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Last Sunday, THE YAPPY BUNCH went to NIU BY VIKINGS to have our weekend family dinner. Would you believe that it's our first time to eat at NIU even after it has been raved so much about by foodies? I don't know why but of course, we've been meaning to go there several times with my family or with friends, but somehow it wouldn't push through. But that day was finally the day. I guess you could also say that it was such a great coincidence how our first dinner there also fell on Anniversary month of NIU BY VIKINGS.  So yes, it was really meant to be.

You might even say it was "Ang Tamang Panahon."

Tee hee!!!

Sorry, can't help but mention the the current rage of Aldub right now. He he he he he he he!


(Pabebe wave).


I have heard many great things about NIU as the affordable restaurant that is another level compared to the competition. 

Besides constant great reviews from my fellow KTG bloggers, I have a foodie friend (itago natin sa pangalan na Albert) who swears on the enjoyment quotient of NIU over some of the famous hotel buffets!

"My! What big biceps I have!"

When you plan to go to NIU, don't forget to make reservations because the place could get VERY packed!

When we stepped inside NIU, we were impressed at the elegant interiors that would remind you of a swanky hotel lobby. There were high ceilings, hanging romantic lights, special chairs, and deluxe marble flooring.

"Toto, we're not in (insert fave fast food restaurant) anymore."

For your special events, NIU BY VIKINGS has several function rooms for your more intimate gatherings. 

The delightful ambience was further amped up with soft melody of a piano under a glistening chandelier. Naks!

Play it again Sam!

We invited my Mom to join us because my Dad already had something to do that night and we didn't want her to be left home alone. Ha! I bet we foiled her plan to invite some friends over for a party?? Que horror! (Tee hee).

We were received by the very accommodating (and handsome) server named Sean who helped us in our every need!

I guess my Mom found him good looking because she asked if he was auditioning for commercials. He he he he he he he he!!!! 

Naunahan ako ni Mahmah!!!!


After we got settled, it's time to raid the NIU BY VIKINGS buffet. I tell you, it's almost as far as the eyes can see!!!

Where does it end???

To start off any heavy meal, it's nice to prepare your tummy first with some appetizers. I headed over to check out the NIU Salad station!

There were some hors d'oeuvres that were already enticing me for a bite!

But I was in the mood for some salads and the NIU "garden" certainly did not disappoint.

If you're too lazy to move (like I always feel) then have the NIU attendant prepare a fresh plate for you.

Besides the salad, help yourself to some breads, cheese, and hams!

Ooh!!! A caviar station!

Of course, whenever I'm in a buffet restaurant, I never fail to check out their Japanese selection.

Even if I'm faced with truffle, foie gras, or caviar, I will always get my sushi fix!

Oooh la la!

I'm definitely helping myself to a LOT of this!

Do take note that the Japanese station is not only limited to sushi and sashimi!

There's hot off the grill Yakiniku!

Of course, a Japanese station wouldn't be complete without the usual Tempura, Teppanyaki, and Teriyaki grub!

My nose was immediately drawn to the buttery seafood goodness that was frying on one corner!

I was so tempted to fill my plate with the fat shrimps that were fresh from the skillet but I wanted to check out the other food from the  NIU buffet first. 

To officially start off with the mains, NIU BY VIKINGS has a Hot Pot station!

Just choose whatever you like  and the NIU chef will serve it to you using a special pot complete with portable butane burner!

NIU Eastern Station!

Now what shall I get???

I remember people lining up for hours just to get a bite of soft and chewy pork buns!

In NIU, there is no wait. You would just have to decide how many you'll stuff your face with!

Roasted Chicken and Duck for the win!

The Eastern Station carries NIU'S fresh catch of the day!

NIU Western Station!

Mini-burgers anyone?

Pizzas looked meh. Hopefully they could reheat it up for you upon request.

The stews in hot pot look very promising!

Oooh! Medallions of Chicken in thick gravy!

Heart Beef Bourgignon!

I wonder if this will make Julia Child proud?

NIU grilling station!

I noticed that a NIU chef was constantly checking on the buffet dishes.

For the grilling station, just choose what you want to be grilled and mention your table number to the chef!

Kebabs are even offered!

The Fish Montreal already looked good raw. He he he he he!

NIU hot plates!

Here I was able to try the 2015 Philippine Culinary Cup Awardee!

The Binusog na Lechon!

When in a buffet, I never fail to help myself with their hot dishes! The selection of NIU BY VIKINGS did not disappoint. I see here a big fat turkey that made the roast chicken look like its baby!

NIU studded Leg of Lamb!

Giant Beef Ribs!

Yohoo! Gravy galore!

Along with these hot main entrees, there are mouth watering side dishes!

Is this true? Carbonara with Crispy Lechon Skin???

I got a scoop of NIU's creamy Potato Gratin and it was mighty good!

What sets VIKINGS apart from other restaurant buffets is that drinks are all included. 

In NIU, they don't just offer ordinary juices, softdrinks, and iced teas.

Special cocktails plus red and white wine were also included!

But if you want something much MORE special, you would have to shell out some cash!

But coffee is more than enough for me!

After you've had more than what is good for you in NIU BY VIKINGS (believe me you'll be tempted to enter the state of gluttony), do walk over to their dessert station.

There were many cakes and pastries!

Plus luscious ice cream in creative flavors!!!

Now what buffet wouldn't have a free flowing dessert fondue?

Eeeep! My current favorite: CHURROS! I might get in trouble now!

NIU by Vikings Executive Chef Kavino Lau was always going around and checking on the buffet. 

