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Monday, October 28, 2013


Last October 5, 2013, we went to Greenbelt to watch Repertory's production of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. We were all pretty excited to watch with Andrei, the musical theatre newbie, that we woke up freakishly early to get good seats.  

I'm Jazmin... I'm addicted to photogrid.... He he he he!

My boys enjoyed ALICE IN WONDERLAND and were asking  when we could watch the show again. As much as I loved Repertory Philippines rendition of this Lewis Carroll classic, me suspects that little Andrei has a crush on pretty Alice, hence his urgency to have a repeat of the show.

To divert his attention from running to the ticket booth once more to catch the NEXT show (yes that's how much he wanted to watch ASAP), I immediately asked if they were in the mood for pizza and pasta. And with their very resounding YES, I finally heaved a sigh of relief that we won't be catching 2 showings of Alice going down the rabbit hole, no matter how good their production was, in one day. 

If it was any consolation, I tried to invite little Alice in Facebook and even wrote her a letter saying my wee guy has a crush on her. I guess, she found me somewhat creepy because she hasn't added me in her FB list yet.

Kids today!!! Tsk tsk! HA HA HA HA HA! 


Yub ordering up at CPK!

CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN will always have a special place in ERICJAZ FOODIES' puny hearts because it was where we had our very first official date! As a result, we would always celebrate our crummy anniversaries here.

Check out OUR VERY FIRST BLOG POST (HERE) which was about our Anniversary meal at CPK. 

Don't say you were not warned by the way.

CPK in Greenbelt was very well lit and spacious!

We love CPK! It was also a very quick substitute just in case you were not able to get fast seats in Chili's, which was beside this restaurant. 

Servers are very eager to please at CPK. We were immediately led to a booth upon confirming that we are not just checking out their menu.

After Yub ordered his grub, Mati prayed that his CPK food will come in less than a minute since he was so hungry! Ha ha ha ha!

Have you seen WHEN HARRY MET SALLY? Well, I'm sorta Sally in the flesh. And NO, I don't fake orgasms in restaurants (DUH) but even if I am fast in deciding what to order, I want it to be served my way. So usually I ask the waiter to return for my order after I have finalized how I want my food. 

Good thing that CPK waiters were so jolly good that they don't care how many times I said "on the side" with my simple order. Tee hee!

Most of our orders in CPK were to cater to the kids' appetites... Here's Andrei's CPK kids meal of Pepperoni Pizza (P145.00).

I think kiddie meals could be a very practical option for kids because you get the whole deal. Like in CPK, Pizza or pasta or chicken comes with choice of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mirinda, 7-up, Rootbeer, Milk or Chocolate Milk. Drinks are refillable except for milk and choco!

Andrei asked for extra parmesan cheese for his CPK pizza and proceeded to dash generous amounts of it.  

If I did not stop him, you would see a small mountain of cheese on top of his pizza!

It is very rare that my little last born would dig into his food with gusto. So I guess CPK did something right in enticing the little diners!

I asked for a bite and my Andrei won't spare me even just one nibble!

I KNOW! After carrying him for 9 months! 9 months of groaning and dragging my fat self around he cannot even give his life giver a small itty bitty bite???!!!!!

Oh stop it. I still have a lifetime to use that on Andrei and Mati! H aha ha ha ha!

My Mati ordered the CPK Fusilli Alfredo (P195.00)!

Yup! He was so rarin' to eat his CPK kiddie meal! That his eyes were just signalling me to stop taking pictures and let him have his meal already!

Mati loved his CPK pasta and was generous enough to let me have a taste. Yup! It was buttery, it was creamy, it was something you would want to shovel into your mouth endlessly. 

No wonder he was able to lick this plate clean in record time!

My husband ordered his default dish in any American/Italian restaurant, the CPK Pepporoni Pizza (P295.00)!

My husband loved CPK's pizza because it suited his "picky" taste. Meaning, the sauce was not too sour and the cheese to pizza ratio was JUUUUST right!

For better or for worse.... He got the better half of the pizza while I got the crust.... It was still good though....

I ordered CPK's Garlic Cream Fettucine with Chicken (Personal P300.00) and it was a good thing nobody wanted to try my pasta dish because revenge is sweet and I am NOT willing to share!


Oh I'm kidding!

Or am I???

The sauce was so delectably creamy with savory flavors of roasted garlic. I loved how the chicken was still tender and removed any possibility for cloying with the rich alfredo sauce!

Oh CPK pasta... You are all mine.... My precious............



You would think that my guy Mati would be happy with his heaping bowl of CPK pasta but NOOOOH. He still got 2 pieces of pizza from Daddy!

The food force is strong on that one :)

Andrei was still decided on not giving me any sort of share... Even if it was just a bite from his crust!

It's okay. He's cute anyway.

Only a mom would understand the connection of  what I meant! ha ha ha ha!

Mati loves peace like his idol, Iron Man!

Doesn't he look angelic here? 

That's why I wouldn't dare ask for any of his CPK pizza. I wanted this angel to eat all that he could and I'm thankful that he loved his kiddie meal! He finished all of it! So yey!

After wiping out his CPK meal, he rushed over to his Daddy's side.

... and tried to steal a kiss from his Daddy! Ha ha ha ha!

Andrei may not yet be "Alice's" little guy yet (take note on the YET...) but he will be a Daddy's Boy forever!


Our CPK bill!

I always love going out with my boys... Hopefully they don't leave us to chase their little "Alice's" yet!


California Pizza Kitchen
Greenbelt 5
Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 401-7160


  1. Although CPK has been existing for quite some time, I havn't tried it. Probably because I prefer Italian pizza and the name is "california" =/

  2. Hiya Stacy! Still worth a try! We always enjoy our meals in CPK as it is a US take on Italian favorites :) we find the food buon naman. Hahahaha! thanks for reading!! :)

  3. yummness naman!!!


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