this when I'm going local! 

Of course in GERRY'S, it's sacrilege if you don't get this specialty. You could have this and just this and you'll be a happy camper!

GERRY'S Sizzling kang kong ala pobre (P155.00)!!!!

The tasty and sizzling way to get veggies into your system!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and the BP Group in GERRY'S GRILL!!!!!!!!!

My plate! My very full GERRY'S plate!

I only had soy sauce or patis when I'm having sinigang, sushi, or dimsum. But this time, I wanted to indulge and just YOLO my diet off!

Coke zero FOR THE SUPERKADUPER WIN!!!!!!!!!!!



Except MEEE!!! Yes! As usual, I'm the last one eating!

Our GERRY'S GRILL bill!!!!

Great food! Great fun! Great company at GERRY'S GRILL!!!!!

Now time to pose our butts off to burn all that food!

He he he he he he!



Ground Floor, Butterfly Garden, 
Newport City, Pasay City
02 8086295 / 02 8086266

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