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Friday, June 21, 2019


The family was having a weekend staycation at OKADA MANILA HOTEL and for dinner plans, we made reservations in LA PIAZZA RISTORANTE ITALIANO.

We're going to have Italian tonight!!!

LA PIAZZA is one of the specialty restaurants within the hotel if you want to try out something special.

If not for the food, go for LA PIAZZA for that great view of the famous OKADA fountain.

I was actually thinking of another restaurant for that practical choice but mil (or mother-in-law) preferred someplace that's already in OKADA and didn't mind if it was upscale. So okay, kami naman we're fine wherever.

I helped out dear Ivy by making reservations in LA PIAZZA the week before and made clear instructions (aka kulit ha ha ha ha) to seat us somewhere with a good view of the fountain (since that's also one of the reasons why we'll eat there... he he he he).

When we arrived, they put us at the far end of the restaurant (you cannot see the fountain anymore!!) and when I asked about a table with a better view, the maitre d' said it's already reserved for a group outside.

Now I really don't want to be THAT kind of customer, but come on. I reasoned out that we made reservations last week pa and I was assured several times that there was no problem with our request. Tapos when we're already there, they gave us a far table and the one that we wanted sana is already reserved for walk in guests who were still outside.

What gives?

Don't worry, there was no yelling or brattiness on my part, of course I was still very polite.  I added that we were already there in the dining area with reservations made 1 week prior as opposed to the walk in guests who were still shopping or taking their time outside. 

The maitre d' apologized and gave us the table with a better view of the fountain. Later on we saw the group who's supposed to occupy this table were foreigners. Oh well, I hope there's a more understandable explanation why this occurred. Hopefully no special treatment are given to tourists. I mean, we are all paying diners here.

See that group at the far end? Now THAT'S supposed to be our table. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! It's like we're in Timbuktu na there. He he he he he.... Oh well.

TO THINK there are many available tables ah. And that's what they were planning to give us? Tsk tsk tsk.

Sorry if I seem fussy. I dunnow when we'll be back in LA PIAZZA for dinner anyways. It's so shoshy!!! HA HA HA HA HA!

Other than that, service was excellent in LA PIAZZA. Our server really took care of us.


LA PIAZZA menu!!!!

LA PIAZZA menu 1...

LA PIAZZA menu 2...

LA PIAZZA menu 3...

LA PIAZZA menu 4...

The simple elegant place setting.

Don't worry I didn't order the uber expensive dishes that would make mil break bank. I'm not abuso like that. Yung enough lang to try it and make everyone happy. But if they like something else, go ahead. It's a free country. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Complimentary bread plate!!!

Somebody commented that the bread was hard. 

Ahem ahem.... FYI, some breads are usually extra crusty (aka hard) because it will be eaten (or dipped) in soup, or used to mop up the oils and sauces from appetizers or pasta.

I doubt if a restaurant of this stature will unintentionally serve stale bread. I'm sure the texture of their breads in the complimentary plate have a purpose.


Dear Ivy and Allan!

My baby bunsoy Andrei and the Yubhub!!!

Yub's Mom and Master Mati!

MEEEEEEEEEE and Master Mati!!!!

Don't you just love the cathedral like ceilings of LA PIAZZA? 

Kasing ganda ni Ivy! Uuuuuuuy!!!!!!!!!!

What made looking up more awesome are the crystal drop lights for that extra warm and romantic feeling. 

While waiting for the food, the bunsoy went outside to look at the fountain.

You could actually see it from our table but the bunsoy baby wanted to have the full experience. 

Syempre I joined him!

I just left him by his lonesome when the food arrived.

KIDDING! He he he he he!

LA PIAZZA Pomodori E Burrata (P708.00)!

Mozzarella Cheese with fresh tomatoes tossed in Olive Oil. This was simple yet very yum with the crusty bread!

LA PIAZZA Salmon Gravlax Green Salad (P748.00)!

Greens drizzled with beetroot mayonnaise and served with smoked salmon and poached egg.

LA PIAZZA Pepperoni Pizza (P568.00)!

Cheesy, crusty, with a light flavored sauce!

LA PIAZZA Quattrio Formaggio (P688.00)!

Pizza with 4 types of cheeses! I see Mozzarella and Blue Cheese. Yum!

LA PIAZZA Spicy Shrimp Fettucini (P678.00).

In Strozzapretti 

LA PIAZZA Fettucini with Asparagus (P608.00)!

Of course, before eating, we should always give thanks for our blessings. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Yub's family in LA PIAZZA!

And since it's our anniversary, LA PIAZZA gave us a complimentary dessert.

Thank you LA PIAZZA! Sige, all is forgiven na. He he he he he he! We really enjoyed our night. 

Yun lang ick my katabi here.

He he he he he he he!


Oh and my pathetic little self requested for this. Si Yub pa magplaplano ng ikakakilig ko??? NEVER.


The fountain show came every hour so after dessert, we all checked it out. 

So which fountain did you like more Master Mati? The one in OKADA or in Bellagio?

We really enjoyed our dinner in A PIAZZA... este... LA PIAZZA! Authentic Italian food in a magnificent setting. Good job to us, Ivy. He he he he he he!!!! Thanks to Yub's Mom for the treat. Ayan, nakalibre tuloy si Yub sa Anniv dinner namin.

Or so he thinks! HA!!!!



By the way, pronunciation of LA PIAZZA is like LA PIYATSUH. 

When I asked an OKADA HOTEL MANILA attendant where it was, he said "LA PIYAZAH" is this way mam".

Ha ha ha ha! Oh well. I'm sure nobody is eng-eng enough to believe him though.


Okada Manila, New Seaside Drive, 
Entertainment City, Parañaque City 1701
02 5555799




  1. Jaz! Parang you don't seem happy with Okada in general haha. May something weird sa 3-part Okada entries mo.

    - long-time reader who is commenting for the first time :)

    1. Hulooooooo!!!!

      He he he he he! Halata? Secret... H aha ha ha ha! Kidding!!!!

      I think I was having pms that time or having senior moments. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! May isa pang lalabas -- the morning breakfast. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Pero promise, I'm happy to be there with my family. he he he he!!!

      Thanks for noticing. Back to usual programming na afterwards. he he he he he!

  2. Hi ms. Jaz yeah that's what i noticed too..hehehe but it's ok at least you still featured Okada in your blog ����

    1. Huloooooo Tinemon!!!!!!

      Ha ha ha!!! A different side of me ba? Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed our stay in Okada and loved their facilities. Yun lang, like in every establishment they have things to improve on.

      I think bilog ang buwan when I made this blog I have sumpong. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hala may isa pa!! Then, it's back to "nice Jaz" afterwards. Tee hee!

      Mwah mwah! Thankful for readers like you who "know" me. He he he he he he!


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