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Monday, June 22, 2020


It was the day of our flight and normally we would just stay in the hotel to relax and make last minute preparations before going to the airport.

BUT NOOOOOH. This is JAPAN. We don't want to waste hours or even minutes of this beautiful country by just "waiting."

While my sister was planning for our "last hurrah" she thought of having tea-making classes, or costume "Kimono" wearing. I for one, suggested the team lab museum thing because it's in everyone's feed.

All were fine activities for us but then, our time was limited and we have to consider the distance. As for the team lab museum, after looking at the details, the thought of just going somewhere that doesn't really promote the true and old culture of Japan just didn't appeal to us. Good thing too that we were able to confirm with the Yub's brother (who was able to go before) that it was indeed MEH. So we all went back to the "drawing board" to decide where to go.

In the end, we all realized that we were in Japan not just for the sights but also to savor their food.

And where should we go that would give us a one-of-a-kind experience in tasting the "essence" of Japan?


Let's see what we could eat today!!!!!!!

The area around the Tsukiji Fish Market was crowded as expected and upon entry you will likely see something that you would like to eat immediately!


Hmmmm.... I know somebody who will love this.

The goods could get so pricey but you should also consider the quality and freshness.

PLUS, when's the next time you're gonna have it right?

As expected, Master Mati asked if he could have Oysters. Of course I said yes. 

My very considerate son said he'll just have the smaller one (Y500) so it would not be too expensive for me daw. Awwwww....

My big guy let me taste it and yehessss it was indeed delishes! So fresh! It really didn't need anything else but the sauce gave the bite a savory dimension to it.

We then proceeded to our Sushi lunch!

After our Sushi lunch, started to walk again and followed the aroma of something grilling.

Wohooo! Scallops sauteed in butter!!!!!!!!!! This also cost Y500!!!!!!!

This was one big-ass scallop!!!!!!!!!!!!

The guy cut it up and I was able to share it with the others.

Again, each bite was a winner. The scallops had a nice firmness to it and the sauce was creamy, buttery, and with a hint of miso.

Check out this stall when you go to Tsukiji!

Now where else?!!

Mommy got curious with these Fish Cakes on a stick.

The owner will ask if you want butter or miso sauce. We went for the miso!

Each stick costs Y700. A bit expensive but still worth a try.

The guy even torched it up a bit for that extra charred taste.


The delishes meat was served with some Japanese mustard on the side. 

The two went really well together because it cut the richness of the sauce. Sarap! Gusto ko tuloy ng kanin!

Mommers had a bite too.

He he he... The stall had this mini-eating area at the back where we all crowded into. Mas masikip, mas masaya!!!!!!!!!!

Afterwards we did some last minute shopping for pasalubong.

Then, even if we wanted to stay some more and eat or go sight see, we really have to go because we might be late for our flight.


I guess it's a good thing that we're sort of "bitin" because now, we are raring to back. Actually this is already our second time in Tsukiji Market and I don't think we'll ever get tired of it.

I'm sure you'll understand once you've tasted the gourmet type streetfood that they serve here and there. He he he he he he he! 

Good thing pa is that you're going to do a lot of walking so you could eat more. Ha ha ha!

Just make sure to give the place a lot of time. He he he he he! Something we'll remember next trip I'm sure!






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