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Friday, June 7, 2019


Remember when I told you how much my sister and her husband were so sorry (or remorseful) that they were not able to join Yub's BUDDY'S treat during his last birthday?

They regretted not being able to join us SO MUCH that they offered to give Yub another birthday treat in BUDDY'S!!!!

Wohooo! This was just SO PERFECT for family Sunday lunch!!!!

Of course, dapat may gift pa din!!!!!!



Or am I????


This is Yub's favorite restaurant. I think he could eat here EVERYDAY!!!

We went there on a Sunday and as expected, their branch in Kakarong St., Makati, was packed!! 

Good thing the kind servers in BUDDY'S were fast and were able to clear empty tables agad for us.

Yun lang we were in separate booths but it's okay. At least we were still close to each other.

Ordering up!!!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!

The guys... Master Mati, Anthony, and the Yubhub!

My bunsoy Andrei and weird ate Jojit.... Doctor yan ah. Fellow pa in Child Psychiatry!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Good thing she doesn't read my blog.

Yeah, we split the two because as usual they were fighting. Haaaaaaay! Sarap pag-untugin ang mga ulo.

Me and my lovely Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!

BUDDY'S Chami Special (P205.00)!

Don't let this small bowl deceive you... When you stick your fork in, BOINGGGG!!! It would suddenly fluff up to feed even 3 hungry people!!!

Piping hot and perfect!!!!!!!!!

BUDDY'S Pancit Lucban (P200.00)!!!

I'm more partial to the thin and saucy noodles of this one. It's more perfect if you add a dash of vinegar. YUMMMERS!

BUDDY'S Fresh Lumpia Ubod (P85.00)!

Mommy's usual order in a Filipino restaurant... And she was NOT disappointed. He he he he he!

BUDDY'S Pork Barbecue (P167.00)!

I wasn't able to try this but based on the Yub's orgasmic face while ripping the saucy meat from the skewers is a good sign of its taste. He he he he he he!

BUDDY'S Chicken Barbecue (P163.00)!

Just learned that this was Anthony's favorite in BUDDY'S so I'm sure he sported the same hungry look the Yub gave with the Pork Barbecue.

BUDDY'S Pizza Supreme Small (P143.00)!

We were not really going to order pizza but the thought of its cheesy and sweet goodness was just too hard to resist.

BUDDY'S Sisig Pork (P163.00)!

Thou shall not forget ordering this when you're in BUDDY'S. It's just sacrilegious not to!

BUDDY'S Pork Chop Ihaw (P160.00)!

One of our new favorites in BUDDY'S!!!

Don't forget to ask for loads of gravy!

And mabilis pa sa alas kwatro.... DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AUUUUGH MATI! Straight body please!!!!!!!
Thanks for the treat Ate Jojit!!!

I'm so happy that na wa-poise na my seating. H aha ha ha ha ha ha!

And THIS officially ends the Yub's birthday celebrations.

But BUDDY'S donors are still welcome if you guys still want to catch up! He he he he he he he!



2948 Kakarong Corner Barasoain Street, 
Olympia, Makati City
02 2469069 ext:604



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