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Every year, my son's school would schedule a family day where we watch a musical feature by Repertory Philippines. Others might find it wearisome or obligatory, but for THE YAPPY BUNCH, we always look forward to it! We love musical plays! And as much as we enjoy the usual day out in the mall or play time in the park, the theater is something educational, and entertaining on a somewhat sophisticated level for the kids!  I always tell them that it never hurts to add a little culture in their system which was filled with gross jokes, naughty fantasies, and Minecraft! He he he he he he!
At first it was Wizard of Oz, then 
Alice in Wonderland (where Andrei had a crush on the leading lady), and Pinocchio. 


This year it's going to be SNOW WHITE and the SEVEN DWARFS!

Our ticket!

To be honest, I was not that excited with SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS because it's my least favorite in the roster of Disney cartoons!

But nevertheless, we already got the tickets and we all plan to enjoy it!

We got there a little later than usual and were taken aback with the long lines. However, we cannot just go in without grabbing a bite so we had our usual breakfast at Jollibee! Tee hee!

After we filled our tummies with Jollibee goodness, we went up!

And in a short while, we were in!

We were not in the first few rows from the stage but it was fine. The seating of GREENBELT 3 was positioned in such a way that we could still get a great view.

Among the little lords, it's Andrei who loves watching live theatre so he was pretty excited with today's show.

If Andrei loves theatre, Mati was more of a movie buff. But he appreciates live plays ever now and then. 

The little lords' school occupied the whole theatre so there were many familiar faces everywhere we looked! 

As usual, Andrei requested to have a copy of the program!

He really looked at the actors and actresses of the play!

Maybe he's looking for somebody cute? Teee hee!

After the first act, it was time for a 15 minute intermission!!!

And it's time for the curtain call!!!

Of course, I was not allowed to take pictures during the play and it's just understandable since we didn't want to disturb and the actors and the audience.

How I wished the same "law" was enforced in movie theaters!

While watching SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, I was secretly hoping to hear some Disney songs. But of course, there was none. In fact, even the names of the dwarfs were different from the usual Sneezy, Doc, Angry, etc etc (yeeesh... I somehow forgot their names!)

But still, we all liked Repertory's production of SNOW WHITE and THE SEVEN DWARFS! The play was fast paced, the songs were nice, and there was a part where the actors interacted with the audience. The minutes certainly slipped by because we were all surprised when it was the end of the first and second acts!

So BRAVO and BRAVA to you all!

Andrei was really focused on the play of SNOW WHITE that even if it was all over he was still staring at it all.

I asked him if he found SNOW WHITE pretty. He said she was fine but I think he still liked Alice better. He he he he he he he!

Unlike the other years, the actors of SNOW WHITE stayed put onstage. 

Too bad because my little lords can't get to meet them up close and have a picture.

Mati and Andrei however were fine with them just in the background! It's the parents pala who are mapilit! He he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords watching Repertory's SNOW WHITE!

Bye SNOW WHITE cast!!!! It was a fun show!

Again, it was another fun morning for THE YAPPY BUNCH! It was great that the we were all able to do something different from our usual family gimiks. This is always a welcome change for us!

So looking forward next year!

After the play, it was always tradition that we have lunch somewhere that is not owned by a clown, by a bee, by a fake colonel, or Jabba da Hut (tee hee).

So since we haven't tried this resto before even if it has been there since the birth of Greenbelt 5, we went to JOHN AND YOKO!

I've heard of many great things about JOHN AND YOKO so I was a bit surprised when we got in and the place was empty.

"What gives?" I asked the waiter since it was almost lunch time. He answered that they usually get full at around 1:00pm


The place was dark but had a warm illumination coming from the pictures of famous Japanese personalities!

I saw one face whom I'm very familiar with especially that I grew up watching the classics with my family.

Soon, I will introduce Toshiro Mifune to the little lords and show them what a true samurai is like. He he he he he he he h!

For now though, they were so content on reading what they have in front of them.

Andrei was going through the SNOW WHITE program booklet while Mati was reading the menu. He he he he he he he!


Mommy and Daddy (with small dimple)!

Andrei and Mati!


JOHN AND YOKO menu 1!!


JOHN AND YOKO menu 3!!!


Oh you get the picture!

I was still a bit full from my Jollibee burger so I just got the JOHN AND YOKO Sushi Conspiracy (P488.00)!!!

This sushi mini platter consisted of Tuna...Salmon...

Plus all other things beautiful! Tee hee!

The seafood seemed fresh and sweet so I was pretty excited to dig in!

Even though Mati has his own order, he proceeded to gobble up my food! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I had no choice but to answer with a meek "yes" when he asked if he could have my Uni sushi!

Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry! I'm the worst mother I know!

The little lords ordered 3 slices of their choice Sashimi. Mati had the JOHN AND YOKO Tuna (P198.00)!

The slices were bigger compared to the other restaurants. But Mati still gobbled this up in a minute!

As for Andrei, he got his favorite Salmon Sashimi (P198.00)!

As for Yub, he got the.... never mind.

Andrei might be doing a sushi "no-no" when he dunks the salmon sashimi in soy sauce and loads of wasabi.

But it's okay.  At least he's happy and eating something. I'm sure he'll learn the proper way to eat it when he grows up. He he he he!

After Mati gobbled most of my Sushi Conspiracy, his order of JOHN AND YOKO Oysters and Fries (P268.00) arrived.

This was just okay. I'm not sure if Mati was just full from my sushi but he didn't feel like finishing this so I ate his leftovers.

The Chinese Adonis and Andrei shared the JOHN AND YOKO Chicken Teriyaki with Rice  (P358.00) which was good enough for two!

The Chicken Teriyaki Rice Meal came with this side salad that the Chinese Adonis happily gave me.

That's me. The human garbage disposal! 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in JOHN AND YOKO!

Are you enjoying the food my boys?

He he he he he!

And we're done!

As usual, Andrei is taking a long time to eat. When I asked him to hurry up, he did THIS!

Oooh! Wall mirrors! Tee hee!


And Andrei was still eating!

He only ate faster when I told him we'll be shooting a video when he finishes!

Poor Mati got bored already!

And as promised, here's a part of the video that we shot after Andrei finished his food!

Enjoyed having another Saturday with my "MAHALS".  He he he he he he!!!

So there!

Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
02 7298698

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