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Whenever we end the night with BGP Marian and Manong Fred, we always ask each other "O when are we going to meet again??" In fact, I think the only time we didn't have that question for each other was when Manong Fred was planning a baby shower for BGP Marian the next night and we didn't want to be obvious.

Come to think of it, I think Manong Fred also asked that question and I gave him my big "HELLO!!!" eyes.

Anywho, this addiction to ask each other when's the next meet up led to our impromptu date at CAFE SHIBUYA. We already met up somewhere that Friday but then we felt like the night was not enough so one of us asked that magic question: "When are we meeting again?"

And  I immediately answered, "Sunday dinner!"

Yup!! Meet-ups are NEVER enough between BGPs and MANONGS! :)


I've always wanted to eat in CAFE SHIBUYA especially after I've read about many drooling reviews about it. 

Also, when we were in Shibuya, Japan, I was not able to try their famous waffles (dangnabbit). I guess, this might be the next best thing for me in the Philippines. He he he he he he!

Later on BGP Marian arrives!!!!

Aren't we purty BGPs???

Manong Fred was still somewhere buying something (YC bikini briefs???). So the Chinese Adonis was left all alone to check out the menu without his usual "partner".


So he just "settled" with me!

The CAFE SHIBUYA menu was fashioned after a newspaper. No boring booklets here. What you get is  colorful broadsheet of their food!

CAFE SHIBUYA menu one...

CAFE SHIBUYA menu two...

CAFE SHIBUYA menu 3...

CAFE SHIBUYA menu four...

CAFE SHIBUYA menu five...


CAFE SHIBUYA menu six...

CAFE SHIBUYA menu seven...


First on the table was my order of CAFE SHIBUYA Mentaiko Pasta (single P260.00)

Mine had extra nori strips because I got Yub's serving from his order!

The Chinese Adonis got the CAFE SHIBUYA Tebasaki Fried Chicken with special rice (P275.00).

Yub was so happy with his two pieces of juicy and crunchy fried chicken. It was actually very tasty already that he didn't need the soy dipping sauce. 

BGP Marian ordered the CAFE SHIBUYA 3 Cheese Pizza Toast (P195.00). We were all so surprised at how cheezy and thick it was!

Manong Fred got the CAFE SHIBUYA pork chop (P295.00) which were 2 pieces of the grilled meat marinated in special sauce.

The order also comes with a cupful of java rice!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Manong Fred and BGP Marian at CAFE SHIBUYA!!!!

I was surprised that I didn't just liked the CAFE SHIBUYA Mentaiko Pasta, but I LOVED it! The oils were already so flavorful with thegarlic and saltiness from the pancetta. The nori strips also added an extra layer of Japanese seasoning that got me slurping on my noodles oh so happily!

I added loads of chili flakes to make it MORE enjoyable!

As for the Chinese Adonis, he was happy with his fried chicken order and gobbled it up as fast as you could say "ERICJAZFOODIES,ESPECIALLYJAZMIN,ARETHECUTESTBEINGSTHEREIS!!!!"


And in an instant, our main dishes are DONE!!!!

It was during this time that GLORIETTA was closing and turned off its lights even if we were still there!!!

What gives?????? He he he he he!

Of course, we cannot leave CAFE SHIBUYA without ordering their famous desserts: Nutella (regular P235.00)

We certainly got plate with a fat piece of waffle slathered with a generous helping of Nutella!!!


We also got CAFE SHIBUYA Banoffee Waffle (P245.00)! 

Bananas over the waffle toast drizzled with chocolate syrup and a big dollop of whipped cream!

We also got some CAFE SHIBUYA Lava Cake (P165.00)! It was awesomely fudgy and gooey!

BGP had the CAFE SHIBUYA Almond Mocha (P150.00) topped with whipped cream and almonds! This is almost like a complete dessert in itself!

Good thing BGP Marian became the light in our time of darkness. Ha ha ha ha ha!

It was really pitch black already in CAFE SHIBUYA so BGP's flashlight helped.

The CAFE SHIBUYA's servers were very apologetic saying that they don't have control over the malls hours (ergo lights). They said we could stay as long as we liked if we didn't mind eating in the dark. He he he he he he!

Of course we don't! With a luscious dessert like THIS? We wouldn't mind if we were eating it pitch black besides a cliff!

Wait a minute.... Exag na. Ha ha ha ha ha!

This what we looked like in CAFE SHIBUYA! We had such a fun time eating and chatting that the mall closed down on us.

Oh boo!!!!!!


We treated BGP Marian and Manong Fred for dinner because they paid for us the last time we went out. Yup! Sharing is ALWAYS caring!

Now when are we going out again???

Third Floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, 
Glorietta Complex, Makati City
+63 9494227794


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