After meeting Chef Lao, we were officially welcomed by Mar, NIU'S Dining Manager that night. He was so gracious and accommodating to all of the diners in the restaurant. He also made sure we were having a great night.

Without us having to ask for it, he gave out a kiddie placemat for Andrei so that he won't get bored while we fill ourselves up.

Too bad that Andrei did not plan on using this and just took it home as a "souvenir". He he he he he!

We were finally finished going around the NIU buffet and helped ourselves to what fancied our tummy.

Here's the Chinese Adonis and the Matster!

Me and Mommers!

And little Andrei! 

Hay! That's the only main dish that he ate. I really hope some buffets would base charges depending on the diner's appetite. He he he he he he!

My husband lost no time and indulged in some roast beef, binusog na lechon, and a wee piece of pizza. No need for appetizers for him! He always wants the real thing PRONTO!

If ever he felt the need to have appetizers, it was with these grilled yakiniku from the Japanese station!

Mar immediately served us some Lobster Noodles to start me and my Mom off. Wow! This is actually my first time to have such and I had such a savory time slurping off the flavorful noodles!

While I was having THAT, I also feasted on my first plate of salad, sashimi, maki, and spicy salmon!

What I loved about NIU BY VIKINGS is their foie gras!!! Wow! The last time I had these in a buffet was during out dinner in SPIRAL!

I must have had 5 full bites of these! I cannot stop! It may be packed with cholesterol but I really didn't care!

I love how each fatty bite is creamy but with an earthy delicious taste. It's even bigger than the ones I've had before! So good!

After stuffing myself silly with the foie gras, I had a thick slice of NIU BY VIKINGS Roast Beef with Truffle Gravy! I also had a scoop of the very delectable and cheesy potato au gratin!

I remembered the caviar from the salad station so I got my mom and I a plate to share. I was a bit disappointed that the caviar is of the orange hue (the one I often see on makis). It would've been nice to try the ones I often see on movies (black or dark blue) but each bite of this caviar was still good nonetheless!

While I was getting busy with my foie gras, dear Mati was feasting on a plate of grilled oysters.

Hold on, not just one plate but TWO plates of fresh and sweet oysters!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Mommy in NIU BY VIKINGS!

Honestly at first my Mom was hesitant to join us because being a senior and all, she doesn't eat much. However she quite enjoyed our experience with NIU BY VIKINGS because the attendants were very considerate in getting her small servings of the food that she was able to sample the dishes without getting too full. Also, she didn't need to stand at all!

NIU is so customer friendly whatever age the diner is!

As NIU was celebrating their first year anniversary, they had special items on the menu that was supposedly only offered this month. 

According to Mar, since these dishes became so popular with the diners, some of it will be offered in the buffet very soon!


Truffled Cream and Pumpkin Soup!

This thick starter was certainly jampacked with pureed pumpkin and flavored cream. Mati's favorite appetizer!

Caprese Mousse with Avocado Shrimp Panna Cotta!

Don't judge it till you've tried it! This dish was surprisingly very good! The sweet avocado complemented the mild sharpness of the shrimp! Yum!

You would think that after 2 full plates of Oysters that Mati would get tired of this briny seafood. But NOOOOH! He helped himself to NIU BY VIKING's special Oysters with white wine cream and lumpfish caviar! Truly an indulgence at every slurp!

Tuna Teriyaki Salad!

Salmon Chahan with fried egg and grilled vegetables was yum!

I normally pass on the Crab Relleno since it's not really my favorite dish but I'm glad I took a huge bite from the one at NIU BY VIKINGS!

The crab meat was finally shredded and mixed with potatoes and creamed ginger. It was so savory at every bite that I cannot stop eating it! Seriously!!! You should try this when you're there!

Braised Pork Loin with Malt Liquor was fork tender and so flavorful at every bite!

Mati, the ever seafood lover, also happily helped himself to this Squid Puttanesca! He didn't have a hard time finishing this because the squid was so tender and so tasty with the puttanesca sauce!

Hearty Lamb Caldereta with Parmesan Risotto!! This was my Mom's favorite and she was able to eat most of it!

While my Mom and I were trying our best to finish all of the food served to us at NIU (were the slow eaters in the family), the boys got up for dessert!

Andrei lined up for some ice cream!

Poor Andrei was so tiny that the ice cream attendant did not see him.

The Yub told him picture muna. Ha ha ha ha!

And finally he got served!

My boys sat together and feasted on their dessert!


There was a LOT of food on the table and even if we're on a diet and watching our weights, we were able to finish it!!!

Yep! It was THAT good!

For dessert, I helped myself to my usual favorite: Puto Bumbong!!!

I love VIKINGS puto bumbong because each bite is soft, buttery, and just perfect! I don't care for the fondue or the cakes and pastries! It's definitely puto bumbong for me!!!! I always have 2 of these come dessert time!

While I was feasting on my puto bumbong, Andrei waited by cuddling with his daddy.

Somebody got bored later on while I was on my second puto bumbong that he just asked for alms so he could go ahead.


We had a very enjoyable dinner at NIU BY VIKINGS! Besides the delectable food that could compete with the top hotel buffets out there, we appreciated that the restaurant was kid-friendly, senior-friendly... EVERYBODY-friendly!!!! All of us enjoyed the night!!!!

Truly recommend booking your next family dinner at NIU BY VIKINGS! Be it a special event or just a night where you want to go for something extra ordinary, NIU will be so right for you!!!!

Thank you so much to the Marketing Manager in PR and Advertising, dear Ms. Raquel Bartolome for arranging this for us!!! Wohooo! Ito talaga ang TAMANG PANAHON! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


They have special promos too for your birthday!

Let's Eat!

Sixth Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 2469069 ext:419

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