Sunday, October 18, 2015


Alas, the time has come.

FINALLY, my last blog post for our Japan trip 2015!!!

I hope you didn't get tired from my ultra detailed account of our stay. It's just that since this blog is more of a journal for me, I wanted every memory, good or bad, to be included so that I won't forget any minuscule detail.

Which comes to my last entry that is DEFINITELY not the least as it involves our hotel in our last night in Osaka, Japan. Who would have thought that our crummiest stay provided the most unforgettable memories for us?

With this, I was so proud that THE YAPPY BUNCH once again proved that it doesn't matter if the place is dingy or classy. We would definitely STILL find enjoyment and fun as long as we do it together.

Oh please do read on. I still get chuckles every time I remember it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


We arrived in HOTEL KEIHAN TENMABASHI late at night after a long trip from Tokyo.

My husband thought that since we will just be sleeping in the hotel, we would be getting something lower than the rates of our other accommodations. 

Checking in!

I thought, even if the hotel was not as modern as HOTEL RELIEF and TOKYU STAY, the place still looked squeaky clean and fine. 

Unlike the other hotels we stayed in, HOTEL KEIHAN had a small cafe in the lobby where guests could have their snacks and breakfast.

Based on the menu, they would satisfy any hungry hotel guest who is getting ready for a day out on the town. 

There's even fresh foliage too!

So things were looking good for us! We were so in the mood for a relaxing stay after a very tiring day.

Now whenever we stay at hotels, we always register for only 2 adults since most of the time, children below 12 years old are free of charge. So, we thought of doing the same thing for HOTEL KEIHAN TENMABASHI when we were booking our room online.

Our thoughts though, were very WRONG!

Going to our room....

So far so good right?

And here we are!

We were so surprised to find out that...


There was only one teeny tiny bed not even enough for me and the Chinese Adonis!


To be fair though, it was really our fault since we only booked for 2 adults!! We just never thought it would be this "exactomundo" in Japan!

At least there was a television, water heater, fridge, and mugs for use!

Outside, there was even a vending and ice machine at the same floor of our room!

Now we could have whatever drinks all night long!!!! No need to walk over to FAMILY MART!

Back in our room, the toilet seemed clean!

It was also as high-tech as what we have been so used to in Japan!

With directions too!

And we were provided with ample supply of toiletries!

It may not look like it but I cannot stand not having a mirror in the room. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And even if we had a small room, the mirror was more than enough for me.

I know, I know what you're thinking: Who knew I was a bit vain??? 

After dropping our bags, we immediately went out and luckily found a nearby MCDONALD'S for our late dinner. 

We also had a quick tour and explored the sights around our hotel!

When we got back, the reality of our booboo in booking our room in HOTEL KEIHAN was waiting for us. 

Let's just say we cannot dance the tango in here!

The ceiling was so low too that Andrei could reach it!

Egad! How are we going to get our things from our bags?

How are we going to take a bath??

The Chinese Adonis (rawr) tried to take a bath and almost hit his head with the shower! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

How are we going to sleep???

I guess, we'll be MORE snug as a bug in a rug! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Good night!!!!!!

The next day, we woke up with a song from Japan's new Bio Men!

I was not able to sleep well at all last night and then I wake up to THIS???

Now wait a minute...

Ay ang pugi!

Hi hi hi!!!


We were getting ready to check out of our room.

Since we'll be going somewhere, we thought of having in-room snacks with these nummy yummy pancakes from FAMILY MART!

We found it so cool that it had syrup in between the 2 pancakes! So you get the sweet flavors of maple at every bite! Yum!

Our hotel may have small rooms and is not as modern as the other ones we've previously stayed in. But we really appreciated that it was so near Japan's famous tourist site, OSAKA CASTLE!

Wohoo!!! At least we could squeeze in a quick tour before our flight home!


We took quite a while getting ready because the Chinese Adonis had a bit of a difficult time doing his... ahem... morning duties!

And we had to wrestle with each other for space in order to dress up!

Don't get me wrong. It's not HOTEL KEIHAN'S fault. The size of the room is fine for 2 people! We were the ones who overlooked and ignored the maximum number of adults/occupants in the room because we were so used to other hotels.

If it was just me and the Yubhub here, I imagine we would still have a comfortable stay!

You know us, we just want to laugh at EVERYTHING!!!! Ha ha ha ha!

So that serves us right! The next time we go back to Japan, we would really list down that we are a group of 2 adults and 2 kids! No assuming whatsoever!!!

Good bye room 827!!! Though we stayed with you as a result of a boo boo, it was truly a very memorable and funny night!!!!

We usually do an around the room "pictorial" but since the four of us cannot even squeeze to go to one place to the next, we just went outside and proceeded to do our traditional hallway shot! 

Since we will be in OSAKA CASTLE the whole morning, we decided to have an early check out.

My husband checked us out in HOTEL KEIHAN and as usual, we received the every friendly smiles from the people of Japan! 

HOTEL KEIHAN also allowed us to leave our luggage while we do some serious touring in the morning!  


They just gave us a number to claim it later on. We saw them put a net over and tied all of it together. 

And since we are so near OSAKA CASTLE, we were able to have extra hours for resting before our trip! Yohooo!!!!!!

HOTEL KEIHAN TENMABASHI was really an unforgettable stay for us. Again, we are not complaining that the hotel rooms are small and that it wouldn't be a good place to stay... NO! The whole "ordeal" was unforgettable to us because we had all these presumptions that made us stay in the wrong room for the size of our family. Again, it was OUR fault, and squeezing ourselves to sleep the whole night and do our usual human stuff WAS so funny!!!! We will really laugh over this even after 50 years with our grandkids! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So would I recommend HOTEL KEIHAN TENMABASHI? Of course!!! The place may not be as stylish as other Japanese hotels but they have clean rooms, fine amenities, great service from their attendants, AND, it was so near the train station PLUS OSAKA CASTLE!!!! Do try it out when you're in a budget and want to explore one of Japan's major historical site. 

JUST don't forget to book a room according to the number of people in your group!


He he he he he he he he!

And that wraps up my JAPAN 2015 blogposts (finally!) Hope my "detailedness" would give you a picture (I had loads of it... tee hee) of what's in store for you in the Land of the Rising Sun!!!!


Japan, 〒540-0012 Osaka Prefecture, 
Osaka, 中央区谷町1−2−10
+81 6-6945-0321


  1. Hahahaha! I cried while reading this! LOL talaga!!! Haha!!! I cant imagine pano kayo natulog? Eto na siguro pinaka maliit na room na nakita ko! I love hotels in Japan! Basta meron high teck toilet happy na ko! I will review your Japan posts if matuloy kami uli. P.s. ang hawt ng hubby mo haha! Dyoskolord!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hiya Erika!!! Grabe this was just so funny for us!! As in UNFORGETTABLE!!! We were all laughing managing ways on how we'll fit!!!! Me and Mati slept on the bed (because I have a bad back) while Yub and Andrei were on the floor. Correct!!! Basta malinis and hi tech the toilet, winner pa din!!!!

      Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Naks thanks!! I won't tell him though at magfefeeling Alden na naman yun. Yaaaak! :) Thanks for stopping by! Mwah!


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