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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


The Yub and I had an overdue meeting with good friends Albert and Suet, aka THE POGI CEO couple (he he he he), as part of the Yub's birthday celebrations. However, just when we already agreed on a date, something came up (the life nga naman of a pogi CEO ha ha ha ha ha) so it's a mad scramble na naman to think of when and where.

Finally, we agreed to do it the Friday before my anniversary with the Chinese Panget. We also decided that since we were also supposed to treat this ever generous couple for the Yub's birthday, it's only fitting that we do the same in "sharing the love" (ick?) for our Anniversary.

The venue that night for us was HALF SAINTS because I saw the many recommendations it garnered online. It received a lot of raves from reviewers (either that or he's just my stalker... he he he he) that it has also gotten the curiosity of The Pogi CEO.

So HALF SAINTS it is!!! I told THE POGI CEO couple that I made reservations for 8:00pm when really it was for 7:30pm. I got confirmation from work that I could leave early and since these two were SOOOOOOOOOOO notorious for being so on time always, I wanted to go ahead of them and say GOTCHA!!!!!

And when we arrived, as usual, THEY'RE ALREADY THERE!!!


He he he he he! My mission is foiled again!

One day we'll be earlier to arrive than you Albert. Oh you'll see. YOU'LL ALL SEE!!! He he he he he he!!!!


The ever good looking dears Albert and Suet!

Me and the Chinese Yub!

Ordering up!!!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to get most of the restaurant recommendations and share everything. 

HALF SAINTS menu 1...

HALF SAINTS menu 2...

HALF SAINTS menu 3...

HALF SAINTS menu 4...

Le cutleries!!!

YEHESSS!!! Food is here!

First on the table was HALF SAINTS' Humshuka (P280.00)!

It's hummus with marinara sauce topped with a runny egg. This was a yum appetizer especially with the creamy hummus that worked well with the tangy marinara. Great with the nachos!

We really liked their best-seller Chicharon Teriyaki (P295.00)!

Fried Pork with sweet Teriyaki glaze served with cream cheese and nori strips.

It may sound weird but actually the combination was quite good!!! Very addicting actually.

HALF SAINTS Braised Tomato and Mozarella Creme Penne (P320.00)!

This was good but not mind-blowing. 

Don't let the serving deceive you. It's pretty heavy especially if you're going to order other dishes. 

HALF SAINTS Shitake, Goat Cheese, with Balsamic Vinegar Puff Pizza (P495.00)!

Again, the combination of ingredients may sound weird and something you might want to stay away from but really this was a worthy pizza!!!

The puff pastry was airy and had that slight crunch. It was perfect with richness of the cream cheese that complemented the slight sharpness of the balsamic vinegar. Sarap!!!!

Last on our table is another bestseller, the HALF SAINTS Arroz Con Pollo (P495.00)!

If I have to describe it, it's like a paella that was simmered in Tinola broth mixed with coconut milk. There's a lot of heat into it so those who don't like their food spicy should take caution when eating this dish. He he he he he he!

Now you see it...

Now you don't...

Well sorta!

He he he he he! Yep. We are VERY light eaters na.

Time for dessert!

For dessert, we got the best seller HALF SAINTS 64% chocolate tart (P220.00). We all found it too rich even with the salt.

And I got a mug of dark coffee.

The bill was given in this box which I feel is like the one opened by Pandora.


Le bill!!!!

With all the food that we ordered, this is not bad!

I had a senior moment when I asked the server to give me a clearer version of the bill. I swear, we cannot see it in their lighting!!!!

Great times as always with dear Albert and Suet! We always have long conversations with them and I'm thankful that these two, especially Albert and his advanced mind (he he he he), puts up with my silly topics. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

They even gave us pa goodies from See's Candies to take home!

Yayyy! Thanks again dear Albert and Suet!!! We love the chocolates!

Hope to see you guys again sooooooooooooooooooooooon!



Ground Floor, Ignacia Place, 
Mother Ignacia Corner Sergeant Esguerra Avenue, 
South Triangle, Quezon City
+63 9359330512




  1. Those candies were for your mom!

    1. Yups!!! Gave it to her afterwards! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!


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