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Friday, June 5, 2020


When we were in JAPAN last 2019, the weather was soooo cold that we're always game to get a big bowl of hot noodles.

Luckily that during our trip to Mount Fuji, we saw this udon restaurant (don't care if it's a tourist trap) that satisfied us to the maximum!!!!


(Sorry but I really can't figure out the name. Ha ha ha ha!)

Inside, the place was simple and homey.

I expected it to be jammed full with hungry tourists but it's not!

We read later on that this restaurant catered more to locals. I guess it didn't appeal to some tourists because it's not flashy or commercial enough? I don't know. He he he he he!


We got free tea upon sitting down.

Kuya Jon could speak little Japanese and would always take care of the ordering.

Though the menu had pictures, the server would often asked specifics about each order.


Andrei, ate Jit, and Mommy!!!!!

Mati, Kuya Jon, and MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

It may not look like it but it was SOOOOOO COLD.

Looking out, we had a terrific view outside. 

Yihii! Food is here!

My Udon Noodle Soup!

The noodles were HUUUUGE! I didn't expect it to be this fat.

But you know what? Even if the noodles were big strips of starch, each strand was chewy and flavorful. You would think I'd get tired of chewing and swallowing such big amount of carbs but I didn't! It was really good plus the light yet well-seasoned broth made the whole dish more enjoyable.

Andrei had the Pork Udon!

Would you believe that he finished this? Yep. You know a place is really serving delicious dishes when even the picky eater finishes a serving more than what he usually eats. He he he he!

Andrei and I had the same light and tasty broth that was served piping hot yet we can't stop slurping it.

In Japan, it's rare for restaurants to have spoon and forks ready. When Andrei asked for a set, the only pair they had available was for kids. He he he he!

It's fine. Better than nothing! He he he he!

Kuya Jon naman got the Soba and yowza, this was deeeeelishes too!

(Even if I found my order awesome, I somehow felt a longing to have this too! Ha ha ha ha)

Master Mati got the Beef Curry Noodles and when asked if he liked it, he said "It's just as I expected."

Yes. My teenager is SO complex.

Okay I'll bite.

What do you mean????

My big guy continued that though he was not blown away with his bowl of noodles, it was okay with him because it tasted like what a normal bowl of curry would be.  

Ahhhh... Yun naman pala. He he he he he!

Mommy and Ate Jit shared this huge pot of Vegetable Flat Udon.

Even if they finished this at the end, they were both surprised with the serving (upon seeing it) and thanked the heavens that they decided to share. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I had a taste and though it's richer than my udon, the taste was still refreshing especially with the crunchy vegetables. 

Andrei happily slurping away at his noods!!!!!!!!


Ah hindi pa pala kasi we're waiting for Andrei.

Egad those noodles were HEAVY. Ha ha ha!

After our lunch here, the tour took us to this mall where there was a food court. Aaaaah... Kaya pala the tourists didn't eat at the restaurants. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Well! Even if the food served in the foodcourt looked good and was more affordable, I would NEVER exchange that for our authentic Udon experience. 

It was just too awesome to do so!





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